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Professional Pet Care Translation Services

The rapidly growing market of the veterinary industry highlights the need for veterinary translation services to translate animal care products and services into different languages. From pet food to supplies, medicines to animal care services, everything demands accurate translation so that these companies can grow beyond barriers and compete in international markets.

Mars Translation offers professional veterinary translation services to diagnose, prevent, and remedy animal diseases. Our veterinary translation company deals with the documents of food sanitation monitoring control, and prevention of animal diseases. Our services cover both domestic and wild animals.

Veterinary translation includes the translation of:

  • Diagnosis
  • Animal nutrition
  • Animal medicine
  • Equipment
  • Genetics
veterinary translation services

One-Stop Solution For All Veterinary Documents

We cover all domains of animal healthcare. Our veterinarian translate services cover the following:

  • Veterinary cardiology
  • Veterinary anesthesiology
  • Animal Science
  • Veterinary surgery
  • Veterinary physiotherapy
  • Veterinary dermatology
  • Veterinary neurology, etc.

Following are some of the veterinary documents we translate:

  • Textbooks
  • Books for animals
  • Journal article
  • Animal hygiene brochures
  • Instructions of use
  • Communication materials
  • Materials for pet owners
  • Materials for livestock breeders
  • Animal feed
  • Research work
  • Veterinary pharmacology
  • Case report forms
  • Packaging
  • Technical or laboratory equipment manuals.

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Why Choose Mars Translation For Veterinary Translation Services

Veterinary translation requires special attention and care. Various nuances and terminology variations make veterinary translations one of the most complex ones requiring high levels of precision and accuracy regarding veterinary document translation.

If you are looking for specialized veterinary translation services, look no further than Mars Translation. We’re your best veterinary translation service provider who works with qualified native translators with extensive experience in veterinary sciences, medicine, and regulatory compliance, to provide you with advanced, reliable, and accurate veterinary translations.

  • Industry Specific Translators
  • Years of Veterniary Translation Experience
  • Complaint With Global Regulations
  • Fast and Accurate Results
  • All-in-one solution (covers animal science, pet food, veterinary, etc.)
veterinary document translation
professional veterinary translation services

Top-Rated Veterinary Translators For Accurate Translation

Looking for professional veterinary translation services? We are here for you!

Mars Translation is a veterinary translation agency that has native professional veterinary translation experts to ensure high-quality translations of your veterinary documents.

We have a diverse team of professional native translators and interpreters with years of veterinary experience. In the past few decades, our certified veterinary translator team has reviewed, understood, and edited several veterinary documents. 

No one can compete with our qualified veterinary translators with years of education, training, and experience in veterinary translation services. 

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Veterinary Translation Experts

Veterinary science is a branch of the medical sciences that is concerned with animal health, conservation, and welfare. The documents and content related to veterinary sciences mainly contain research, clinical trials, and pharmaceutical records. Much of this content is similar to human medicine, such as techniques, diagnostic tests, summaries of product characteristics, and package inserts for medicines. 

Veterinary translation eases communication between vets and the global pet owner community. This translation mainly involves an adaptation of content such as clinical trials, research, pharmaceutical labels, and medical files for animals. There are various types of veterinary translations, such as:

  • Veterinary translations of animal health policy, risk analysis, and documentation related to livestock welfare
  • Veterinary translation of sanitary documents for ensuring food safety and security for animals
  • Translation of documents related to the marketing and sale of animal products
  • Translation of certificates for livestock procurement
  • Translation of documentation for agri-food products intended for animal consumption
  • Translation of veterinary contacts as well as economic reports for different markets
  • Translation of new experiments, drug trials, and other experimental materials for animal health

Translation and interpretation play a vital role in the veterinary industry as they facilitate communication between various stakeholders, such as pet owners and veterinary doctors. As most of the global community relies on livestock and poultry farming, effective translation of veterinary content is ideal for ensuring unhindered veterinary practices across the globe. 

Veterinary translation projects require accuracy and precision, which is why they must be entrusted to professional veterinary translators who are adept at handling these projects. At Mars Translation, our certified veterinary translators are experts at translating all types of veterinary projects. Further, you can also find reliable translators for your veterinary projects by registering your quote with us and entering your project details.

Expert translators are required to translate veterinary documents because they are complicated and contain complex terminology. Ideally, translators who are well-versed in biochemistry, medicine, and animal diagnosis should translate a veterinary document. At Mars Translation our certified veterinary translators are experts at handling complex veterinary projects and have ample knowledge of veterinary terms and medicines.

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