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Why Do You Need Professional Medical Interpreters?

Effective communication in every language keeps your business growing and satisfies your patients. Thus, certified and professional medical interpreters with a medical background and rich experience in medical translation are crucial for your business to provide accurate and reliable medical interpretation solutions. Mars Translation offers certified healthcare interpretation with the help of a professional team with extensive experience in various healthcare and medical fields. We are proudly offering certified medical interpretation services to:

  • Healthcare professionals
  • Medical device manufacturers
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Medical centers

We offer high-quality electronic medical interpretation in more than 800 language pairs and almost all life science fields. Contact us Now!

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All-In-One Medical Interpreting Services

There is no room for errors when it involves communication within the medical industry. This highlights the need for professional assistance for medical interpretation. Mars Translation is one of the best medical interpreting companies in the world. Our expert medical interpreters are not only specialists in their technical languages but also in communication and medical terminology.   We provide our clients with precise and professional medical interpreting services for almost every healthcare field. At Mars Translation, we provide:

  • 230+ languages
  • Quick turnaround
  • 100% accuracy
  • Budget-friendly
  • Human interpretation
  • Certified and experienced interpreters
  • High-quality language interpretation
  • Data confidentiality and security

We use the strictest procedures in all medical translations to avoid errors and we have the best medical interpretation resources for your help.

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Medical Interpreter Agency That Fit Your Medical interpreting Needs

Mars Translation, as a leading medical Interpreter Agency, offers a complete solution to improve the communication process throughout the patient’s journey. Moreover, our 24/7 telephonic interpretation services for medical sites offer assistance to hundreds of people who cannot get the best medical help due to language barriers. We provide medical interpreter services in the following areas:

  • On-Site Interpretation
  • Telephonic and audio interpretation
  • Remote Video Interpretation
  • Textual Interpretation
  • Interpretation and Translation of Vital Medical Documents

Mars Translation assists healthcare providers and medical facilities in:

  • Complying with government standards
  • Minimizing the cost of interpretation 
  • Improving patient care and satisfaction
  • Improving the quality of services for patients
professional medical interpretation services

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Telephonic interpretation services for medical sites

Medical interpreters are bilingual or multilingual persons who are responsible for delivering real-time translations of medical instructions and medical interpretation. A medical interpreter helps to bridge the gap between doctors and patients who do not speak or understand a common language.

The process of medical interpretation is carried out by professional and expert medical interpreters who are well-equipped with medical knowledge. Medical interpreters are important as they can accurately read non-verbal communication and cues, such as gestures and posture. If you need medical interpreters, Mars Translation is your go-to option.

Medical interpreters are vital for the healthcare business as they deliver professional medical interpretation services. However, one of the main factors behind the shortage of medical interpreters is that the number of people who need interpretation services is far greater than the number of people delivering these services. 

A medical interpreter is responsible for providing accurate and precise medical interpretation services to healthcare practitioners and patients, who do not speak the same language. These medical interpreters ensure a complete understanding of medical information among doctors, nurses, patients, and medical staff. 

Medical interpretation can take place in different settings. There are four types of medical interpretation.

  • Consecutive interpretation: The parties speak consecutively.
  • Over-the-phone interpretation: Interpretation through a phone call.
  • Simultaneous interpretation: Interprets the speaker’s words in real-time.
  • Video call interpretation: Making a video call to patients to communicate the treatment information.

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