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Nepali Document Translation Services

Business is always in need of translation services. To achieve your targets and before you plan to conduct business in local markets, you require to understand the language first. And what better way is to understand the research or any information other than translation? Mars Translation is proud to provide distinct quality for Nepali Translations. We translate all document formats without any ambiguity and professional assistance is outstanding. Our remarkable team of diverse Nepali translators and interperter fastens the translation process. We translate in the most accurate way. 

Give a closer look to our document translation services and below few documents are listed that we translate;

  • Legal Documents
  • Literary Publications
  • Telecommunication Contracts
  • Medical Prescriptions
  • Academic Degrees
  • Diplomas
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Technical Documents
  • Driving Licenses
  • Marketing Plans

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Nepali Document Translation Services
Nepali Document Translation Services

Nepali Website Translation Services

Websites are portals for global consumers. Users from all over the world, are available online whether as business clients or just regular consumers. To broaden your business and target the right niche, it is vital to utilize website translation services. If you are looking to translate a blog, product descriptions, summaries, webpages, etc. you can acquire our translation services. 

With a diverse team of native Nepali translators, we have always completed our mainstream projects in fast turnaround time. We are here to provide Nepali Translation Services at affordable rates. 

Nepali Medical & Healthcare Translation Services

With the fast-approaching medical and healthcare industry, translation service is of great help. It is one of the most professionally human tasks a business can play. Mars Translation provides adequate Nepali Translation maintaining the quality content of the medical terminologies. With the distinct linguist skills over the years.

We have fully expert and native nepali translators and interpreters, providing their best and inducing a standard quality result.  You can trust our medical and healthcare translation services without any worries.  Share details for your projects with us now. 

Nepali Document Translation Services
Nepali Document Translation Services

Nepali Business & Finance Translation Services

The business and finance industry is always prospering and moving forward with the latest ideas and maintaining the overall performance. To better understand how you can accomplish your business goal in a foreign market, it is advised to take help from Mars Translation

Our team is confident and consists of professional translators who are able to translate the documents at an accurate level. Being a reliable source for nepali language translation for your business, you can count on us to translate the documents in the fast turnaround time.

Nepali Technical & Engineering Translation Services

At Mars Translation, we indulge our professional translators according to the industrial relevant projects. We understand that the technology and engineering industry will require some serious skills for translation. For this sole purpose, we engage a team who are subject matter experts. Manuals, patents, records, etc. anything can be translated with the right translation tools and translators behind those pages.

Our translators are known for their excellent translation skills and familiarity with industrial terminologies.  We are proud to offer top-notch Nepali language translation for technical and engineering content. 

Nepali Document Translation Services

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Nepali Document Translation Services

Nepali Software & IT Translation Services

A major highlight of any online work is based on the quality of its software. If your software is limited in terms of language operation, you may lose your clients. We are in favor of making your software (and other products) readily accessible in the native market gaining the attention of the native consumer.

Our team of experts ensures to produce a flawless piece, with an impeccable nepali language translations for the client. The client’s specifications are kept in mind and so the cultural difference is also focused.

Nepali Gaming & Video Games Translation Services

Video games are always the most favorite product for consumers. To attract youth, you can limit your video games to a particular language. By using our Nepali Language translation services for your video games you will be able to connect with every gamer around the globe. 

Our expert translators cover content in a precise manner and in a time-efficient manner. With the strong professional team of translators at the back end, we can localize your video games according to the legal code.

Nepali Document Translation Services
Nepali Document Translation Services

Nepali to english Translation Services

What makes Mars Translators a reliable source of translation? Our professional native Nepali to English Translators are the real asset behind the effort of translating a document in a professional manner. Thanks to our subject matter experts we have been able to complete projects in fast turnaround times, which in return has helped us to retain long-term clients. 

Besides the quick turnaround time, we are here to provide excellent Nepali to English Translation with the help of our capable translators and Nepali Interpreters, well reversed in the right terminologies and produce accurate content at competitive rates.

Our Native Nepali Translators

If you are interested in English to Nepal translation services, then you have come to the right platform. Mars Translation is a haven for all business entities so that they can work peacefully and localize their products and services in a timely manner.

Our translation services tap into every industrial niche. With a quality-oriented translation, you can target larger groups (clients and audience) and be able to maintain a strong business profile.  You can share your project details with us and get a free quote now

Nepali Document Translation Services


Mars Translation leads its services to multiple industries in multiple languages.


Mars Translation is known for its fast turnaround time.  On average, our professionals translate around 3000 words/day. Hence, the total time needed for website translation depends on the total word count. 

There are no fixed charges for software translation as the price can vary depending on your chosen industry, word count and other project requirements. For a fair price estimation, you can get a quote from our Home Page.
Mars Translation has skilled and experienced financial translators for providing you with industry-specific and accurate translations. For seamless results, we follow a stringent quality control procedure and take special measures to maintain high standards.
If you want to save some cash on extensive projects, we suggest you take one of our Bundle Offers given on the Detailed Pricing page. These offers are designed to help you save some money.
We offer a fast turnaround time for document translation. The time required for your project depends on the total word count as we usually translate around 3000 words/day.

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