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Burmese Document Translation Services

The difference in the vocabulary of multiple Burmese dialects makes the translation a daunting task. In order to get precise translations as per your regional requirements, it is essential to take professional assistance. If you are in search of the cost-effective, experienced and reliable company for certified document translation in Burmese, Mars translation can meet your needs. We cover all Burmese versions including Danu, Intha, and others. 
You can rely on us for effective and localized translations.

The type of documents we encompass include:

  • Legal Documents
  • Literary Publications
  • Telecommunication Contracts
  • Medical Prescriptions
  • Academic Degrees
  • Diplomas
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Technical Documents
  • Driving Licenses
  • Marketing Plans

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Burmese Document Translation Services
Burmese Document Translation Services

Burmese Website Translation Services

Mars Translation is an ISO certified company with 20 years’ experience in website translations. We cover multiple language pairs and offer excellent translations at very reasonable rates. Along with other language pairs, we also offer translations for all types of websites from English to Burmese and Burmese to English. We have qualified and native translators who know the primary differences between different Burmese versions which are used in different regions. Therefore, we have the capability to deliver perfect translations as per your local needs. Along with the translation of written content, we also offer website localization to make it enticing for the target market.

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Burmese Medical & Healthcare Translation Services

The globally evolving healthcare and medical industries highlight the need for professional language service providers. The terminologies used in the industry make the translation quite challenging and no random translator with knowledge of the target language can provide accurate translations.

Need precise medical translations? Mars Translation can help! We have a team of experienced medical translators who provide accurate and fast translations in more than 120 languages including Burmese. Whether you need translation service for some medical reports or lab test results, we have got you covered. Thus, if you want impeccable results at affordable rates, we are the best choice.

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Burmese Document Translation Services
Burmese Document Translation Services

Burmese Business & Finance Translation Services

High level of accuracy is needed for financial and business document translations. Without state of the art industry knowledge and clear understanding of the terminologies used in official docs such as annual reports, sales records, business procedures, getting flawless translations is impossible. For your help, Mars Translation is offering world-class Business and Finance Translation Services.

We have a trained team of skilled and native finance and business translators who are equipped with the advanced industry knowledge needed to deliver meticulous translations. Our personalized approach and exclusive attention to detail add to our reliability and make us a favorable name for meeting your translation needs.

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Burmese Technical & Engineering Translation Services

Translation services hold great importance in the Engineering industry. Rich industry experience, command over the concerned languages and ability to tackle the complexities and challenges of technical translations are needed in order to deliver seamless translations. Here at Mars Translation, we have the knowledge, expertise, and tools required to provide accurate results in a fast turnaround.

Moreover, we cover a range of languages including Burmese and provide certified translations. Whether it is a one-page document or a detailed construction plan, we ensure satisfaction by maintaining professional quality standards and always meet the deadlines.

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Burmese Document Translation Services

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Burmese Document Translation Services

Burmese Software & IT Translation Services

Launching your software products in foreign markets? Aspiring to enjoy global fame? Need reliable translation services? Mars Translation is there for you. We have the expertise to deliver error-free results for IT translations and ensure high professional standards.  Also, we have subject matter experts with extensive experience in software translations.

We know what it takes to provide your audience with a localized and user-friendly experience via effective translations and we provide exceptional quality results at a fair price.

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Burmese Gaming & Video Games Translation Services

The gaming industry offers huge growth potential. If you want to expand your customer base and target international markets, Mars Translation can help. We are equipped with advanced technology, tools, and expertise needed to localize your game and translate it in the native language of your target market to provide you with a competitive advantage.

We translate your game to make it suitable for your audience in terms of context, local sensitivities and cultural implications as well. Moreover, we offer the fastest possible turnaround and ensure international quality standards.

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Burmese Document Translation Services
Burmese Document Translation Services

Burmese to english Translation Services

Want to target non-English speaking markets? Need professional English to Burmese translation services? Looking for an affordable yet reliable name? Don’t look further, we are here to cover all your translation needs. We have native and industry-specific experts to translate all types of content from English to Burmese.

Moreover, we cover a whole lot of languages as well. Whether it is a one-page document or a detailed construction plan, we always deliver your projects within the promised time. Furthermore, we work with exclusive attention to detail and provide accurate translations to deliver the utmost satisfaction.

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Our Native Burmese Translators

For those who are in search of a credible, certified and professional translation provider for Burmese translations, Mars Translation is a preferred choice.  By choosing us, you can get access to a diverse range of language experts from across the globe. We have local Burmese speakers as well who can provide dependable translations at low rates.

We never compromise on the functional quality and always deliver your projects in time. Our linguists are not only adept in the Burmese language. They also have in-depth industry-specific knowledge which they incorporate to provide professional translations in a suitable context.

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Burmese Document Translation Services


Mars Translation has ISO certification and a proven track record of delivering flawless translations for 20 years. We have provided valuable translation services to many known multinational companies. Our rich experience adds to our credibility. We assure the delivery of accurate translations always in time. Besides, all our translations are certified and we stand by all our projects.

Mars Translation has a pool of native translators from across the globe. Our Burmese speaking translators have expertise in multiple industries including advertising and marketing. We can tailor your marketing content in Burmese, and ensure that your intended message is delivered effectively. So yes, not only our native translators have background knowledge in marketing, they have extensive experience in this field as well.
Absolutely yes! Here at Mars Translation, we have experienced and native Burmese linguists who are expert in translating schematics, manuals, patents and a range of other documents from multiple technical fields. Our translators are certified professionals who keep on upgrading their technical knowledge to stay up-to-date and deliver excellent translations.
Yes, you can. Mars Translation has certified and experienced professionals with advanced knowledge in your required industry. No matter what your e-store sells, we can translate it into Burmese with high accuracy. We have an extensive network of translators, and we assign your project to the most suitable one as per your concerned industry. Our native Burmese translators are equipped with industry-specific knowledge and terminologies, and they incorporate the regional nuances as well to transform your e-commerce site effectively. We assure excellence in terms of accuracy and deliver desired outcomes with rapid turnaround.
Our team of translators is extremely flexible and reliable. We can handle multiple file formats. Whether you need us to work in XLF or XML, we can provide the best results. Besides, we can work in other formats including Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, and PDF as well. You can tell us in which format you need the translated file, and we will deliver your content accordingly.

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