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Documents Required For a Chinese Visa Application


You are all exhausted and tired of working. Why not plan a holiday trip to China? For that, you will require a visa stamped on your passport. A visa is a travel document that is issued by an authorized government agency to foreign citizens, who want to apply to either enter, exit from or transit through any country’s territory, based on the laws and regulations of that country.

There are quite a number of documents are required when you go to file for a Chinese visa. The regulations include a number of factors such as your nationality, whether you have a family in China, and of course the type of visa you are applying for. When you go to apply for a Chinese visa, you will be asked for your passport, visa application form, recent passport sized photos and proof of address.

But, because you are from another country all these documents will not be in the Chinese language, which makes it difficult for the Chinese authorities to understand. That is why, you will have to get them translated using the Chinese Simplified visa documentation translation services.

Have a look at the document you require for a Chinese visa.


When you go to apply for a Chinese visa, you will have to submit your original signed passport, along with a photocopy of the information page. Your passport must be valid further than 6 months of your stay in China, with at least 2 blank pages available, for Chinese visa and entry stamps. Since, you belong to another country, your passport will be in that language. Therefore, you will have to get it translated into Chinese from the professional documents translation services company, making it easier for the Chinese authorities to understand.

Visa Application Form

Submit a signed visa application form along with a copy to the relevant authorities. It is very important to answer each and every question on the application form. The application must be completed using block capital letters only. Since, the application form will not be in your native language, you can easily hire the professional certified translation services company to translate the application form in your required language. Another thing that is important is that, the signature on the application form has to match with the signature on your passport.

Photo Requirements

With your passport requirements and Chinese visa application form, you also have to submit a recent 2x2 passport sized colored photograph, with a front view and a plain white background.

Proof of Address

For this, you need to submit a clear photocopy of your driver’s license or your state issued identification card. Here, also the address has to match with the one you provided on your application form. When you are coming from another country, it is logical that all your documents will be in that language. If your documents are not in the primary official language, then, professional industry expert translation services agency can translate your documents in such a way that it is an accurate translation of the original.

Once you have filed all these documents, it takes approximately 4 working days in order to process the visa application. Some of the embassies or consulates also provide a one day urgent service, with an extra charge according to the type of visa. Do remember the documents you have submitted have to be translated into the Chinese language. So, you can use the Chinese Simplified visa documentation translation services to easily get your documents translated.