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Why Marriage Registration Is So Important?


A marriage certificate is a legal document that joins two people who want to live with each other, for the entire life. But do you know that you have to register your marriage, before even getting married. A thought may cross your mind that marriage is a knot of two souls, so only the rituals and customs are the top priority. Yes they are in their own way, but it is more essential to make your marriage legal.  With the everyday changes in the society and the increasing difficulties, registering your marriage can easily solve many of your legal problems.

The marriage registration in Thailand totally depends on the nationality the couple belongs to. The marriage here can be either celebrated with or without a ritual ceremony, or you can even have a court marriage. If you want to celebrate your ceremony in a ritual manner, you just have to promise to marry and then sign the agreement. This agreement is only effective, when the man gives the property, which he has committed to the woman, as evidence. If you want to register your marriage in Thailand, get in touch with the Thai Marriage Certificates Translation Services

Some of the best authors have written numerous books relating to registering your marriage. If you do not belong to this nation, and are not familiar with the language here, you can get hold of the Document Translation Services. Since, the Supreme Court has made it mandatory for everyone, regardless of their religion and caste, to register their marriages, it is therefore very necessary to know the reason why?

For Passport

If you are a married couple, but do not have a marriage registration certificate, it can be very difficult to apply for a passport. So, go ahead and register your marriage as soon as possible. This is also very essential because if you have to go for a honeymoon, you need to travel and without a passport you will not be able to do that. This marriage registration is like a legal document proven that you are legally husband and wife.

For Bank Accounts

After getting married, you might be thinking of opening a bank account in your name. For that, you have to show your marriage certificate along with several other documents. Most of the times, a lot of marriage disputes come up. So in order to avoid all these hassles, registering your marriage can be very beneficial.

For Insurance Policies

When filing for insurance policies, it is natural that you make your partner as the nominee. If you’re thinking about filing for life insurance policy after getting married, it is better to register your marriage, so that your partner can be your legal nominee. This way you can also secure your partner’s life, if for instance you pass away.

A lot of people living in Thailand are not known to the Thai language. Using the best quality Language Translator Services can be of tremendous help to them. For additional reference, you can take help from the Thai Marriage Certificates Translation Services, in case you are married here, and want to know how to register your marriage.

Property Proceedings

There can be several disputes relating to property, while you are about to get married. In order to avoid these disputes, it is fundamental to get your marriage registered as soon as possible. Once your marriage is properly registered, all the legal proceedings can be easily handled.

Work Permit

If any of you are working abroad, and after marriage want to take your partner with you, a marriage certificate can help you to easily get a work permit from that country. Without this certificate, it will be impossible for you to take your partner there with you.

For getting married legally, there are certain documents, like resident proof, identity proof, proof of nationality, proof that you are married, your birth certificate and also witnesses to sign, all of these are required. Last but not the least, if you are living in Thailand and thinking about registering your marriage here; remember to take advantage of the Thai Translation Services.

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