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Top 10 Free Language Translation Apps


With the expansion in cross-border communication and businesses, the need to translate content has multiplied. With the advent of technology, translation practices have now shifted from the old traditional human translation to machine and app translations. Nowadays, people use translation apps owing to the fact that they are excellent in resolving the language problems and missing bits one may face while reading, chatting, or watching movies and television.

Everyone wishes to communicate effectively with each other. Sometimes, there are moments in a person’s life when he needs a phrase or word for expressing his emotions in a different language; with a free translating app in hand one is always ready to deal with the situation confidently. This is the reason many of them opt for translation apps as they are considered language learners as well.

List of Top 1O Free Language Translation Apps

Free language translation apps are a great innovation in the world of linguists. Now people don’t have to worry about communication barriers. Whether people want to travel, seek education from a foreign country, expand their business in a foreign land, or want to learn new languages, translation apps offer great help. All of this has become very easy. You can use different language translation apps for free. You just need to download such apps from their mobile while ensuring that the handset they are using is compatible. After proper research top 10 free translation apps have been explained in this article, which is as follows.

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1.    Translate Now:

Translate Now is a free app that is able to translate countless languages and can translate more than 60 languages. Although not all features of this free app are available for all languages, it is still listed as one of the top translation apps.

As a matter of fact, it’s known as one of the best translation apps used in Asia. It also deals with numerous Asian dialects and languages, including Hmong Daw. Translate Now the app works with text and voice translation as well, so that a user may either write or speak for doing instant translations.

2.    Language Translator and Voice:

Language Translator and Voice is a top app for on-the-go tourists and language enthusiasts. It makes communication between individuals effortless by instantly translating voice or text from one language to another.

The app eliminates language barriers that might arise due to linguistic differences and is considered one of the most helpful apps, especially for travelers.

Additionally, it translates into over 100 languages and also detects spoken language—an unmatchable advantage when a traveler needs instant translation from one language to another. This invaluable capability makes it a must-have app for travelers globally.

3.    Translator with Speech:

Some apps are so entertaining that using them feels more of a recreational activity than a source of learning. Translator with Speech translates typed or spoken words and covers more than 92 languages, some of which are not widely represented. Some examples of rare languages it translates are Swahili, Telugu, Chichewa, Azerbaijani, Croatian, and Romanian.

With the option of pronouncing translated words and phrases, language enthusiasts and learners need not worry about pronouncing targeted words and vocabulary correctly. What’s more, it also stores previous translations—all the more reason for it being a popular translation app.

4.    Travel Phrasebook:

Translation apps are most needed by travelers as they are the ones who are most exposed to an array of languages that need translations. One of these apps is the Travel Phrasebook app which covers the main words and phrases that a traveler needs.

One of the best things that this app has to offer is that everything is marked very clearly and prominently—in-built pictures point the way to greet, as well as display numbers, eating outlets, and much more.

Additionally, words and phrases are provided by native speakers and there is also an option to record voice so the learners can hear themselves speaking. This opens up a way for them to improve their pronunciation in another language. Surprisingly, this app does not need an internet connection—ideal for off-the-grid locations.

5.    iTranslate:

Another popular and free translation app, iTranslate works with over 90 languages and has in-app purchases that a user can take advantage of. A definite plus of this app is that it can translate dictation which means there is no need to tap the screen when a traveler can speak and receive his answer.

Additionally, it can also slow down audio playback, thus removing any pronunciation errors and misunderstandings.

6.    Google Translate:

Everyone is familiar with Google Translate. Offered by Google, it is as easy to use as it is to search. With a unique feature of allowing a person to take photos of signs and having text translated instantly.

A person can also download common words and phrases in areas with weak internet services. What’s more, over half of the languages can be translated without any internet service at all! This means that a traveler or user needs not to worry about translating words if he is headed to the mountains or an area where there is no internet service. Google Translate covers more than 100 global languages and is compatible with any device of the user’s choice.

7.    TripLingo:

TripLingo is a free translating app basically created for traveling users. TripLingo is geared toward travelers and the reviews are positively glowing, apparently making it the universal tool of choice.

The free version of this app proposes basic accessibility in 23 languages. In the paid version of this app, all features of the TripLingo app are available. Generally, it offers numerous translations of phrases, letting the tones of conversation be spoken and observed.

There are even slang translations on the TripLingo app as well, which means that if a user is chatting with the natives and unexpectedly has lost the conversational cord, this is a key for getting back on track.

8.    SayHi:

SayHi is a free app that is developed for iPad and iphone users only. It consists of 100 languages with dialect support as well. The translation voices can be altered to either female or male and the speed of speech translation can be reduced for developing a better understanding if a user wishes to use it during conversations.

The availability of an additional feature, which is “edit translation”, is the best quality of this free app; which means that altering translation queries is very easy.

9.    Voice Translator Free:

Voice translator free app is capable of translating into more than 50 languages. This app can translate a text to speech and speech to text, therefore is considered to be one of the top translating free apps. It is very versatile as well as it’s a get-the-job-done, no-frills app, a workhorse for providing what’s required.

10.    iHandy:

iHandy translating app is available in both a paid and free version. The paid version of this translating app proposes extra features whereas the free version gets the job done as well. It can translate 52 complete languages without errors.

A user is instantly able to translate any of the available languages into any other available language. iHandy is a suitable-in-any-situation, go-everywhere tool that doesn’t propose whistles or bells but does offer any basic language translation query.

The Last Words:

Although there are numerous and countless translation apps to choose from, one must be very careful when choosing an app for translation. The reason is that there are many features that must be sought before selecting an app for translation purposes. First is the price. Some apps are free while others are not. This is the reason why you need to consider costs and budgeting before going for the download. Secondly, inspect how the translation is being covered by the app—how the app presents the language?

Thirdly, take an assessment of how you intend to use the translations—is it for literal or idiomatic purposes? Additionally, consider the speed of translation and the option of interchangeable language translation. Most importantly, take stock of the compatibility—is the app compatible across multiple devices or not? By considering all these questions, one can be sure of getting a quick and efficient translation in no time---something that all language enthusiasts are looking for.

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