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The 5 Best Software Translation Tools for 2023

The 5 Best Software Translation Tools for 2023.png.png

As technology advances become evident in all industries and functions, companies across the globe are embracing new and enhanced ways of doing business. This is an era of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the many benefits that it brings to operations are being adopted with open arms. 

The translation industry, much like other industries, is also on the brink of accepting the new AI tools and machine translation technology that will drive translation efficiency and accuracy. The optimal performance of a translation tool can be gauged by the accuracy and speed of translation that it provides. 

Thankfully, there are various machine translation software in the market now that are guaranteed to speed up the translation process, while providing maximum efficiency and accuracy. These software, while being affordable, are capable of delivering accurate, fast, and professional translations for a wide variety of industries and domains. 

Top Machine Translation Software for 2023

Here are the top machine translation software translation companies should aim to adopt in 2023:

Amazon Translate

The name “Amazon” is commonly associated with the largest E-commerce marketplace on the globe–but it is much more than just that. Amazon Translate is an enterprise-level machine translation software, which Amazon uses to supply translation services globally. This Neural Machine Translation (NMT) service was created as a means to provide high-quality, fast, and customizable language translations at an affordable rate. Like its Amazon Web Services, it is an affordable translation option for start-ups and big enterprises.  

Amazon Translate is well-known for constantly enhancing its datasets to deliver accurate and best-possible translations irrespective of the length of the source text. Additionally, its Active Custom Translation feature enables users to import their translation data for customizing translations according to their preferences. Amazon Translate is proven to reduce translation time by over 75% and delivers faster communication between global work teams through its synchronous translation process.

This professional translation tool currently supports over 75 languages including German, English, French, Spanish, Russian, Hebrew, Portuguese, and Chinese.

Some of the distinguishing features of this tool are:

200GB of free data storage option for every account. Once this storage space is used, a fee of $0.023 per GB is charged for data stored over 200GB.

The payment structure of Pay-As-You-Go allows users to scale their translation work without any stress. Once signed up, the user can enjoy 2 million characters of free translation per month for 12 months, then pay for any extra characters needed.

A customized translation output allows the users to create a glossary for saving editing time.

High-security backup supported by AWS Identity and Access Management permissions policy ensures only verified administrators can gain access to the Amazon Translate account
Cross-channel translation and automatic language detection help in prompt communication between teams.

Google Cloud Translation

When it comes to good search engines, Google is the first name to pop up in many peoples’ minds–and rightly so. Google Cloud Translate is an AI software that operates on Google’s Neural Machine Translation Engine (GNMT) It offers paid language translation services on websites and devices. The Google Translate tool is ideal for meeting diverse user translation needs across multiple devices. The best part is that the integration of the AI tool with other Google Products is easier as all the products and translation work uses the Google Cloud Translation API. 

Google Cloud Translation is an ideal option for localization experts looking for IT document translation and tech translations, as well as translators that work with large enterprises. Some of the distinguishing features of this AI tool are:

The AutoML translation option allows translators and localization experts to build translation models that Google can work with.

Can easily integrate with other tools using API key.

Provides faster and lightweight data transmission through integration with REST API and gRPC AI. This increases scalability as well as bilateral streaming.

Supports over 100 language pairs including translations between two languages, using Google’s AI technology

The translation training feature of the tool cuts down translation and proofreading time as the system learns words and phrases that the user edits and stores to translate them automatically in the next occurrence. 

Bing Microsoft Translator

Bing Microsoft Translator is a machine translation cloud service that is produced by Microsoft and is a part of Microsoft Cognitive Services integrated into Bing, Microsoft Office, SharePoint, Skype, Microsoft Edge, and Visual Studios. 

This translator tool is well-known for offering text and speech translation via cloud services. Microsoft currently supports 105 languages and 12 speech translation systems which power up Microsoft Translator live conversation feature. Additionally, Microsoft allows its users to translate images, voice, and links directly into the language of their choice, for a valuable and user-friendly experience. 

Some of the distinguishing features of Bing Microsoft Translator are:

Speech translation allows users to directly speak their query into the Bing search engine for translation
The translation memory of the translator tool saves previous data and translations
The Project Management Dashboard of the Bing Microsoft Translator allows users to view and edit their previous and next projects
In context, editing can be performed efficiently through the search engine
Comes with a website translation widget that is easy to access via desktop for companies and individuals. 

Systran Translate

Systran Translate is a neural machine translation software with a linguistic capacity of 12 domain-specific translations. This machine software translator is capable of delivering accurate translations for education, legal, agriculture, finance, health, technology, IT, business, energy, patent, and collaborative marketing. It is a real-time translation software that deals with more than 55 global languages and allows companies to communicate easily with their customers and team members. 

Systran is super-fast at processing large volumes of documents without messing up the graphics. In addition, it boasts of a marketplace where translation experts have trained its models for every language pair and domain. 

Some of the distinguishing features of Systran Translate are:

Third-party integration with API is seamless owing to Systar being built on REST API
Translates and stores in a wide variety of file formats such as pdf, Docx, PPT, and Excel
Its advanced user dictionary enables users to create their own word dictionary and contexts
Contains a model studio that has translation memories, model training, and model standard scoring.
Its intuitive user interface can be used and accessed from anywhere and anytime
The software has the ability to translate whole files or folders in just a few clicks
Comes with a dictionary manager and language manager for monitoring the translated languages
Has browser extensions for easy navigation and operation


A popular localization and translation management platform for software localization companies, Crowdin helps businesses, as well as individuals, translate different types of content into other languages. It offers many tools and viewing options in order to make the translation process easy and smooth.

Unlike other machine translation software, Crowdin does not specialize in any single area of machine software translation but offers task management, payment processing, and collaborative tasks for every team member. Furthermore, it positions itself as a translation software for agile project teams that work on multilingual products in tech companies. 

The best part about this translation software is that the crowdsourcing workflow incorporates translation into business processes from the earliest stages of product design, which makes it easier for project management and collaboration.

Some of the distinguishing features of Crowdin are:

Its UI/UX is user-friendly and modern and its user-onboarding documentation option is comprehensive as well.

Allows for community-built multilingual products, allowing companies to hire human translators with the right skill set and experience for project execution.

Integrates through API with a wide range of integrations such as GitHub, GitLab, Azure Repos, Google Play, Bitbucket, iOS, Visual Studio Code, Figma, MailChimp, and Typeform.

Supports over 40 file formats including CSV and JSON.

The source string editor eliminates the necessity to wait for developers, allowing users to edit source text which the developers can simply approve.

Its detailed real-time reports make progress visible for companies seeking to have a look at their translations, allowing them to view and manage translation budgets for each stage of the project.

Key Takeaway

As Artificial Intelligence takes over the world of IT and technology, the need to stay connected with the global audience has increased even more so. In order to cater to this need of communication, translation, and localization companies need machine software translation tools that integrate and combine the diverse AI functions with translation capability and functionality. As 2023 progresses, companies are embracing new and advanced changes in translation technology. These emerging AI and machine software translation tools are just the first step towards advancing AI translation and professional translation capabilities.

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