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Farsi Document Translation Services

Are you planning to move to Iran? Need assistance from a professional translation agency for translating some documents for immigration? Don’t Worry, Mars Translation has got you covered. We specialize in document translations and ensure satisfaction for all your projects. Our native Farsi speakers pay special attention to flow and impact and they work with sheer brilliance to meet and exceed your needs. 
In addition, we cover a range of document types and provide reliable outcomes at very budget-friendly rates.

Some of the primary document categories that we offer include:

  • Legal Documents
  • Literary Publications
  • Telecommunication Contracts
  • Medical Prescriptions
  • Academic Degrees
  • Diplomas
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Technical Documents
  • Driving Licenses
  • Marketing Plans

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Farsi Document Translation Services
Farsi Document Translation Services

Farsi Website Translation Services

Mars Translation specializes in Farsi website translation and localization and offers commendable outcomes at a very affordable price. We can translate your website content to and from Farsi and transform the design if needed to tackle cultural sensitivities.

We use appropriate images, integrate regional nuances and ensure that your website resonates with the target market. We also offer e-commerce localization as well. If you need remarkable translation and localization services to boost your sales, we can help you out.

Farsi Medical & Healthcare Translation Services

Mistranslations or any errors in health and medical documents can lead to severe consequences. Therefore, it is essential to pay special attention to accuracy while translating such critical docs. For flawless results, it is better to seek professional help.

If you want affordable and quick Farsi Medical & Healthcare Translation Services, Mars Translation has got you covered. No matter what your source language is, we can translate it into Farsi at a very affordable price. We have native translators who are equipped with industry-specific knowledge and vast experience in medical translations.

Farsi Document Translation Services
Farsi Document Translation Services

Farsi Business & Finance Translation Services

Professional and error-free translations are required for effective communication with foreign business clients. Similarly, you need professional help for translating financial documents like account details, reports and statements. We know what it takes to seamlessly translate your important documents and we deliver all your projects in time, no matter how tight your deadline is.


Besides, we have a secure platform and we ensure complete confidentiality. Thus if you need top-quality Farsi Business & Finance Translation Services, we are there for you.

Farsi Technical & Engineering Translation Services

Technical translations are often tricky. For accurate results, you need to have advanced knowledge of the industry in addition to commendable expertise in the language pair. Here at Mars Translation, we have a range of skilled and certified technical translators for providing you with quick and precise technical translations.

We offer world-class Farsi Technical & Engineering Translation Services at competitive rates and ensure complete satisfaction by maintaining international standards of quality.

Farsi Document Translation Services

Our Certified Farsi Interpreters

Do you want to translate your documents into Farsi? Are you looking for expert Farsi interpreters to assist you in your projects? Then look no further than Mars Translation. Mars Translation provides world-class, high-quality, professional, and certified interpretation and translation services to global companies. Our expert Farsi interpreters and translators possess high expertise and knowledge of tackling multiple languages for various industries, including gaming, engineering, technology, medicine, and law. Moreover, they are skilled at delivering precise translation services for documents, games, websites, software, and video subtitles.
With Mars Translation’s expert Farsi interpreters to assist you in your projects, you can be assured of seamless and professional globalization into the Persian-speaking markets. Our technology-driven translation services are specially designed to make the globalization process easier for every company, irrespective of the industry it may belong to. With Mars Translation as your translation partner for the global market, you do not need to worry about getting certified Farsi translation in multiple languages. All you need to do is upload your files to our online portal and receive an instant quote. Alternatively, you can talk to our customer support representatives, who are available 24/7 to assist you with your Farsi translation in any language of your choice.

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Farsi Document Translation Services

Farsi Software & IT Translation Services

The translation of software products and IT services take a lot more than the transformation of language. Along with changing the language, you need to customize the color schemes, change some images and alter some logos and signs to make your product resonate with foreign target markets.

Remember that localization is integral to make your product launch successful in global markets and that’s where you need us. We, at Mars Translation, provide seamless Farsi Software & IT Translation Services and localize your products for the best outcomes.

Farsi Gaming & Video Games Translation Services

The gaming industry is booming in Persia and if you want to get your share from the lucrative market there, you have to translate your games into Farsi. Along with literal translation, localization of games is also important to provide potential customers with a personalized and more engaging experience.

Making your mark in foreign markets is not easy. However, localization can provide you with a competitive edge and help to build your identity. Here at Mars Translation, we offer top-quality Farsi Gaming & Video Games Translation Services at a very economical price.

Farsi Document Translation Services
Farsi Document Translation Services

Farsi to english Translation Services

Whether you need help for document translation or website localization, we have got you covered. Mars Translation offers professional English to Farsi Translation Services for all types of content for a wide range of industries. We provide localized translations for games, mobile apps, docs, e-commerce stores, e-books and a lot more.

No matter how extensive your translation project is, we have the capabilities and resources needed to complete your projects on time. Besides, we go the extra mile for localizing your content as per the needs and wants of the target market. 

Our Native Farsi Translators

The Farsi language has multiple verities. Whether you want to translate your content into Western Persian, Dari or Tajiki dialect, we have native and experienced translators for each of these versions. Mars Translation offers remarkable and localized translations at inexpensive rates.

Our quality is backed with our years of experience, access to native and adept language experts, and excellent background knowledge of multiple industries. We integrate relevant industry-specific terms to enhance the impact of your translated content and provide commendable results.

Farsi Document Translation Services


Mars Translation leads its services to multiple industries in multiple languages.


Here at Mars Translation, we have some of the best, highly experienced, trained and professional native translators who can deliver translations from and to all the dialects of Farsi. No matter which version you need translations, we can provide excellent results featuring high accuracy and reliability.

Along with seamless translation services for all document types and websites, Mars translation offers several other services as well. We have expert and native Farsi transcriptionists as well who deliver remarkable video transcription services. If you need subtitles for movies or transcriptions for any types of videos, our skilled and experienced professionals can do that and provide world-class results.
Mars Translation has native translators from all across the globe. In addition to Farsi, we cover about 120 different languages. No matter which language you need to get your website translated, we can help you out. We can translate your Farsi website into any language you need.
Creating an account is essential for placing an order for translation. In addition, you will get multiple benefits. Whenever you place an order at Mars, you can give instructions to the translator, guide him, and track your translation project. Besides, you can add your preferred translator to your team to get other projects done by the same translator. Most importantly, you can buy credits once and can use them according to your need in the future, it will save your time to recharge your account every time you place an order at Mars.
Yes, we can. Mars Translation offers the fastest turnaround time of 2500-3000/day per translators. Moreover, if your extensive project is needed shortly, we can assign multiple translators to get your project completed in time. No matter how long your project is, we can manage to meet your tight deadlines and provide uncompromised quality for utmost satisfaction.

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