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Top 10 Translation Companies in San Diego

Top 10 Translation Companies in San Diego Mars Translation-min.png

San Diego is California's second-largest city, and it has a population of 1.3 million from which three million residents are residing countrywide. It is famous for its pleasant climate and it is famous for its beautiful tourist resorts. People from around the globe visit San Diego to see beautiful amazing things. The other important thing about San Diego is that it is the business hub of the USA and out of the top 5000 companies, 110 company’s lie in San Diego. Whether you want to explore the beauty of San Diego or want to be a part of the top 5000 companies, you must require the services of translation companies. Let’s have a look at the best translation companies in San Diego.


Lingualinx is a renowned translation company working in San Diego. It is providing world-class translation, localization, and interpretation services in more than 200 languages. The translators and subject matter experts hired by LinguaLinx are providing international standard translation services and they meet the quality benchmark and deliver the translation projects on time with little revisions. The quality translation provided by LinguaLinx has made it an industry leader in business translations. In addition to swift services, it also provides the best customer services.

Mars Translation

Mars Translation is the top-rated translation company that has been serving the translation industry for 17 years. It is providing transparent, intuitive, and cost-effective translation services to its global clients. It has hired 6000 plus translators from around the globe. These native translators are subject matter experts and provide impeccable translation services in more than 120 languages in a fast turnaround time. We offer fast and reliable translations for documents, e-commerce stores, websites, videos, e-learning translation, and DTP and File conversion.

Interworld Translations

Interworld Translations is a US-based translation agency that helps global clients by delivering linguistically accurate and culturally suitable translations. Whether it is a simple text or complex web-based software, Interworld Translations provides its clients with precise and accurate translations. The company hires native translators after great scrutiny. They make sure that linguists hired are subject matter experts so they can provide impeccable translation service in medical, software, and marketing in a fast turnaround time.


CCJK is a top-rated translation company that is providing impeccable services in language translations, localization, multimedia, transcreation, editing, and interpretation services. It has hired a team of 8000 plus translators who provide state of the art translation services in an array of different fields like life sciences, automotive, finance, travel, technology, consumer products, government, manufacturing, and telecom in fast turnaround time and affordable rates. 95 percent of CCJK customers recommend its services to others and it’s certainly one of the best translation companies in San Diego.

Translingua Translations 

Translingua Translations is the oldest translation company in San Diego that is providing professional translation services in over 6500 languages and dialects. All the services of Translingua Translations are designed to meet the customized needs of global customers. It is offering standard and rush services for translation, interpreting, and localization projects no matter whatever their size is. It is providing 100 percent human translation to avoid any mistakes in translation. So for impeccable translation, you can rely on Translingua Translations because it is bridging the communication gap.

SoCal Translations

SoCal Translations are established to clear the communication gaps between different languages and cultures. It has hired professional and freelance translators who help in translating the Russian and English documents. SoCal Translations can assist you in the translation of business, personal, certified, and notarized and medical interpretations. If you want to get your document translated then you can send your request by fax, mail, or can upload your file in many formats like Pdf, Jpg, txt, doc, and many more.

Imani Lee 

Imani Lee Language and Translation Services is a leading translation service provider that is providing professional translation services to social media, curriculum development, notary services, multilingual content development, and many more. It is proud to provide its services to non-government organizations and charities. These two clients are different from each other but they need professional translation services in a fast turnaround time that is fully filled by Imani Lee Language and Translation Services.  It has a database of 3500 US-based and international linguists who provide impeccable translation services in more than 150 languages.

Hanna Interpreting Services LLC

Hanna is the top-rated translation company. It provides award-winning administrative support to organizations in need of globalization services and language assistance. Hanna Interpreting Services is using innovative technology to provide impeccable translation services to its clients. This is why it is a fast translation company in the translation industry. The most important industries covered by Hanna Interpreting Services are medical and healthcare, insurance, call centers, legal and courts, education, and government.

GMR Transcription Services, Inc 

GMR Transcription Services, Inc is providing flawless transcription and translation solutions for translation projects for 18 years. The services provided by GMR are transparent and accurate. They have hired US-based transcriptionists who give attention to details and provide high-quality services in quick turnaround time and at reasonable rates which adds them to the list of best translation companies in San Diego. All the services are extended to accept audio files in digital and analog form. GMR Transcription meets the requirements of every client whether it is for audio and video transcription, podcasts, business, and academia. It is using state-of-the-art technology to meet the client’s specifications. Clients from San Diego and from all over the world rank the GMR Transcription Services are high.

Atlas Language Services, Inc

Atlas Language Services is the dedicated language service provider that is working in San Diego. It specializes in translation and interpretation. Atlas Language Services has provided services to top-notch companies, celebrities, and politicians. It is involved in the translation of the highest-profile translation cases and the translation of millions of words. It is providing its services in conference interpretation, equipment rental, legal translation, and remote simultaneous interpretation. Every translation project is given a dedicated project manager. To ensure the accuracy of translated content, strict quality assurance measures are taken and the content is proofread and edited. 

Wrapping Up 

It is an era of globalization and fierce competition. People and nations who don't cope up with new trends are left behind. To go with the globalized world, it is necessary to communicate with the community in their native language. In San Diego, people from around the world came to reside so to communicate with these people translation services are required. From the list of Top 10 Translation Companies in San Diego, you can select the translation company according to your requirements. 

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