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Certified Translation Services in Delhi

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Delhi is the national capital territory and the largest city of south Asian country of India. Situated in the north-central region, Delhi is segregated into New and Old Delhi. Being the largest city supporting a huge population of 24 million, Delhi is the central hub of commercial and business activity and home to a large number of multinationals and business ventures.

The city’s business environs are a breeding ground for large and small firms to localize into. That is why startup firms and other companies are constantly striving to establish their footprints in this highly lucrative market.

Localizing into Delhi market is not a problem for your business if you have Mars Translation as your localization and translation partner. But before embarking on the journey to globalization, take a look at the reasons for picking Mars Translation as your localization partner for getting certified translation services in Delhi:

Certified Translators

The linguists of Mars Translation are subject matter experts, skilled and adept at handling translation of all types of content. These army of 5000+ translators has dealt and translated more than 30,000 documents and files to date. Not only that, they are aware of all the technicalities of translating into another language, keeping the cultural and linguistic nuances in perspective when handling projects.

Quality Certification

One of the most important criteria that you should be considering when choosing a translation partner for your business is quality certifications, and Mars Translation has plenty of these to support its credibility. Mars Translation is ISO 9001:2008 certified. In addition to that, Mars Translation is GDPR compliant and regularly conducts translation quality audits to improve its translation projects.

Wide Service Coverage

When planning to go global or localize yourself into other markets, you need to translate all your services, whether you want to get certified translation services in Delhi or some other city. Mars Translation ensures all your content and services are fully covered with its wide range of services ranging from document translation to software, websites, E-commerce, E-learning, and games localization.

Not only that, the native and expert translators have an ample expertise in translating for companies from various industries such as medical, electronics, retail, machinery, education, legal, and entertainment. The clients of Mars Translation also belong to a diverse range of industries and all of them have benefitted from its expert services.

Multilingual Support

As mentioned above, the certified and native translators of Mars Translation are professional experts and hold credible qualifications in translation and localization. That is the reason they are able to translate in more than 90+ languages.

In covering such a wide range of language pairs, these expert linguist don’t let the cultural and linguistic barriers affect the translation quality and are able to deliver translated content tailored to suit the needs of target markets.

Affordable Price Structure

Another of the most important criteria you should consider when planning to localize into another country or region is cost. In fact, cost considerations are hold such as great importance that many companies prioritize translation companies according to the prices charged by them.

With Mars Translation, that worry id also eliminated. This is because Mars Translation’s pricing model is quite affordable with standard prices starting from as low as $0.044. Given these prices, it is no wonder that many companies opt for Mars Translation as their translation partner.

Cultural Appropriation

The South Asian market, especially the Indian Subcontinent contains a wide array of different cultures and languages. Without doubt, these cultures demand a varied and diverse approach for adaptation.

When attempting to adapt the services according to the Indian market, it is imperative to keep these cultural considerations in perspective and Mars Translation ensures this cultural appropriation with its multilingual and expert approach.

The Last Word:

Delhi is a highly lucrative market and provide appreciable growth and expansion prospects to companies seeking to localize in this city. If you are a company seeking certified translation services in Delhi, chances are you would not find a better localization partner than Mars Translation, with its strong linguistic support and credible reputation.

Don’t limit yourself in the quest to achieve global recognition. Choose Mars Translation and get recognized globally.