Premium Hospital Translation Services

Patients at your hospital may speak various languages. So, it’s great to have translation services available to provide equal medical care to all.

At Mars Translation, we help you ensure clear communication with every patient. You can use our hospital translation services to make sure your patient-facing materials are translated in Spanish, Albanian, Tagalog, and other languages your visitors often speak.

Our medical translators are qualified professionals. They can help you with precise translations of everything from healthcare service forms to confirmation policies and beyond. Get in touch with us now!

Hospital Translation Services

Accurate Document Translation Services For Hospitals

The importance of accuracy in healthcare goes without saying. Any small mistake in medical translations can put many lives at risk. That’s why you should only rely on certified hospital translation services to ensure precise communication.

At Mars Translation, we’ve a team of highly-trained, certified medical translators. They help clients like you to produce accurate translations of their documents, with nothing omitted and nothing extra added. You can use our expertise to:

  • Deliver better patient care
  • Achieve regulatory compliance
  • Translate all your documents/span>

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Patient Document Translation Services

You can consider our patient document translation services to provide better care to your immigrant patients. Our experts are adept at handling all sorts of patient documents and turn them into different languages quickly and accurately.

  • Informed Consent Forms
  • Immunization Record
  • Medical History Records
  • Digital health materials
  • Hospital websites
  • Discharge Summary
  • Medical Tests
  • Operative Report
  • Prescriptions
Document Translation Services for Hospitals
Certified Hospital Translation Services

High-quality Hospital Interpretation Services

Mars Translation provides hospital interpretation services in over 230 languages. Our goal is to help out medical institutes, the healthcare community, and government entities with top-notch language interpreting.

We offer you both remote and onsite service options. Our experts interpret what the doctor or patient says exactly. To ensure word for word interpretation, the experts try not to paraphrase or summarize the said thing.

  • Remote interpretation
  • Onsite interpretation
  • 230+ languages
  • 24/7 service

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hospital interpretation services

Hospital translation services are concerned with translating content and text related to healthcare services. The content may include patient records, medical files, patient admission forms, and medical imaging reports. It may also include telemedicine and electronic records of patient entries in the hospital, as well as bills and other files such as prescription forms.

In a healthcare setting, especially a hospital, it is critical to provide professional translation services. Many patients do not speak the regional language and may belong to different nationalities and speak different languages. Translation and interpretation services are essential to facilitate them and assist in their medical services. In this way, patients receive accurate treatments from paramedics and healthcare workers.

Medical and hospital terminology contains complex words and phrases that can be difficult to translate for inexperienced translators, which is why medical knowledge is a must in the translation of hospital documents. It is critical to stay up-to-date with all new incoming patients and treated ones so that good quality medical service can be relayed to them. Also, understanding how to maintain the right balance between cost and quality is the key to delivering professional translation solutions.

Expert translators, such as those found in Mars Translation, are required for translation in hospitals because:

  • They improve patient satisfaction by making sure there are no discrepancies in communication.
  • They reduce the chances of readmissions in hospitals as optimum services are delivered the first time.
  • They lower the risk of misunderstanding and misdiagnosis.

For accurately translating patient admission forms and other sensitive content, most hospitals require the services of expert translators, such as those present at Mars Translation. We provide efficient and professional hospital translation services at affordable rates with a quick turnaround for efficient healthcare.

Hospital translation services are typically delivered by expert translators and interpreters who have credible experience. These translators often belong to professional translation agencies like Mars Translation to ensure efficient and unhindered translation support. Some studies reveal that using the help of relatives and family members may be easy in the process of translation. However, it is recommended not to use the assistance of relatives and family members in translation due to the bias they may show.

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