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Marathi Document Translation Services

The state language of native India can guide you to enter the local market with a stronghold over the consumers. How? By investing in the right translators. At Mars Translation, We have the great Marathi translation services and you have the opportunity to use expert translators to convert the official documents into the specific language you want. We believe in team players, hence our translators work as a team and correspond a quality-oriented translated content in a time-efficient manner. If you are looking for professional translators, take a closer look, we are here for you.

Following are a few of the documents, to name, that we translate such as;

  • Legal Documents
  • Literary Publications
  • Telecommunication Contracts
  • Medical Prescriptions
  • Academic Degrees
  • Diplomas
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Technical Documents
  • Driving Licenses
  • Marketing Plans

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Marathi Document Translation Services
Marathi Document Translation Services

Marathi Website Translation Services

Websites have a significant impact on business these days. A consumer assumes every product or business has its website available in the multi-language domain. It is important to make sure your website is available in several native languages to ensure you gain a wide audience. Offer your products in Marathi and you will be able to target the native consumers directly.

Our translators ensure to produce translation at an effective rate. Generate more traffic, sell more products and services thanks to our Marathi to provide excellent Marathi translation services. We are more than happy to satisfy the client and fulfill the project’s requirements.

Marathi Medical & Healthcare Translation Services

Medical terminologies are not a child’s game. To ensure you get an accurate translation, our translators, at Mars Translation, translate a document in the native language. The translated documents are easy to read and understand. We cater a pool of Marathi translators at our bidding, to deliver the documents at a fast turnaround time.

Our medical and healthcare translation services for a native market are extremely useful at economical rates. Get in touch with us now to share the details.

Marathi Document Translation Services
Marathi Document Translation Services

Marathi Business & Finance Translation Services

Do you want to achieve your target and your goals before the year ends? It just so happens, one native market runs more successfully than others. Reason? You lack the rightful approach. Mars Translation provides you the best Marathi translation services to optimize your technical information in Marathi to enable your business for prosperity.

Integrate the right financial and technical information like audit reports, business reports and ledger details etc. and get an uncompromised translated document as a result. Contact us to become a successful business venture.

Marathi Technical & Engineering Translation Services

The technical and engineering industry is often in need of translation services. Our team of experts understands the industry niche and translates the desired document in the perfect turnaround time. Our subject matter experts are well familiar with the technical terminologies and ensure to provide their professional skills at a fair price.

If you are looking to translate the construction plans or any of the other project requirements, you can acquire our services without any further delay. Our Marathi translation services are a complete package for every industry.

Marathi Document Translation Services

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Marathi Document Translation Services

Marathi Software & IT Translation Services

Launch a new app or a new software with excellent translators at the backend. Mars Translation makes it possible for software companies to reach a million users at a single time, by translating the desired project in the Marathi language.

We help our clients to reach the maximum users in a short period of time. Our price rates are as fair as our translation services. We translate the software in multi-languages to ensure quality and so our client is able to spread their business domain across the globe.

Marathi Gaming & Video Games Translation Services

Games bygones every cultural barrier. To lead in the gaming industry you need to convert your video games in various languages to engage with the native market. Substantial changes occur when you translate video games.

To maintain the original content in the target language, we provide a team of translators that specializes in gaming and video games translation services. If you want your video games to capture the local audience, utilize our translation services to maintain the high standard translation context.  

Marathi Document Translation Services
Marathi Document Translation Services

Marathi to english Translation Services

Being the international language English holds power over native languages. But to enter a native market you have to translate your documents from English to Marathi. At, Mars Translation, Our native translators are able to provide the accurate English to Marathi translation services for your documents at a fast turnaround time possible.

We know how to deal with the translation queries and our experts ensure to provide quality translation services for client’s satisfaction.With exceptional price fares, we provide a professional Marathi translation service.

Our Native Marathi Translators

Hard to catch a native translator? Our team is comprised of native speakers who are confident to produce quality results as fast as possible. With the right training and project engagement, we’ve got you covered, at economical rates.

Our subject matter experts are well reversed in industry knowledge and are their capable lingual skills makes it possible for our clients to reach their target rather easily.Our translators are able to maintain the level of accuracy and precision in a time-efficient manner.

Marathi Document Translation Services


Mars Translation leads its services to multiple industries in multiple languages.


Yes, we can. In addition to translating documents from English to Marathi, we also offer Marathi to English translation services for all types of documents.

We offer quick translation services for e-commerce sites. The total time depends on the word count and other project requirements. On average, we translate around 3000 words per day.
We, at Mars Translation, offer economical software translation services and the total cost depends on the language pair and project details. For price estimation, you can get a free quote now from our Home Page.
Mars Translation is an ISO certified professional language service provider. Our rich experience in gaming translation, availability of skilled native translators and high professional standards make us a reliable name for translating games.
Yes, we do offer revisions if needed. Although our translators work with special attention to detail, still if you need some revisions for website translation, we have got you covered.
At Mars Translation, We offer affordable translation services and English to Marathi translation rates per word depending on the language pair and project details. For price estimation, you can get a instant free quote.

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