Certified Driving License Translation

We help you embrace the global community via our certified driver’s license translation services that are accepted worldwide by every government and private institute. We convert your driver’s license into the language of your foreign destination to meet the legal and regulatory requirements.

At Mars Translation, we help you translate driver’s license of the following types:

  • Standard Driver’s License
  • Senior Citizen Driver’s License
  • Commercial Driver’s License
  • Motorcycle and Tourist Driver’s License
  • Government Official Driver’s License
  • Military Driver’s License

We understand that it is important to comply with the traffic and law enforcement rules of a foreign place. Our certified translation services make sure that your driver's license is translated into a foreign language in such a way that complies with all the given rules. We assure you that you can safely operate any vehicle on foreign grounds.

Driver’s License

Driver License Translation Online in Any Language

Getting a driver license translation online has become very easy today. We, at Mars Translation, have an experienced team of translators who are subject matter experts. We help you quickly and securely translate your driver’s license into the language of your choice. We provide translation of driving license in more than 230 languages.

We maintain the confidentiality of your driver’s license at all times. You just need to simply scan a picture of your driver’s license and select your desired language Including Arabic, French, German, Spanish, etc. Our professional translators provide you with a translated driver’s license. With a translated license, you can’t only drive a car in a foreign place but also go for either renting or buying one.

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International Drivers License Translation

We have skilled translators for international driving license translation of your domestic driver’s license into multiple languages. It helps you to drive your vehicle in different countries as your driver’s license will be considered valid. An international driver's license is recognized by the official authorities.

Along with your license, we also translate other relevant documents as requested by our customers. Over the last two decades, we have helped customers with translation of licenses, and other docs for many countries, including:

International Driver’s License Translation
DMV Driver’s License

DMV Driver License Translation

A DMV driver’s license is issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in the United States of America. Here at Mars Translation, as a professional translation company, we provide professional DMV driver's license translation that efficiently translates your license issued by the US government. It means that you can translate your US government sanctioned driver’s license and then use it anywhere in the world.

Whether you require a DMV driver license as a businessman or as a tourist, we prioritize your requirements and provide accurate and certified translations. We research the license requirements that vary from country to country and deliver effective results.

Foreign Driver License Translation

We understand that to comply with a foreign country's driving rules and regulations, you need to translate your issued driver’s license according to the target language.

Your state sanctioned foreign driver's license is only legal in a new country if it is in that country’s language. We know the quality and precision required in the translation of driver’s license. We make sure that you drive anywhere you want with all the legal compliance that you need.

Foreign Driver’s License
certified driver's license

Get the Best Drivers License Translation Today!

Don't let language barriers stop you from a global quest. Get your certified drivers license translations today. You can drive confidently on the road without worrying about foreign laws. Our certified driver's translations will help you to drive vehicles overseas without violating any law.

Our professional translators qualify in the translation of different classes of driver’s licenses such as Class A which comprises lightweight vehicles, Class B which comprises heavy weight vehicles like trucks, Class C which comprises heavy weight hazardous material carrying vehicles and many more. Get a free quote now!

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