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When and Why Are the Death Certificates Very Necessary


A death certificate is a very essential document issued by a doctor that certifies that the person is deceased. This document declares the date, location, time and also the reason of death of that person.  A death certificate may not be something that anyone would want to think about, but it has a very important purpose. It can be easily available for a family member to get a death certificate from the hospital authorities.

When a death occurs in Thailand, the first and most important document that has to be completed is registering for the death certificate. In order to be valid, this document has to be signed by the attending doctors.  If the cause of death is not found to be suspicious, the dead body is then handed over to the family, within 2-3 days and a death certificate is issued. In general, the bodies that are cremated in Thailand, is not traditional and is very expensive.

If you want any more knowledge of how to obtain a death certificate in Thailand, make use of the Thai Death Certificate Translation Services. Sometimes, you also need to think about those people who are unable to read or understand the Thai language. You can help them, by getting hold of the Document Translation Services. There are several reasons why obtaining a death certificate is very important.

Claiming Life Insurance

If your name is mentioned as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy, doesn’t matter what your relationship was to the deceased person, in order to claim those benefits, you will have to submit a certified government issued copy of the death certificate. Although the process of claiming life insurance can be very slow and very painful, but this process can be speed up by submitting a copy of the death certificate as soon as possible.


In case one of the spouses passes away, the other is entitled to get the benefits from his or her pension. The only way this is possible, is you have to provide certain documents to the company such as a copy of the death certificate as well as proof of your relationship to him or her. The faster you submit these documents, the faster you will start receiving the pension.

Settlement of Property

When someone from a family passes away, settlement of the property can be a very difficult and lengthy process. You may then, require several copies of the death certificate just in order to claim certain investments, real estate holdings and also access the different bank accounts. The more tangled the property, the more copies of death certificates will be required.

Like it has been mentioned, that there are various reasons why a death certificate is found to be an important document. All this information can be very helpful, but if you are not familiar with the language here, take help from the Professional Language Translator Services to guide you. In addition, if you’re living in Thailand without any knowledge of the language, get in touch with the Thai Death Certificate Translation Services.

Medical Benefits

Occasionally a spouse or any child of the deceased person can claim for the medical benefits that were given to deceased person. According to the law, in most of the cases, the government is very particular about who will receive these benefits and why. Once again, in order to claim these medical benefits, a copy of the death certificate along with proof of your relationship with the deceased person, has to be provided.

Re Marriage

Sometimes a widow or a widower, who wants to get married once again, has to prove that his or her previous partner has passed away. A death certificate is necessary in this matter once again. It can also help solve all doubts that the bride or groom is not able to marry again.

So, as you can see why a death certificate comes in handy more than you think. The initial copy of the death certificate is given to the Funeral Home, for the services they provide you. Additional copies are also required for other reasons as mentioned above. While obtaining a death certificate a lot of people may not know the Thai language. Taking advantage of the Thai Death Certificate Quality Translation Services can be extremely helpful for them.