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What Language is Spoken in Romania?

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Romania is officially known as the Republic of Romania. It is located at the junction of Central-Eastern and South-Eastern Europe. Romania covers the area of 238.391 square km. The capital of Romania is Bucharest which is the largest city. The official language of Romania is Romanian while the currency is Leu RON.

The countries which have neighboring borders with Romania are Bulgaria, Hungary, Moldova, and Ukraine. The population of Romania is 19.5 million. Its population has been decreasing since 2011 because many people are migrating from Romania. Around 10.5 percent of the population comprises ethnic groups. This diversity of the population is also shown in the languages which are spoken in this beautiful country.

The Official Language of Romania

The official language of Romania is Romanian. The history of this language is from 5th century AD when the Romanian language was derived from Latin that is the part of Balkan-Romance group. The Romanian language is the blend of different languages and it has taken vocabulary from Slavic languages like Hungarian, French, Italian, and Turkic.

It is very much similar to the Italian Language. 91 percent of Romania's population speaks the Romanian Language as their primary language. The first grammar book of Romanian language was published in 1780 and all legal, official, public and official documents are written in the Romanian language. Many minority groups speak their language such as Croatian, Bulgarian, Turkish, Ukrainian and Hungarian.

Moreover, some of the foreign languages spoken in Romania are English, French, German and Italian. Besides Romanian, there are many languages spoken in Romania in local prospects. These languages include Romani, Hungarian, German, Russian, Turkish, Tatar, Serbian, Bulgarian, Croatian and Slovak.

Romani Language

Roma is the second-largest minority group in Romania and there are more than 241617 Romani speakers in Romania. Different lexicons and dialects of Romani language are Carpathian Romani, Vlax Romani, and Balkan Romani. This language is widely used in education, administration, justice and local signage in 79 communities and one renowned town Budești.

Hungarian Language

Hungarian is widely spoken in Romania and it is native to 1227623 speakers as per the 2011 census. The majority of Ethnic Hungarian lived in the area of Transylvania which was part of Hungary before 1920 as per the treaty of Trianon. The Hungarian language is from the Uralic language family.

History of this language is from 900s AD when old Hungarian alphabets were used. At present, it is written using the Latin alphabet and it is greatly influenced by Italian, French, and German. It is widely used in some local public offices of Romania where ethnic Hungarian are more than 20 percent.

German Language

There are many different ethnic groups of German residing in Romania which were previously called Transylvanian Saxons and the Banat Swabians. Germans comprise a large number of Romanian population and they constitute the fourth largest ethnolinguistic group. In 1989 German was signified by the Democratic Forum of Germans in Romania that works in the German language. 

Russian Language                         

There are around 29,890 Lipovans that are Russian emigrants from the Russian empire who left Russia because of the differences with the Russian Orthodox church in Romania. They speak the Russian language and reside in Tulcea County which is the county of Romania in the historical region Dobruja.

Turkish Language

Turkish speakers constitute 0.1 percent of the population of Romania with approximately 28714 speakers. The Turkish speaking community of Romania depicts an Ottoman Rule in Romania. They reside in the eastern parts of Romania.  

Tatar Language

Tatars of Romania, also called Dobrujan Tatars are the Turkic ethnic group of Romania who has been residing there since the 13th century. More than 20282 people have their nationality as Tatar. They are also called Crimean Tatar and are residing in Constanta country. They represent the Muslim community in Romania.

English Language

Around 29 percent of the Romanian population speaks the English language. The English language is taught in the public school system from primary to upper secondary grades in  Romania.

French Language

Followed by English, the French language is spoken by 24 percent of the population. This is the second most important language used in the education system in Romania. Romania has a large number of French learners and it looks strange that non-French speaking country has a large number of French learners. Because of the French language many global companies are outsourcing their business in Romania.

Other Languages

The less frequent languages spoken in Romania are Serbian, Bulgarian, Croatian and Slovak.

Wrapping Up

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