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Medical device manufacturing companies are increasingly using translation services to reach overseas markets. If you want to ride this wave too to market your medical devices globally, you must work with a reliable translation partner, like Mars Translation.

As a leading industry player, we have what it takes to deliver medical device translation services with high quality.

Our team guarantees that your translations meet professional standards. We also ensure a deep resonance with your target audience, allowing them to use your device in a confident way.

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Medical device translation

Medical Device Documents We Support

Your global customer base wants to understand how to use your device. Make sure the language barriers don’t pose any difficulties for them. Invest in medical device document translations, and your product will go places in the world—safe to use for everyone.

  • Design Dossier
  • Device Manuals
  • Data Sheets
  • Package Labels
  • Package Inserts
  • Device Manuals
  • Instructions for Use
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Security Update Report
  • Declaration of Conformity,and more.

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We Excel In Medical Device Translation

We’re your trusted medical device translation agency to succeed internationally. From technical complexity to regulatory compliance, we’ve got the expertise to tackle the many challenges the translation of medical devices presents.

Whether you want to convert IFUs, SUSARs, labelling, or need any surgical device translation services, we’re here to support your expansion goals.

Our medical translators are subject matter experts. They make sure your translated content adheres to strict regulatory guidelines, follows government directives, and is ready to serve the purpose.

professional medical device translation
Medical device language translation

Access Global Market With Medical Device Translations

Did you know? The global medical device industry hit a whopping $512.29 billion in 2022. It’s set to reach $799.67 billion by 2030.

Countries like the US, Mexico, Germany, Netherlands, and China are making the most of this opportunity by exporting their medical devices worldwide.

Thinking of tapping into this lucrative export market? You must translate your labels, IFUs, and other critical documents for effective marketing.

Mars Translation is here to help you out with top-notch medical device translation services. Get in touch with us today.

We Cover All Regulatory Bodies Of Medical Devices

Governments in most countries regulate medical devices. If you’re eager to take your products global, the rules say you should change your docs in the local languages.

No worries, Mars Translation has your back. Our medical device translations make sure you play by the rules and regulations in every target country.

Our global network of translators is well-versed in the regulatory landscape of their native country. This allows us to meet guidelines set by almost all medical device regulators, from FDA and MDR to CFDA, TGA, IMDRF, WHO, and many more.

Let's help you translate your files for faster product approvals.

professional medical device translation
Medical device language translation

Why Choose Our Medical Device Translation Services?

Why pick us out for medical device language translation? Among a variety of options out there, think of us as the best one.

Picture this: you’re working with a partner that can handle 230 languages and 800+ language pairs smoothly. That’s us.

With over 30,000 translators on our team, you can easily find the perfect match for your needs.

And the best part? We don’t just say we’ll deliver good work - we promise you’ll be happy with the quality of your medical device translation.

So, next time you need help with translation, choose Mars Translation as your go-to medical device translation company.

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Medical device labeling translations

Medical device translation is the process of adapting and translating texts related to the use of medical devices. This can range from translation of medical device packaging to labelling, user manuals, instructions for use, and more.

Medical device translation includes technical details of the medical devices that are quite tough to understand. Utmost care is required to convert those technical details and device features for global medical practitioners.

To get started, the first and foremost thing is to research carefully and plan ahead of translation. Answer the following questions for the preparation of medical device translation:

  • Who is the audience of medical devices?
  • In which languages does it need to be translated?
  • What is the industry type and style of documents?
  • The time frame of the project
  • The translation budget

From onboarding in-house translation experts to hiring medical device consultants, there are multiple ways to go about it. However, if you plan on selling devices internationally, the ideal solution is to outsource your project. In this case, your best bet is to engage a translation company with a few years of experience in your industry.

Mars Translation is a professional translation agency that aims to facilitate the medical community in more than 200 global languages. We can handle all your needs from translation of clinical trials to technical medical documents, pharmaceutical translation, and digital product localization. Plus, we back our translations with a satisfaction guarantee.

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