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Birth Certificate Translation Services

Certified Birth Certificate translations at Mars

Mars Translation has been in the Translation and Localization business for almost Two decades. Having served over 6000 clients from across the world, Mars translation has built up the capability of being able to provide internationally accepted Birth Certificate translation services at affordable rates with fast highly personalized solutions tailor-made to help our customers.

  • 100% Acceptance:

    Our translations are accepted by all international organizations including Embassies etc.

  • Notarized Translations:

    Mars provides a letter head with its translations giving a promise of quality for its clients.

  • Universal integrity:

    The translation solutions for your birth certificates will maintain the documents information.

  • Personalized Solutions:

    Mars translation provides its customers with tailor made and personalized solutions.

The User-Friendly translation process at Mars

Almost two decades of experience in the translation industry has given Mars translation the knowledge of the best standard of procedure to ensure that it is easy for our customers to get there birth certificate translations translated on time. Being a professional translation agency means that Mars translation always strives to give its customers the best user experience. At Mars translation, you will work with a user-friendly platforms that will make sure that your documents are translated on time. To get your Birth Certificate translated, just follow these easy steps:

  • Enter Details:

    As soon as you are ready to place your order, upload your details and your translation documents

  • Get Free Quote:

    Once you have uploaded your files, our platform will instantly generate a Price for your project.

  • Place Order:

    Once you are satisfied with the price, you can go ahead place your order to get your translation.

  • Communicate:

    with your translator during the project to make sure you get the best result possible for you.

  • DONE!

    There you go, the Translation process at Mars is custom designed to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

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USCIS Accepted Certified Translation services

Mars translation USCIS accepted Birth Certificate translation services around the world for over 90 different languages. This experience has allowed both Mars translation and its parent company to become a translation agency that is certified by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). The USCIS is the main branch of the US’ Homeland Security responsible for analyzing certified documents like birth certificates. The main aim of the USCIS is to check and vet the immigration and tourism process regarding the people entering and leaving the United States of America at various times. The USCIS acceptance means that:

  • Competitive Services:

    We are the best agency for translating your legal and certified documents to pin point accuracy.

  • Globally Accepted:

    Our letterheads will act as a stamp of guarantee universally meaning your translations will be accepted worldwide.

  • Fast Notarization:

    Punctual Certification of the documents provided meaning that your documents will have a letterhead of quality.

  • Native Expert Translators:

    The linguists at Mars translation are specialists in making sure that they handle legal paperwork’s translation.

When it comes down to it, the most important things that all clients look for whilst looking for in their services are quality without compromise. What this means is that the dual approach at Mars translation will make sure you get your Birth certificate translations translated by personalized linguistic at the lowest rates in the market.

Feasibility will ensure that the work you receive is up to par whilst also being affordable for all the relevant customers. At Mars translation, our agency provides you with the guarantee that your work will be high quality and that the quality of the work will not be compromised just for the sake of keeping the prices low.

The translators working at Mars translation are professionals who are also native to the language that they are translating. This helps us make sure that the work that you receive is up to excellent standards whilst also being relevant and quality defined regarding the target language for the particular case.

Mars translation will not compromise quality just for the sake of affordability and when you work with Mars translation, you can be guaranteed that you will be able to receive the highest quality results for the lowest of prices in the translation industry.

At Mars translation, customer relations and catering to the customer personalized desires is a crucial point. This is why Mars translation has created a User Friendly platform for users who want to have easy access and a calm sense of smoothness whilst operating with Mars.

Our easy to use platform also has other exciting features that make sure that users are able to keep in touch with their translators and ensure that you are able to stay connected with your translator throughout the duration of your translation project. This ensures that there are no communication errors during the translation.

Mars translation also provides its users with a platform that has easy access for everyone. Our multilingual platform is provided to make sure that you are able to connect to our platform from any particular platform that you have regardless of the particular demographic that it suits. Being a linguistic service company, Mars makes sure to provide easy access to all.

It is our guarantee that when you work with Mars, you will receive all your products at a low rate with easy access. Providing our customers and clients with a stress free experience is one of the foundational pillars on which Mars translation relies. SO when you work with Mars, You can be relaxed knowing that your project is being handles by professionals.

At Mars translation, one of the most important founding principles are that of providing our clients with high quality at low rates. Our low prices are never used as an excuse to make compromises on the quality of the product. Hence, it is our guarantee that you will receive you project at not only the lowest rates, but also at the highest quality in the translation industry.

Everyone knows that it is not easy for someone to just know the target language and just start translating. With this in mind, our agency hires the services of translators who are also experts in various fields including Media, Gaming and Law etc. When you hire Mars on the job, they will make sure there is no mistake and full accuracy in the birth certificate translations with respect to the specific industry.

One of the most important factors in the translation industry that need to be taken into regard is the existence of industry specific experts in the various fields that our customers belong to. That is why at Mars translation, every translation is heavily vetted and tested before he joins the community. Mars translation works with only the best translators in the industry.

Mars translation understands that time is of the essence when it comes to the translation and localization industry. Mars translation also understands that its customers’ time is precious and that punctuality is in essence the key to forging a good business relationship. Business relationship that is built on trust.

This is why punctuality is a key cornerstone for Mars translation in regards to forging a strong commercial relationship. Mars translation guarantees its customers with the promise of punctually delivering your projects. When you work with Mars, you can be certain that you will get good results regardless of the magnitude of your order.

Mars translation works with many clients from all around the world which is why we have created a special department tasked with the role of making sure that anyone who wants to work with Mars translation doesn’t have to go through the project alone. The Customer Support team at Mars will provide the utmost attention to your project, and will be available for service.

Therefore, when you work with Mars translation to get Birth certificate translation services or any other translation services, you will always receive you project on time. For Mars translation, the customers time is of the essence.

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Do you have to translate your project for immigration?

Yes, for people that plan on migrating to the United States of America you require a notarized copy of your birth certificate. Make sure your certified documents are notarized as s stamp of guarantee of the translation being official and authentic. Most of the immigration and customers agencies around the world require your birth certificate. A birth certificate is one of the most important documents. And it is required to apply for immigration to any place worldwide.

Mars translation is a certified translation agency that will add a letterhead to your translated file. This letterhead will act as a notary guarantee for all relevant and respective authorities that want to ensure the integrity of the translated documents. Mars translation is certified by most of the legal authorities and organizations around the world. Hence, the letterhead of certification attached to your birth certificate translation will act as the guarantee of authenticity for your document. This will make sure that the translation that you receive is certified.

Yes, in case your project has particular issues or you are not satisfied with the results. You can always raise a dispute which can in turn go to the Project Manager who will then inspect the dispute and help resolve your concerns to your desired results. The translators at Mars translation are all required to correct all disputes that raised by clients. The project manager will make sure that you are able to only receive the translation that you are satisfied with fully.

Mars translation is one of the longest operating translation agencies in the world. Having almost two decades of experience. Meaning that you will be able to get high-quality end results at the lowest costs for your Birth certificate translation services. When you work with Mars translation. You will get the chance to receive the highest quality of translation at the lowest of prices. The translations will be done by certified translators who are both native to the target language, and industry oriented experts.

To get a notarized and certified translation of your birth certificate. Visit Mars translation. At the Mars translation website, you can place an order for the translation of your birth certificate by uploading the scanned birth certificate on the order placement form and then making the payment to confirm the translation. Once you have placed the order, you will be able to get a certificate translation alongside a letterhead that acts as a guarantee of certification.

At Mars translation, the pricing for Birth certificate translation starts from USD 0.04 per word. Mars translation provides one of most competitive and lowest prices in the translation and localization industry. Mars translations rates for certified translation services is amongst the lowest in the industry. Compared to other translation agencies, Mars translation ensures that the clients and customers receive the lowest rates in the market with the highest standard of quality in the industry, you can compare the Prices for translation services offered by Mars translation in comparison to others in the industry at this link,