In this fast-paced and rapidly-growing world of technology, businesses are seeking to expand beyond their current markets. And translation is what makes this expansion possible. While translation is more easily managed by enterprises of today, thanks to advancements in technology, it is a fact that managing multiple translations and localization projects can be tough and extremely time-consuming. However, with proper coordination and organization of remote translators, it is possible to achieve a common goal with the right tool—such as Translation Management Software.

Translation management software is operated by freelance translators and language service providers (LSPs) for organizing and handling translation and localization projects.

This platform is also known as a translation project management solution. However, countless apps offer much more than just project management features.

Translation software deals with the entire life cycle of translation text; from source text entering to distributing the finalized target text. Translation software proposes a central translating hub that a user is able to use for collaborating and tracking translations.

Although most translation tools offer computer-assisted translation and built-in machine translation functionality, these all-in-one applications allow users to manage and plan projects using a sole platform.

Identically, many solutions propose capabilities such as client management, client portals, resource management, invoicing, and billing.

In short, translation management programs are mandatory for handling a high number of translation projects. If a person is planning to translate his product or website, it is necessary for him to take assistance from a translation management software/system.

The problem that arises here is which translation management system to choose for your project. The answer to that is simple—in order to have a successful translation process, one should opt for the best translation management system for his project.

List of the Top Translation Management Software for your Enterprise:

The significance of using the best Translation management system is evident. It not only streamlines the whole process for LSPs but also saves time and reduces hassle as well. There is much different software available out there. It’s important to make the right choice and invest in a robust TMS that can make things easy for you.

Here, we have made a list of top TMSs for your enterprise. Take a look!

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MarsCloud provides a one-stop localization solution and enterprise translation solution having a centralized translation management system that helps to optimize translation costs and reduce turnaround time. Among the remarkable features of its TMS, one of the most interesting is its open platform to remove the communication gap among clients, translators, and vendors.

Its advanced TMS coupled with a secure software as a service( SaaS) system facilitates fast and fluent translation. To make efficient results, its advanced TMS supports custom workflows for individual projects. All in all, its robust TMS makes translation efficient and easy.


A cloud-based and end-to-end translation management system, Wordbee comes up with an integrated CAT tool. It provides an easy web-based solution with no installation required to operate it. Its powerful web-based API enables translators to interact with the data stored in the Wordbee translator platform.

It streamlines the translation process by making collaborations with virtual teams easier and manageable, combining advanced translation management, terminology management, and computer-aided translation into one cloud environment. Due to its end-to-end system, it can be used to manage complex multilingual projects with real-time communication, automation, and high-quality standards.


Termed as one of the most popular AI-powered platforms, Smartcat builds and manages a translation team in a fully controlled, stress-free environment. It is an all-in-one translation management software that connects linguists with companies, agencies, and customers.

Its CAT features include but are not limited to, translation memories, glossaries, dictionaries, and a wide range of machine translation engines.

Furthermore, it is intuitive, easy to use, and has a clearly designed UI that provides the scalability and efficiency required to assign projects to translators without going through the hassle of splitting up documents.

Its intuitive dashboard allows companies to find and hunt for language professionals and linguists and makes it one of the best choices for translation management software for enterprises.


Now it is possible to translate faster, safer, and smarter with Pairaphrase. It is basically a web-based translation software developed for companies. Pairaphrase assists in solving the global translation challenges within Microsoft Office—securely and quickly.

It provides businesses with the ability to translate into 57 different languages and common commercial languages as well. The starting price of this software per month is USD 125.


In 2009, a Ukrainian-based company proposed software for managing translation that came to be known popularly as Crowdin. Crowdin provides live online training and thorough documentation and is essentially a translation management program consisting of features like collaboration, for websites, software, machine translation, localization automation, permission, etc.


For the bright future of localization, Lionbridge is a safe choice to opt for. Lionbridge has an advanced cloud-based management system that provides an all-in-one platform where one can automate one's workflows, track the status and updates of the projects.

Its regulatory environment has helped Lionbridge to be a multinational player in the localization industry in order to meet the translational requirements of the contemporary world.


Memsource is the translation management software for global translation companies and enterprises interested in making their localization process more proficient.

Originated in the year 2010, Memsource is globally recognized for providing a natural but strong language-translating atmosphere that has the ability to process two billion words per month from more than 200,000 users around the globe. It has the ability to translate 400+ languages and its starting price per month is USD 27.


In the process of localization, digital data and content can pose some problems for translators as they are difficult and complex to handle. Transifex is an all-in-one localization platform that enables translators and linguists to translate a mobile app, website, or desktop app easily and efficiently.

It integrates with the translators’ development process, systems, and apps, as well as the CMS, providing a hassle-free translation platform that a translator can use with other translators, companies, and clients, and can even crowdsource translations for future use.

Moreover, Transifex easily manages language files such as Yaml, Gettext, and XLIFF and is best suited for developers as it features a sophisticated translation memory engine that manages content easily and efficiently.


Specially built for software developers, PhraseApp is translation management software that allows direct communication with translators. It provides the added benefits of automating localization tasks, reducing the processing overhead by a considerable margin.

It has an in-context editor which is responsible for inspecting the context of the translation and provides greater insight to prevent linguistic and translation errors.

Moreover, PhraseApp streams localization tasks and outsources ideas from global sources, making it one of the top choices for firms to choose from when selecting an efficient translation management system.

Plunet BusinessManager

Considered as one of the most efficient translation management systems, Plunet can be flexibly adapted to individual and company requirements. Plunet BusinessManager lends a high degree of automation as well as flexibility for linguists and language service providers throughout the world.

The system uses a web-based platform that integrates translation software, accounting, and quality management systems into one easy-to-manage platform. Additionally, the configurable system of Plunet BusinessManager enables it to adapt to individual translators’ and language service providers’ needs.


A leading translation management platform that allows translators to localize content across multiple devices. An ideal choice for many B2B and B2C businesses, Smartling enables its customers to achieve quality translation at reasonable and affordable rates. In addition, an Enterprise Translation Cloud has been established by the company which enables its customers to achieve the high-quality in translation that they are aiming for.


Lokalise is one of the best translation management systems that provide assistance to groups so that they could manage, automate, and translate content more efficiently.

The Lokalise program was introduced to work as an alternative to the costly and old-fashioned tools with a clear purpose of dealing with the issues of localization faced by designers. It facilitates the localization dream possible via its integrated tools like GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket.

Live chat translation can be made possible through Zendesk Chat. It is also known as a platform for software translation management for all types of software such as games and mobile apps etc. The starting price of Lokalise software is USD 90 per month.

Xtm International

Xtm International has an enriched translation management system designed to serve Agencies and launch any brand. Its simple and robust system with built-in translation memory and CAT tools helps to deliver content into various languages.

Xtm assists the localization workflows that include in-context Translation or visual verification of translated content. Furthermore, its cloud-based Translation management system promotes quality assurance side by side with remote access.


POEditor proudly presents one of the most authentic translation management systems which consists of smart translation memory to concise the TAT. For the management of localization files, GitHub, Bitbucket, and DevOps tools are being integrated into its TMS.

Like the advanced systems, it also provides a solution to automate the localization workflow via integration of REST API. Due to this genuine contribution to the localization industry, POEditor’s TMS can be considered as a safe and the best option.


In the domain of best translation management, Globalizelt provides all-the-time solutions designed for windows. Its online TMS facilitates machine translation, collaboration, Translation analytics, and quality assurance control. Also, the conversion of initials like time and date is done automatically. These features help Globalizelt to remain in the pipeline of the best translation management system.


Apart from Globalized, LingoHub is another distinguished name when it comes to the secure and reliable translation management system. This standard system helps to create texts and translation projects in one compartment.

Its detection and quality assurance system checks all the changes which are made in the project and stabilize the quality of translation.

This system deals with machine Translation, translation memory, automated checks, and customized databases to ensure the quality of translation.

SDL Trados

SDL Trados is also in the pipeline of a leading translation management system. Its computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tools help the language service providers ( LSPs) to provide the translation service fast with quality assurance.

Also, its system has advanced linguistic technology, automated process and customization workflows for every individual project


Apart from SDL Trados, Localize is one of the best translation management systems. It takes a few minutes to translate the desired content. Its management system includes the inclusive translation editor that allows cross-browser access without demanding costly software.

According to the market needs, TMS is fully empowered with technical tools like automated content detection, data analytics, reporting, content hosting, and so on.


Now it is possible to translate faster, safer, and smarter with memoQ. It enables the production of safe and fast translated content with the help of machine translation engines.

Apart from that, its TMS contains an external translation memory database that ensures cost and time-effective results. Embedded with CAT tools within its TMS, it upgrades the management system of the localized content.

Easy translate

It is another remarkable and authentic TMS in upgrading your translation services right on point. Tracking the quality of content by quality assurance tracker, pace up the translation through automation process, customized workflows for each project, translation memory to reuse the previously translated content, and to reduce the TAT machine translation. Owing to all its enriched TMS, it gives superpowers to your translation.

The Last Word:

The translation is a tough and hard job, especially if the projects to be translated are huge and lengthy. An inconsistent translation can, therefore, wreak havoc in the entire translation process, as some areas of industries need careful precision in translation.

A Translation Management Software enables and facilitates efficient communication among translators, marketers, and project managers, opening the way to boost accuracy in translation. In addition, it eliminates the hassle to send translations to and fro from one translator to the next.

This is the reason why it is absolutely necessary for an enterprise to have translation management software in place so that translation projects can be dealt with professionally, accurately, and efficiently.