Importance of Language in Our Life

By: Ricky vela Posted on Tue, 24-08-2021

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Among all the creatures in the world, Human beings are the most distinctive and prominent. They can be easily separated from other ones based on the most prominent feature i.e., language. It is only the thing that can differentiate humans and has made them superior creatures. The importance of language can be viewed by the fact that with the help of languages, one can share their ideas, thoughts, and feelings. In short, languages can build a society and promote different cultures.

Presently, there are roughly 6500 thousand languages spoken in this world. And these languages are developed gradually with time. It holds vital importance in our lives as it is necessary for cultural and societal nourishment. Apart from it, language allows knowing about one another. For example, this world consists of 8 billion people and there are 195 independent countries in the world. To live peacefully, they use language to understand each other’s culture, norms, religion, and traditions. For this, the world is now moving towards localization after translation services. Because the multi-linguistic world demands multiple solutions concerning its importance.

Significance of Language

Each country in the world has its official language. They give importance to the official language because the official language is the identity that differentiates them from other countries Moreover, the cultural norms and traditions of the live nations are preserved in their languages. Therefore, many countries in the world take many steps the preservation of the national language. The mode of communication in school is in the official language. Moreover, all the administrative work of the nation is done in the official language. Let’s explore the importance of language to visualize its role in society and the world.

Importance of Language:

1.    For the Sake of Social Contact  

First of all, making contact with each other's language is the most important prerequisite. To live in a society, individuals come across each other all the time. Like Aristotle, the great political scientist and philosopher, aptly summed up, “ Man is a social animal.” He needs the assistance of others in order to sustain himself. For this, language is the most important tool. Society has come into being when tribes and groups were joined together. After their merger, they came into some kind of social contract in order to get governed. However, when different tribes speak the same language or share the same religion, they come into one group. So, we can see that language became a tool in flourishing society and it holds pivotal importance in shaping social contact in every field. 

2.    Roadmap to Business 

Another important arena of life where language holds utmost importance in the business field. Without any communication channel, business development can not grow further. For instance, if you are a native speaker of France and want to do business in Arab countries. It is very difficult for you to use your hometown language in any Arab country. You feel helpless. That used to happen in the past often. When the most important obstacle in the way of progress was the communication barrier. But with the passage of time and advancement, language translation has made people able to understand each other’s language fluently and efficiently.

For instance, Mars Translation is a professional translation company that is offering language translation services in more than 120 languages. This platform has enabled many multinational brands available for a global audience and paved the way for new business. Like Pepsi, Mcdonald’s, Coca-Cola, KFC, Alibaba, Uber, and many more MNCs are doing business in various parts of the globe. Their business success is all due to their marketing strategy. Because professional managers know how to target the relative audience. And this can only be possible when you promote any brand according to the audience's language, only then they can understand it easily. Many big companies like KFC, Pepsi had made language mistakes during their campaigns. So, language along with the context is more important to understand each other's nuisance easily. 

3.    Intellectual Building and Development

In human intellectual building and development, the role of communication is very important. Humans learn language from time to time. They seek different kinds of languages as they speak in another accent or dialectic in homes. In schools, they follow some ethical kind of communication skills. When they adopt some profession, they use the professional face of language. In this manner, language appropriately builds them. In the past, it was difficult for people to merge because they were unable to understand the speech. And if we look into history, civilization was based upon the merger and knowledge. And these tactics were drawn from education and education is only understandable via speech. That's how it shapes human beings.

4.     Language is Responsible to Orient Culture 

Along with personality shaping, language helps in cultural development. Because our ideas require some speech to come into real shape. These ideas give society a shape of culture. Because many times it is the speech that hinders some cultural progress. For instance, sometimes it is difficult to translate an idea and embed it in the culture. Like what happened in the Subcontinent in 1857, the British, Hindus, and Muslims were unable to understand each other's ideas comprehensively due to a lack of understanding. English, Hindi, and Urdu had become at the crucial level of discussion.

The partition of Bengal in 1905 was a clear example of a language riot. These kinds of language issues can deteriorate any cultural progress and development. That is why speech or language can be called a Cultural-carrier. Because any country’s previous traditions and norms can only be preserved and transferred via understanding. You might have heard of some dead empires and their dead languages. This is because there was no one to carry them and their ideas were unable to be comprehended in a precise manner.


Conclusively, being defined as the most distinguished character of human beings it holds pivotal importance in shaping the civilizations and intellectuals of human beings. There are hardly any strata of life where language holds no importance. It defines the intellectual beings along with it, shapes the society, and organizes the culture. It comes in many forms and types but in every form, it shapes society.

The beauty of language is that it comprises hundreds of types but is present on this sole mother planet. And keeping its diversity helps to intermingle billions of people. Now people know about each other's culture, religion, and norms, thanks to speech. In addition, many translation companies are providing translation services like Mars Translation. One can learn about any language and can do business in the native language in various parts of the globe. By all means, language is crucial for survival in this modern and civilized world.