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Azeri Document Translation Services

Azeri language is primarily spoken in Azerbaijan. Besides, people in Iran and Russia also speak this language. It is native to over 23 million people. If you want to communicate with them in their own language, consider taking Azeri Document Translation Services. We specialize in document translations and provide seamless results in a short time. Besides, we can handle all kinds of file formats. Moreover, we offer translation services for a range of industries including IT, Marketing, Finance, Medical, and Tourism, etc.

Here you can get crisp and accurate translations for all types of documents including: 

  • Legal Documents
  • Literary Publications
  • Telecommunication Contracts
  • Medical Prescriptions
  • Academic Degrees
  • Diplomas
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Technical Documents
  • Driving Licenses
  • Marketing Plans

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Azeri Document Translation Services
Azeri Document Translation Services

Azeri Website Translation Services

Your company website is your online profile which depicts your professional standards and can make or break your image. Potential customers will grasp your message in a better way if you communicate it in their native tongue and that’s what Mars Translation is here to do.

We can translate your website as per the cultural sensitivities of the local market so that the visitors enjoy a localized and hassle-free experience. Come to us for seamless Azeri Website Translation Services and get affordable and reliable results in time.

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Azeri Medical & Healthcare Translation Services

Complex medical terminologies sound like a whole new language and a layman cannot understand their meanings. And if the reports are not in the native language of the concerned person, he or she might be totally clueless. Thus, if your reports or other medical docs are to be used abroad, it is better to get them translated into the regional language.

For accurate and fluent Azeri Medical & Healthcare Translation Services, Mars is a reliable name. We have experienced professionals to provide you with accurate industry-specific translations at fair rates.

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Azeri Document Translation Services
Azeri Document Translation Services

Azeri Business & Finance Translation Services

Translating financial and official documents require high-level accuracy as a small mistake can lead to severe consequences. Therefore, it is better to seek professional help for the translation of business plans, insurance policies, financial reports and any kind of financial document.

Here at Mars, we are proud to have dedicated and skilled Azeri translators who have vast experience in finance translations. Their experience along with industry-specific knowledge make us a reliable option for your translation needs.

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Azeri Technical & Engineering Translation Services

Technical documents like reports, construction plans, and How-to guides are very difficult to translate. Their translations must be accurate, consistent and include relevant terms to provide the customers with easily understandable information. The level of precision needed for technical translations can only be met by industry-specific and native translators.

Therefore, you need Mars Translations. Our subject matter experts are delivering immaculate translation services at affordable rates. Choose us and get your technical docs translated in a short time.

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Azeri Document Translation Services

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Azeri Document Translation Services

Azeri Software & IT Translation Services

Software translation and localization is like the need of the hour. For expanding into global markets and getting customers from across the borders, you need to translate your IT products and software into the native language of different regions. Mars offers premium quality software localization solutions to provide your users with a customized and user-friendly experience.

Our team of translators has expertise in IT translations and we ensure to maintain high accuracy by paying attention to contextual meaning. We provide swift, fluent and reliable results at competitive rates.

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Azeri Gaming & Video Games Translation Services

To provide your users with an entertaining and engaging gaming experience, it is vital to use their native language. If you are planning to go global with your games, you must make it multilingual for the assistance of your audience. Mars offers exceptional gaming translation services and we cover over 120 different languages including Azeri.

Along with language translation, we provide localization services as well. Thus if you need Azeri  Gaming & Video Games Translation Services in quick turnaround and economical price, Mars Translation is the best solution.

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Azeri Document Translation Services
Azeri Document Translation Services

Azeri to english Translation Services

Mars is proud to offer world-class English to Azeri Translation Services. We have skilled bilingual translators who provide flawless and fast industry-specific translations at budget-friendly rates. Whether you need to get the project translated timely or you require localized and creative translations of ads or other content, you are covered.

We provide exceptional quality results for all types of content. No matter how short or extensive your project is, we have got you covered.

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Our Native Azeri Translators

For fluent and localized translations, assistance from native professionals is needed.  We have a dedicated team of native Azeri translators who provide impeccable results. Speed, accuracy, and quality are our core values and we offer world-class translations at competitive rates.

Our native experts pay special attention to context and translate your content accordingly to deliver accurate results. We cover multiple niches and deliver commendable outcomes for each of your documents regardless of its type. We cater to all your document translation needs in the best way possible.

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Azeri Document Translation Services


Yes, we do! Mars Translation offers flawless, fluent and contextual translations for all kinds of marketing material, and keep the tone persuasive for enticing your target audience. 

Mars values your privacy and ensures to keep your critical documents safe. We have an SSL-secured platform and you can easily rely on us for translation of your confidential documents.
Our translators work skilfully and translate around 3000 words/day. We ensure the fastest possible turnaround and always complete your projects in time.
Experience of over 2 decades, ISO certification, a diverse database of native translators from across the globe and high professional standards make Mars a credible choice for all your translation needs.
No, we don’t. Mars Translation offers world-class transition solutions. In case, you are not satisfied with the results, we will do the revisions for free.

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