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Lao Document Translation Services

What is a document translation for you? For Mars Translation, translation is more than just a language change. We queer the documents in an error-free way to guarantee an accurate translation of the documents. With the top-class translation service at your doorstep, you have the facility to translate your document without any worry.

Our diverse team of translators are well equipped with their skills and cater to the client’s requirements in a professional way. With the quick Lao translation services, our translators deliver the translated documents in a time-efficient manner. Some of the major documents we translate are listed below;

  • Legal Documents
  • Literary Publications
  • Telecommunication Contracts
  • Medical Prescriptions
  • Academic Degrees
  • Diplomas
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Technical Documents
  • Driving Licenses
  • Marketing Plans 

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Lao Document Translation Services
Lao Document Translation Services

Lao Website Translation Services

The online world is making the world a global village. Websites are a way to engage with consumers at the corners of the world. We offer accurate website translation services for the clients to localize their website content inefficient manner. Our translators transform the content in multiple languages to help you gain more attention and cover several domains such as product descriptions, user information and much more. 

The terms accuracy and affordability define our website translation services. Mars Translation’s translation services cover every industrial niche and cater to the client’s needs even at the eleventh hour. Contact us to get answers to your queries. 

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Lao Medical & Healthcare Translation Services

Medical assistance comes in various forms, therefore, translation services are a much-needed help a medical industry needs to invest in. Mars Translation is an opportunity for the medical and healthcare industries to nominate their products and services at an affordable rate.

Our translation services provide a platform for the medical industry to be able to target a larger audience in a multilingual dimension. Our native experts make accurate translation possible in a time-efficient manner. Let us help you with a flawless translation. 

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Lao Document Translation Services
Lao Document Translation Services

Lao Business & Finance Translation Services

Is language the barrier stopping you from gaining international clients? A right translation service can solve the problem for you. We, at Mars Translation, hire expert business and finance translation for our clients so they can invest in their strategies without any further delay. 

Make an unforgettable impression with our translation services for investors and creditors. Make them understand and engage with them in the business world for a long haul. Our translators deliver professional translation services for clients. 

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Lao Technical & Engineering Translation Services

Did you forget to use the right term in your technical documents? Never take a chance with the technical content, let our experts handle the technical domain and translate the documents from word to word. Our native translators are subject matter expert’s adherent to the terminologies.

The availability of the right resources can help you to understand your consumers or business clients’ requirements in an approaching way. Lao translations services are a hot commodity for the native market and become a credible business. 

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Lao Document Translation Services

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Lao Document Translation Services

Lao Software & IT Translation Services

Software translation is a handy tool to help promote business for the online domain. To enter the world of online business and consumers you better get in touch with a multilingual translation service provider. Mars Translation is the best possible solution at an affordable price that keeps the nominal charges in check.

Our native experts deliver and translate the intended project in an eligible score maintaining the readability material. We are an experienced translation agency full filling our clients’ IT translation needs. 

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Lao Gaming & Video Games Translation Services

Are you interested enough to invest in the gaming industry? But face the hurdle of language to intake the right video gamer makers? Our video game translation industry fulfills the requirements you need to make it to the top of the chain.

Getting your videogames localized will attract potential leads for investors and buyers as well. We ensure to work hard and give the professional translation service with customer satisfaction as the ultimate goal. You can contact us for more details. 

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Lao Document Translation Services
Lao Document Translation Services

Lao to english Translation Services

English to Lao translation service may be hard to come by but Mars Translation has teamed up with native translators with excellent language skills. Our translation services focus on accuracy and precision adding up to the agency’s goodwill.

Our translators are bilingual and in some cases multilingual as well as promoting several languages at a time. You can have access to the best team of diverse translators to work on any type of document. Feel free to get in touch with us. 

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Our Native Lao Translators

Native translator’s skill set is unmatched. The rightful use of various terminologies and to maintain the original body context can complicate things if you are unfamiliar with the actual meaning. Therefore, our team of translators are experienced professionals with translation as the desired outcome.

We choose the right translator for the job and the result is as reliable as our source of translators. Our experts bypass every other individual translator by assisting to complete the project in fast turnaround time and yet affordable.  

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Lao Document Translation Services


Mars Translation offers affordable Lao certificate translations. The total charges depend on the language pair and total word count. You can get a free quote from our website. 

Yes, we do! Here at Mars, we offer Lao translation solutions for all types of documents including ebooks and magazines.
Yes, we can. At Mars Translation, we offer a fast turnaround of around 3000 words/day. If your documents are lengthy and you need urgent completion, we can assign more than one translator and get the project done within one business day.
Mars Translation is an ISO certified translation service provider and we have everything needed to deliver flawless results for financial translations. Our skilled, certified and industry-specific translators work with attention to detail and deliver accurate results as per the high international standards.
Yes, we do! Mars Translation offers top-quality Lao translations for all types of content including e-learning programs and courses.

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