Clinical Translation Services for healthcare institutions and organizations

The rapid spread of epidemics necessitated the need for professional clinical trial translation services. Clinical trials and medical experiments have led to fast-paced medical development and potential testing. Each clinical trial follows a protocol that facilitates communication between all the people involved in the trial.

Mars Translation is a clinical trial translation company that can help you with clinical translation services in over 230 languages.

Healthcare institutions and medical organizations need to translate clinical trial documents into the target language of the region, accurately and efficiently. The best way to ensure error-free translations is to get certified clinical trial translation services. These services are specifically trained to provide accurate and compliant translations that are critical for the success of clinical research studies.

clinical trial translation services

Multilingual Translation For Clinical Trial Documents

Mars Translation offers multilingual translation for all clinical trial documents, either written or verbal.

  • Medical notes
  • Medical guidelines
  • Protocol documents
  • Surgical instructions
  • Synopses
  • Training manuals
  • Case reports
  • Operational procedure guidelines
  • Medical regulations
  • Brochures
  • Prescriptions
  • Pharmaceutical instructions
  • Medical device instructions
  • Consent forms
  • Doctor report translation
  • Medical report translation
  • Clinical Research Translation

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Clinical Trial Documents Localization

Clinical trial documents do not only need a word-to-word translation. It is essential to provide easy-to-understand information to the participants in their native language. Here at Mars Translation, we offer: 

  • Best clinical research and trials translations 
  • Insightful native linguists 
  • Extensive healthcare experience 

Our understanding of the cultural norms, values, and practices of the target region allows us to deliver clinical research translation services that are accurate and culturally appropriate. This ensures that the intended audience effectively understands and acts upon the information.

certified clinical trial translation services
professional clinical trial translation services

Why Choose Mars Translation For Clinical Translations

Mars Translation is a top clinical trial translation agency where we offer comprehensive professional language translation services for all stages of your clinical trial. We understand that accurate and efficient communication is crucial for the success of your trial, and we are here to support you every step of the way.

As a clinical trials translation company, we recognize the significance of precise and timely translation in the clinical trial process and are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest level of service.

  • Subject matter experts
  • Vast industry experience
  • Fast turnaround
  • Free revisions

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clinical research and trials translations

Clinical trial translation is a key component of multilingual communication which is an important requirement for medical administration across the globe. Moreover, clinical trial translation is critical in ensuring patient health, dissemination of medical knowledge, and approval of medical regulatory authorities.

Clinical trials for multilingual patients are conducted by medical linguists and life sciences subject matter experts who deliver linguistically fluent and accurate translations for clinical trials. Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) across the globe rely on expert and professional medical translators for translation of clinical trials who are capable of delivering technically and medically accurate clinical trial translations.

Translating clinical trials is essential in ensuring:

By translating clinical trials accurately, patients across the globe can benefit from clinical studies and new drug inventions.

Since every country has its own regulatory mechanisms and authorities to oversee the clinical trial process, a translated clinical trial can ensure the study adheres to regulatory guidelines.

The reputation of pharmaceutical companies, medical institutes, and CROs is impacted by the quality of translated clinical trials. Any mistranslation can result in a loss of reputation or a blow to the financial soundness of these stakeholders.

  • The safety of global patients
  • For approval by medical regulatory authorities
  • To ensure reputation soundness

Medical transcription services ensure the number of errors is reduced while improving the accuracy of records in comparison to voice recognition software.

Clinical trial translation is important for clinical trials of drugs and testing, as well as drug development and dissemination. A translated clinical trial essentially ensures the safety of global patients, while playing a role in drug testing and development for the global patients. Moreover, clinical trials translations are the key component of medical and drug research on a global level.

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