The economy of California holds great importance in a USA state. California is the hub of innovations and inventions and the world’s renowned IT hub, Silicon Valley is in California including top renowned companies like Uber, Twitter, Netflix, Apple, and Google. People from around the globe are working in these global companies. To communicate with a diverse workforce and to spread your business across the borders, translation services are required. For this purpose, many top-rated translation companies are working in California. Let's have a look at 10 Translation Companies in California.

Here is the list of Top 10 Translation Companies in California:

Transcription Services USA

Transcription Services USA is included in the top translation companies of California that are providing impeccable translation services to global clients. It complies with the ISO-certified standards. Transcription services the USA employs a team of native translators that are not only affluent linguists, but they possess extensive knowledge and prior experience. It ensures the confidentiality and security of your translated documents through a non-disclosure agreement.

Mars Translation

Mars Translation is the leading translation company that is providing impeccable translation services in several fields with the help of native translators. These translators are hired after a tough assessment. They are not only good linguists but they are subject matter experts in different fields. A project manager is assigned to your translation project according to your requirements. The company covers over 230 languages and provides fast and reliable results. 

Universal Translation Services

Universal Translation Services is a top leading translation company working in California. It aims to provide high-quality translation services for personal and business matters. Top linguists and subject matter experts of different fields are hired by Universal Translation Services. It is also a member of the American Translation Association that is proof of high-quality translations.

List of Top 10 Translation Companies in California:

Academic Translation

Academic Translation Services is an ISO-certified translation company that is using best practices for multilingual document translation. Academic translation employs more than 1000 expert translators that can provide seamless translation services in different languages. Your translation project is given to native linguists based upon your format, choice, and topic. Academic Translation Services is using the latest technology to get seamless quality translation results in a fast turnaround.

Art One Translations

Art One Translations is included in the top translation companies in California because it is providing consistent, precise, and reliable translation results. The objective of Art One Translations is to bridge the gap between multiple cultures that is why Art One Translations is the first choice of the people of California. It is serving private and public companies, non-profit organizations, government organizations, and leading educational and medical institutes by providing them seamless translation services.


CCJK is a top-rated translation company that is providing multiple translation solutions in a number of different fields like automotive, finance, travel, technology, government, manufacturing, telecom, and life sciences. 8000 plus translators are hired after great assessment and they provide high-quality translation solutions in more than 230 languages in short turnaround time and economical rates.


Ubiqus is the leading translation company that is providing an array of different services like translation, interpretation, transcription, web localization, multilingual DTP, audiovisual, and project management in 240 language combinations. The Ubiqus aims to provide seamless translation services always in time. The translation project managers are competent in their fields and they are the point of contact for the clients. 

Ramas Interpretation

Rama Interpretation is a professionally managed translation company that has set benchmarks of translation and interpretation in California. It is providing many different services including translation and interpretation solutions in different languages. Their interpreters are highly educated and subject matter experts and they are providing flawless translation and interpretation services for government agencies and courts as well.

Fit Fresno Interpreting And Translating

Fresno Interpreting and Translating has been providing seamless translation and interpretation solutions for 20 years. It specializes in medical, legal, and administrative hearings. Fresno employees the team of qualified interpreters that helps and facilities you in interpretation according to your language requirement. Fit Fresno Interpreting and translating is the best choice for the target audience of California because of its professionalism, ease of scheduling interpreting and translation projects, and prompt response.

Vialan Translation Concepts Inc.

Vielen Translation Concepts is offering fast and efficient translation services to the target market of California and the target audience around the globe. It is authorized to issue a certificate of accuracy to all important translated documents stating from marriage certificates and university degrees to legal and business contracts. Translations done by Vialan Translation Concepts are accepted by the US citizenship and Immigration services, educational organizations, US passport office, and USA authorities. Because of its acceptance by higher authorities, the people of California prefer to use its services.

Wrapping Up:

California land of ample opportunities, every second person wants to start a business in California and wants to get a job in top-notch Technological companies that are working there. For this, they need the assistance of translation companies. No worries. Digitalization has made your selection easy. You can select the translation company.

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