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Top 10 Translation Companies in Los Angeles

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Los Angeles is the largest city in California. It is also known by its initials L.A. This city is renowned for its ethnic diversity, and Hollywood entertainment. It is the ideal destination for movie and music lovers. People from all around the globe visit this golden state because of its beauty, history, and love for entertainment. To communicate with diverse people, it is important to use their native language. Only Translation Companies can help you in dealing with diverse ethnic groups. Let’s have a look at the Top 10 translation companies in Los Angeles.

List of Top 10 Translation Companies in Los Angeles.

Transcription Services the US

Transcription Services the US is a professional and innovative transcription services company. It is offering its services in transcription, translation, captioning, voiceover, typing, and video services.

It has hired native experts to handle transcription projects. These native experts have extensive knowledge and years of knowledge, and they provide you with standard services that comply with global standards.

STC Interpreting & Translation

STC interpreting and Translation Company is a renowned translation company that provides versatility to its customers in its services. It specializes in the translation of websites, documents, and foreign language research.

Customer satisfaction is its main priority. All the documents are translated perfectly and professionally. STC interpreting and translation have hired professional translators who have prior experience of 7 years in the translation industry.

The translators are hired based on their knowledge and competencies so that they provide impeccable translation services to their customers.

LA Translation and Interpretation, Inc

LA Translation and Interpretation Inc are working in the translation industry with the objective of translating multiple languages to meet customer’s linguistic needs.

It has hired 4000 translators and interpreters from all around the world. They are subject matter experts in their field and they deliver high-quality translation to customers in a fast turnaround time.

Paragon Language Services

Paragon is the fastest language service provider and its clients include fortune 500 companies, nonprofit and government agencies, and local small businesses. The main industries catered by Paragon Language Services are life sciences, entertainment, and multicultural marketing sectors. They cater to all the linguistic projects and always meet deadlines.

Mars Translation

Mars Translation is a world-class translation company that is providing localization and translation services. Its plethora of services includes document, e-commerce, website, video, e-learning translation, and DTP and file conversation. These services are provided by the team of native translators who are also subject matter experts of their fields and provide clients with seamless translation in quick turnaround time and economical rates.


PoliLingua is a renowned translation company that is providing translation, localization, and linguistic services for corporate, government, and private sectors. The project management team at PoliLingua provides professional assistance to its clients and completes the linguistic project on time and budget.

It specializes in providing IT and software, publishing and media, finance, life science translation, and legal translation in more than 150 languages. Translators are given translation projects according to their skill set so that they provide impeccable translation services.


Word Express is a leader in the world of translation. It is providing certified written translations, transcriptions, and multilingual layout in more than a hundred languages to prestigious fortune 500 corporations of the world.

Word Express is aimed to provide the best quality translation services while remaining within the budget. The translations at WordExpress are handled by linguists who know the industry-specific terminologies and they are subject matter experts.


CCJK is a top-class translation company that aims to provide complete localization solutions to its clients. With a team of skilled native translators, it provides swift and seamless translations to its target audience. All the translators work efficiently to produce seamless transcriptions.

The team of translators hired by CCJK is professional, vigilant, and qualified. They try their level best to fulfill the requirements of the customers. The important services provided by CCJK are localization, multimedia, transcreation, editing, and interpretation.


DayTranslation is the top-rated translation company that provides professional translation services and human interpreting solutions to its clients. It is a human-powered translation company and it is working with businesses and individuals from all around the world.

No matter which language you want to translate and no matter how long your translation project is, the DayTranslation is capable enough to fulfill all your translation requirements.


StopAsia is a top-rated translation company that is providing its translation services from marketing to technology, from production to arts and natural sciences. It specializes in the translation of Asian languages.

The translators hired by 1-StopAsia caters to a wide range of subject areas and their database includes in-house and freelance translators with required competencies and experience.

To get impeccable translation results, the project managers consult the opinions of vendor managers and language leaders to provide state-of-the-art translation services to their clients.

Wrapping Up:

To make your name in the global market, it is necessary to cater to global clients in their native languages. There are many translation companies working around the world and these translation companies specialize in specific fields. If you want to translate your specific documents, you need to do thorough research before choosing from this list of top 10 Translation Companies in Los Angeles.

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