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What Are the Rules and Regulations for Obtaining an Australian Drivers License?


If you have planned to drive for the first time, you will have to start with a learner’s permit. There are typically three stages through which all the new driver’s have to pass. They have to begin by first obtaining a learner’s permit in order to progress to any interim, restricted or trial license, followed by receipt of a full driver’s license. According to the law, drivers who have obtained a new driver’s license are required to display P-plates for a specific period of time.

In Australia, a driver’s license is required before any person can be permitted to drive any type of motor vehicle on the road. It is the total responsibility of the state and territory governments here in Australia, to ensure that the people follow and enforce all the rules and regulations. The minimum driving age also vary in different states and territories. For instance, it is 18 years in Sydney, 15 years in Canberra and so on. If you want to learn more about the when and how to obtain a driver’s license in Australia, then get hold of the Driver’s License Translation Services in Australia.

Approximately all the rules and regulations of getting a driver’s license in Australia undoubtedly vary from state to state. Since all these details are formatted in the form of document and belong to a specific industry, those of you who are not aware of the language here can hire the Language and Industry Translation Services. Mentioned below are the details on the rules and regulations of obtaining a driver’s license in the different cities of Australia.

There are specific rules and regulations for getting a driver’s license in Australia that varies depending on the location where you are at. If you have a current driver’s license from another country, you are only allowed to drive here during your first 3 months of your arrival. If your license is not in the English language, you then have to get it official translated. The Roads and Traffic Authority are responsible for issuing you an Australian driver’s license.

While living in Australia, you generally have to carry your driver’s license, whether it is an Australian or overseas license, with you everywhere at all the times. Even when you are sending parcels internationally from the post office, the only form of identification you require will be usually your driver’s license. If you hold a driver’s license from the specified recognized countries, then you don’t need to take the computerized theory test on the road, and are also exempted to take on a practical driving assessment test.

Your overseas license is only valid until 3 months from your arrival here in Australia. After this period if you still want to continue driving, you can easily get in touch with the state and territory information services. There are certain documents you need to show in order to get a new license in Sidney.

  • You need to provide proof of where you residence is in Sidney.
  • Also submit your identity proof.
  • Passing an eyesight test is another requirement.
  • Passing all the knowledgeable tests that are required for the license.
  • Unless exempted, you also need to pass a practical driving test.

You can be exempted from passing a driving test, if you are a previous holder of the Australian Drivers License. Taking help from the Online Certified Translation Services Agency can be tremendously helpful, in case you want to get an online certified translation of your overseas driver’s license, if for instance it is not written in the English language.

Overseas drivers will be required to obtain a Melbourne driving license easily, if you have been living here for approximately more than 3 months. In order to obtain a license here, you will have to fill out an application form, and along with the appropriate identification proofs present this form to the Melbourne Transport Center. The drivers will then have to pass a written test composed of 30 general questions regarding motorcar license, and an additional 5 questions for obtaining license for a motor bike.  

People from abroad, who have come to Brisbane, are obligated to get a driver’s license here, by providing their International Drivers Permit or the current overseas license. International people, who have decided to reside here in this state, will have to obtain a Brisbane license within 3 months of their arrival here in Australia. When applying for the driver’s license here, you will be required to submit:

  • Your current overseas driver’s license.
  • An official letter from the Overseas Licensing Authority, which confirms your license status and details.
  • You also need to provide a letter from a Diplomatic Office or relevant Consulate, which further confirms the details provided by the licensing authority.

Along with all these documents, you will have to pass the other regular formalities like submitting your proof of residence, passing an eyesight test, passing a driver’s knowledge test; you also need to pass the practical driving test along with paying the relevant fees.

The document you need to submit in any relevant transport office has to be done in a professional way. So, in order to do it, the most appropriate way what you can do is make use of the Professional Documents Translation Services Agency, which can help you to submit your documents, the right way.

If you’re arriving from interstate to Darwin, the rule is the same you can only drive till 3 month from the time of arrival. After that, you have to apply for the driver’s license in the state where you reside. In order to convert your current overseas license to the driver’s license here, you have to make an appointment by either calling 13 11 71 or getting in touch with the DRW Roads Information. When you arrive for your appointment, you have to bring along your current or expired interstate license, proof of your identity, and proof of your Darwin residence, along with a completed DRW Roads license form.

If you’re able to drive on the Adelaide roads with an interstate license, you need to have a license that is not cancelled, suspended or disqualified. Carry your license with you at all times driving only those vehicles that your license is allowing. Drivers owning an interstate license are allowed to drive here on the roads for only 12 month from the day you arrived, or until your license expires. The rest of the procedure is the same in all the states of Australia.

Even here in Perth, Canberra and Hobart, the rules and regulation relating to driving licenses are very similar. You can drive here only till 3 months from the date of your arrival and after that you need to get a new driving license according to the state where you’re residing. The same documents are required in case you want to continue driving here in these states.

These are the rules and regulation that every driver no matter if he is from Australia or a foreigner, needs to follow in regards to the driver’s license here. So if you are new here, and are not familiar with the details about driving licenses, you can take advantage of the Driver’s License Translation Services in Australia.