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The Best HIPAA Compliant Translation Services

Mars Translation is committed to providing translation services of the highest quality to its patients. Every translated document goes through a strict quality assurance mechanism. Similarly, the entire translation process is HIPAA-compliant. So patients’ privacy is protected at all costs.

We are a professional HIPAA-compliant translation provider. And what makes us stand out from the rest of the crowd is our encryption mechanism and security protocol. Our translators are legally bound to discard every patient’s information post-doctor-patient conversation, allowing us to ensure that private information is not stored in any place.

HIPAA Compliant Translation

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Our team of professional healthcare linguists is recruited after a rigorous hiring process. They are then trained and tested to ensure they get their certification and sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) before they sit in to provide translation to patients. It enables us to uphold the confidentiality of patient information as all files are saved and password protected.

Mars Translation has elevated its game by establishing a robust encryption technology framework. Only authorized personnel oversee conversations between the patient and the doctor. 

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Mars Translation has a team of professional medical translators who are not only subject matter experts but also possess sound translation experience. We offer: 

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HIPAA Compliant Translation Services

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Professional HIPAA Compliant translation

HIPAA, also known as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 is a federal law requiring the creation of national standards in order to protect sensitive patient health information from being disclosed without the patient’s consent. The HIPAA privacy rule was issued by the US Department of Health and Human Services (HSS) to implement the requirements of HIPAA.

HIPAA-compliant translation involves the safe and secure transfer of files and documents for translation. Every healthcare organization strives to deliver HIPAA-compliant treatment to its patients. HIPAA-compliance translation ensures all patient information and other health-related documents are translated efficiently. This also concerns securing the privacy of patients’ files and personal information, by providing quality and professional translation services. More importantly, documents containing PHI (Patient Health Information) must also be translated in the most secure manner, so as to avoid any breach of personal information.

Healthcare and medical practitioners must ensure that they have all the adequate measures to protect patient information and prevent HIPAA violations. These are the main challenges of HIPAA-compliant translation healthcare companies face:


As part of providing secure translations, a challenge of healthcare information is the compliance and adherence to HIPAA-compliance measures. Translators must ensure the privacy of translation projects throughout the translation process.

Timeliness of projects

Owing to the sensitivity of patient records and healthcare material, it is imperative that translators deliver healthcare projects on time. Complying with HIPAA standards while providing projects on time is a challenge for translators.

To ensure compliance with HIPAA standards, it is important to ensure that a translation vendor has the right translators for the job. These translators for HIPAA-compliant translation should preferably have experience in handling HIPAA-compliant documents and text. To make sure all projects assigned to these translators are HIPAA-compliant, it is recommended to use the services of outsourced translation vendors who have skilled translators and proofreaders.

IFU stands for “Instructions for Use” in medical devices. An IFU document provides detailed information on how to use a medical device in the best way. Primarily, it includes information such as device specifications and handling requirements. Moreover, maintenance and cleaning instructions are also given.

HIPAA-compliant translations are of utmost importance when handling and dealing with healthcare and medical texts. HIPAA compliance essentially aims to increase the efficiency of medical translation projects, allowing them to be used for the welfare of the community. It is also required for insurance coverage of American workers and their families. In addition, adhering to HIPAA compliance when handling patient files ensures a reduction in healthcare abuse and fraud, while ensuring confidential handling and protection of patients’ protected health information.

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