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What You Need To Know Before Patenting an Idea in Thailand


Patent law has always played a very important role in preserving the rights of all the inventors. Having a developing economy, the legal protection in Thailand is believed to be extremely necessary, for enhancing imaginative activities as well as technological development. But the main question that comes to your mind is how can you go about filing for patent applications and so on?

 In Thailand, a patent application is required to be made within 30 months from the priority date that was first claimed. After the filing process is completed, the application is first examined, ensuring that it meets up to the formal requirements. The application is specifically examined, to make sure that all the required documents have been attached. Making use of the Thai Translation Services for Patent Documentation can help you to identify the filing process.

Plenty of questions keep picking on your mind on how to go about the process of filing a patent application, and what procedures to take after that? Let’s have a look at some of the answers.

How to File a Patent Application in Your State?

In case of an invention application, direct filing can be done through the Paris Convention Route, which provides all the foreign applicants the authority, to declare their priority rights within 12 months from the initial filing date. If priority is unclaimed for, you can file the application here in Thailand, not more than 18 months from the first date.

Although application entering Thailand through the PCT, has a time limit of approximately 30 months from the first initial date, but try to file the application as soon as possible to avoid being copied or published by someone else.

What Is The Time Span To Register A Patent And How Much It Cost?

On an average, the time span for a patent application has a period between 5- 7 years from the initial date. But on the other hand, since the field of medicine is very complicated, those patent applications relating to this field have been easily granted here, in Thailand.

The estimated cost of this entire process of filing a patent application is round $2,000, which does not include the legal advice given before filing, revision, drafting, translation or even certification or making amendments to any official documents. General Document Translation Services can be very beneficial especially if you are unable to read and understand the Thai language.

Find Out The Scope Of Patent Protection In Your State?

For making your invention patentable, is it very crucial to follow the exact requirements specified in the different Thailand patent acts, which can make your invention similar to a novel that can further be highly applicable in the industry. Patent protection only grants claims to those who discover new products and processes. With proper Language and Industry Translation Services, you can get excellent translations for everyone.

What Is The Importance Of Substantive Examination?

It is obligatory for all the applicants, no matter what their nationality is, to request for a substantive examination of their patent application, which has to be filed within 5 years from the publication date. Industry Expert Translation Services can provide you expert advice on how you can easily claim grant on your patent application, which is well known in the industry.

These are some of the questions that come to your mind, while filing for a patent application. So, contact the Thai Patent Documentation Translation Services for any other issues you may have.

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