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Document Translation Services in Brooklyn NY

By: Ifrah Mubashir Posted on Mon, 25-09-2017

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The quality services of MARS TRANSLATION have been satisfying customers worldwide. One of the most asked query we get is whether or not we provide our translation services in Brooklyn. The answer to this question is, yes, we do provide our document translation services in Brooklyn as well.

We are writing this blog to answer all your translation queries regarding Brooklyn. This blog is also laced with all the essential links to make the process of placing an order a seamless process for you.

Legal Documents

MARS TRANSLATION provides well rounded set of legal Document translation solutions. We make sure that you only work with experienced and accredited translators who have the ability to exquisitely convert you legal content while having a complete understanding of the legal sector. While our language professionals work with all legal and regulatory document, patents, manuscripts, certificates, degrees and claims.

We provide comprehensive end to end solutions for all legal documents. At MARS TRANSLATION we ensure that multilingual communication during legal interaction is not an inconvenience. We will make this process as smooth as possible for you.

Financial Documents

Financial communications must be accurate, secure and customized. We make this possible by working with translators who have a deep understanding of the financial industry.

Financial translations require precision, expertise and effective which is why you need to choose just the right translation service providers.

With nearly two decades of experience MARS TRANSLATION has gained the reputation as one of the most reliable translation service providers in the world. Our experiences industry specific translators have been delivering personalized and quality translations for our clients.

Since our translating professionals understand the financial sector fully, you will be able to communicate efficiently without facing any difficulties or ambiguities in the documents.

Medical Documents

We provide complete transcription for medical records in hospitals and other healthcare institutions. Medical translations can be highly technical and contextual. Our industry specific translators make sure that your prescriptions, meeting, proposals, files and other medical documents are aptly translated.

Tourism and Travel

Tourism industry is constantly flourishing globally and perhaps of all industries has the most inevitable need for the content to be translated. Localized content makes it easy for tourists to under a foreign land. At MARS TRANSLATION we work with a variety of tourism content including brochures, travel guides, featurettes, advertising publications, signage, directions, safety information, websites and hotel bundles.

Marketing Documents

Conventionally, translation requires the essence to be conveyed. However, marketing translation is a lot more different. A number of additional elements need to be addressed while translating marketing content. It does not only has to carry the gist but it also has to be just as effective as catchy as it was in the source language.

At MARS TRANSLATION our professional language service providers have expertise in the marketing field. They are well aware of what works for the target audience and what doesn’t. You can expect a perfect reflection of your content in terms of context, cultural relevance and intended message.

Automotive Documents

Keep records of you meetings and events. We provide a complete range of solutions for all your automotive transcriptions needs. Our native, industry specific professionals will make sure that your document is translated in most suitable manner. For certified translation services in Brooklyn NY, you can contact us and get the fastest turnaround and complete value for money.


We translate all certificates accurately. Now you don’t have to spend any time trying to find the best translations services in an emergency, simply contact us to get certified translation services in Brooklyn NY and get your certificates translated by industry specific, native translators.

You will receive an authorization with each translation certifying that this translation was carried out by Mars Translation.

Although it is strongly recommended that of you are planning to travel or apply for residence you should have all your certificates translated in advance but in case you have left it to the very last minute, no need to panic. We have one of the fastest turnarounds in the industry. Some of our projects are delivered as early as the same day.

Marriage Certificates

While applying for a visa, a foreign residence or sometime even a job may require a translated marriage certificate. At Mars Translation we offer professional marriage certificate translation services in order to make all your proceedings fasters and easier.

Birth Certificate

You will need your birth certificate translated for a variety of reasons while travelling abroad. To get you birth certificate translated without any hassle we are right here for you.

We function around the world which means our services have reached Brooklyn as well. To get birth certificate translation in Brooklyn by accredited professional all you need to do is to contact us. Place your order, sit back and relax while we do all the work you need to be done.

Degree Certificate and Transcripts

While travelling abroad there are a million things on your mind already. Getting your degree and transcriptions translated is just another thing that gets on your nerves. The process of choosing the right translation service provider is by no means and easy decision.

With over two decades of experience we bring to fast and accurate services. Click here to place your order or get a free instant quote.

Death Certificate Translation

In this doleful time of your life we would hate for you to go through long and hectic procedures. We deeply sympathize with your emotions are try to make this translation process as easy and as convenient as possible. All we ask you to do is upload the original certificate here and we will handle the rest.