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How to Find the Best Localization Company


Every company wants to expand its business outside the borders. For this, they have to open their subsidiaries and offices in different regions of the world. For continuous growth, businesses need to keep all the offices on the same page. No doubt, the native language is important for communication because people want to be communicated in their language. However, another factor that is significant for business growth is localization.

Localization is the process of adapting your business strategy according to the linguistic, regional, and cultural intricacies. For example, if you are operating in China and you want to give training to employees working in the UK, you have to keep UK business cultures in mind. To get impeccable localization services, you have to find the best localization company that can meet all your business's local and global requirements. But before looking for a localization company, you have to know the types of localization partners.

Different Types of Localization Partners  

If you want to localize your business content then there are five types of localization providers that you can look for.

Employees of Company

It is a very rational idea to give the translation and localization task to your bilingual employees. It will save lots of your time and money. This idea is recommended for small business projects. However, if you have to handle a marketing campaign for various countries then do hire a professional translation company because employees will not give you good results and may damage your brand reputation. You can use this option rarely if you don’t have any other option.


Let’s say, you have advertised your products and now you want to sell your products to different markets. You are looking for distributors to do that specific job for you. For this, you have to provide translated manuals with the products so that distributors can use them to boost their sales. It is better to take the assistance of local translation agencies that are familiar with your industry. The problem with this type of localization is that you are not aware of the quality of translation and localization services provided by translation companies. Therefore, if you use distributors then they will be riskier than employees of the company. Therefore, you can only use this option, if you are left with no other choice.

Freelance Translators

No doubt, selecting a freelance translator is an economical and flexible option. But this option also has some drawbacks. The main problem is that freelance translators can provide you services in selected language pairs. Therefore, if you need localization services in multiple languages then, you have to look for other resources. Moreover, you have to hire proofreaders and copy editors to check the standard of translation services.

Language Service Provider Providing Services in Single Language

Selecting a reliable translation company is a professional decision. The translation companies hire a team of translators that provides you with seamless translation and localization services at fast turn-around time and economical rates. To ensure the quality of the translation services, they use international quality assurance standards. The main disadvantage of using a single-language service provider is that you have to look again for the language service provider that can provide you services in specific language pairs.

Language Service Provider Providing Services in Multiple Languages

The best option while looking for a localization company is to hire a language service provider that can provide services in multiple languages so that you can easily penetrate the foreign markets. You have to deal with a single person, no matter if you want translation services in multiple languages. This brings consistency to the entire localization process.

Qualities to Check-in Best Localization Company

Selecting a language service provider that offers you localization services in multiple languages is the best choice for you.  This is because you don’t have to look for a localization company again if you come across unusual language pairs. Let's have a look at factors that you have to consider while looking for the best localization company.

Video Localization Services

In this digital world, social media and marketing campaigns contain a lot of videos to compel potential customers to buy and use your services. Therefore, you should look for a localization company that is proficient in localizing the videos. If you can provide the best quality videos to your target market then you will earn high profits.

Mobile Apps Localization Services

Mobile app penetration helps to gauge your marketing strategy. Many potential customers tend to buy products and services that are in their native language. Therefore, you should look for a localization company that can localize the mobile apps so that mobile users can buy your products no matter where they are. Moreover, the localization company should understand the linguistic and technical aspects of your app. If the company can check the applications of different software on devices, then it will be an additional advantage.

Other Important Factors for Finding the Best Localization Company

While selecting a localization company, you should also give importance to other factors like:

•       Qualification of the translators
•       Experience in the specific field
•       Whether the translators are local or not.
•       The technology used for Translation.
•       What other services are offered by the localization company? For example, website translation, document translation, business interpretation, and desktop publishing.
•       One of the most important factors is the price.

Wrapping Up:

Besides considering all the factors, you must give importance to quality over cost. You can target potential customers with seamless translation and localization services. It is such a critical task that even a slight mistake can do havoc to your business and reputation. Moreover, opt for that localization company that can provide you with a variety of different services in multiple languages so that you don’t have to go through the search process again. In short, a localization company that fulfills all your linguistic, regional, and cultural requirements and provides you with the best customer services is the most suitable option for you.

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