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Kazakh Document Translation Services

The Kazakh language is a Turkic language mainly spoken in Central Asia. Having a huge population of native speakers (21 million), the Kazakh language is spoken natively in Kazakhstan, and as a second language in Russia, Germany, Afghanistan, and Iran.

The wide population of people speaking this language makes it an important language for companies to translate into. If you are one of them, chances are you will need the translations of your documents in the Kazakh language. Mars Translation provides a comprehensive Kazakh translation Services for your documents, covering a wide range of documents:

  • Legal documents
  • Literary Publications
  • Telecommunication Contracts
  • Medical Prescriptions
  • Academic Degrees
  • Diplomas
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Technical Documents
  • Driving Licenses
  • Marketing Plans

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Kazakh Document Translation Services
Kazakh Document Translation Services

Kazakh Website Translation Services

A company’s website is more than a marketing tool for that company—it is the ultimate point of communicating what a business stands for. This is the reason companies across the globe want to set up their websites in other languages to communicate with the potential customers of that country.

Our professional and accurate Kazakh Translation Service ensures your website contents and graphics are translated as well as localized according to the target market, and that is why we make sure your websites don’t stay behind in the race for global growth. 

Kazakh Medical & Healthcare Translation Services

The translation of medical and healthcare content requires a careful and thorough process, considering the sensitive nature of this content. Keeping in mind the accuracy involved, Mars Translation’s expert and professional translators for medical and healthcare fields have a thorough comprehensive knowledge of the medical terminology and words, which is why they take special care to translate all medical content precisely and accurately.

Be it medical prescription files, pharmaceutical journals, research reports or conference proceedings, they can translate it all in Kazakh language for global and professional access to the world.

Kazakh Document Translation Services
Kazakh Document Translation Services

Kazakh Business & Finance Translation Services

When it comes to expanding a business beyond its native market, the business and finance translation are one of the first ones required to be translated. Mars Translation delivers comprehensive and expert translation services to businesses across the world in the Kazakh language in order to provide them with the right tools to go global.

Our expert linguists are well-aware of the regulatory practices in the target region, which is why they deliver a precise translation for a seamless and expert global experience.

Kazakh Technical & Engineering Translation Services

Perhaps the most difficult task faced by companies worldwide is the translation of technical content, which is why a reliable and professional translation agency is needed to translate all technical content precisely and accurately.

Mars Translation provides extensive and precise translation services in Kazakh for all technical and engineering content so that you can go global without any hassle. We deliver translations for engineering files, user manuals, maintenance documents and technical portfolios for efficient globalization.

Kazakh Document Translation Services

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Kazakh Document Translation Services

Kazakh Software & IT Translation Services

As businesses across the world adopt new ways to make a mark in the global world, software development is one of the tools they use to go global. However, in order to strike a chord with the global population, this software and IT content must be translated in English to Kazakh and Kazakh to English precisely and accurately for a seamless and professional approach to globalization.

Mars Translation delivers expert software and IT translation services in the Kazakh language for a professional approach to global progress.

Kazakh Gaming & Video Games Translation Services

The video games industry is one of the biggest industries of the world with a massive customer base. This is why game developers across the world are seeking options to translate their game content in other languages.

Mars Translation provides this translation solution in Kazakh language by not only translating game content but also adapting the game features according to target culture and preferences. From delivering translations of video subtitles to game graphics, we cover it all with our professional game translation.

Kazakh Document Translation Services
Kazakh Document Translation Services

Kazakh to english Translation Services

The Kazakh language, spoken mainly in the country of Kazakhstan is an important language due to Kazakhstan’s strategic location. This is why European countries across the world are targeting Kazakh language in order to make a name for themselves among the Kazakh speakers.

For professional English to Kazakh Translation services, it is important to hire the services of a reliable translation agency such as Mars Translation whose professional linguists leave no stone unturned in delivering you accurate translations from English to Kazakh for your global needs.

Our Native Kazakh Translators

Mars Translation prides itself in delivering professional and expert translation solutions to clients from across the world, irrespective of the type of content, nature of business and size of the project. Our expert team of more than 6000 native translators are well-aware of the nuances involved in the process of translation.

They can translate in over 120 different languages and 260 language pairs. Furthermore, they are required to undergo an extensive examination process in order to eliminate any errors on their behalf.

Kazakh Document Translation Services


Mars Translation leads its services to multiple industries in multiple languages.


Mars Translation was founded almost two decades ago on the principles of providing efficient and quality translation and localization services to companies worldwide. We emphasize on quality translations, which is why we are backed up by ISO 9001: 2008 certification and are also a member of the American Translators Association (ATA) and Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) in order to provide you with quality translation services.

At Mars Translation, we believe in delivering seamless and professional translation solutions to all our customers, irrespective of the nature of business and type of content. Our comprehensive range of services includes translations of documents, websites, games, software, E-commerce platforms, and E-learning projects.
At Mars Translation, our comprehensive and extensive translation services are delivered at the most cost-effective rates that are one of the most reasonable ones in the translation marketplace. With Mars Translation, you can get your documents translated at prices as low as USD 0.044 standard rates, with no hidden or extra charges.
Mars Translation was founded almost two decades ago with a mission to deliver cost-effective and efficient translation solutions to all types of businesses across the world. Keeping up with this mission, our expert team of 6000+ native translators delivers professional translation solutions in more than 120 global languages. Our translation projects have a fast turnaround and are backed by quality re-assessments and checks to ensure an error-free translation process.
Mars Translation delivers professional and expert translation and localization solutions to companies across the globe for their growth. We deliver high volumes of translated content on a regular basis, backed by quality measures and assessed by expert translators and linguists. Our translation projects have a fast turnaround, which means we deliver translations before their due date, to enable our clients to have hassle-free translation experience.

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