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Creating a smooth communication channel between you and your employees is very important. However, a diverse company with international offices requires a cohesive channel of communication that speaks to every employee, and creates a level of understanding that goes deeper than a simple document.

It is important for all of your employees to have the same training materials to achieve optimum results in productivity and understanding of your business approach. Having your training materials in the language of your employees will not only help them understand it better, but it will also allow them to understand your reasoning behind it.

Mars Translation has created a service in which you can have any training material translated, regardless of your niche industry or target market. Teams of professionals who are experts in your business industry handle every eLearning translation requirement.

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 Accurate Text Translation

Mars Translation Services is meticulous about accuracy. It does not matter if we are translating a document or transcribing an audio file, we make sure that each and every word is accurately translated. We closely monitor every project and make sure that the finished product upholds the Mars Translation Services standard.

 Translating Slides And Presentations For Better Understanding

As long as it connects with your employees and customers, training materials can include anything. Researchers believe that presentation style reading materials, i.e. slides and info-graphics, have a larger impact on the readers because these present concise, comprehensive information to make an impact without muddling the overall point. In light of this, we support all presentation style formats and techniques. More importantly, we do our very best to provide you with an equally moving translation of your original files.

 Localized And Accurate

Accuracy is very important when you are translating a training manual, especially for a market with an uncommon language. It is essential to hire a professional and experienced translation agency that has the right resources to not only bring you the accurate translations for your training materials, but also localize the content according to the needs of the region. In matters like this, having a professional is the best way to go.

 Languages and Industry

Mars Translation Services offer eLearning Translation services in multiple languages and industries. As one of the leading companies in the market, we offer our services in more than 120 languages and more than 17 industries. All of our translators are specialists in at least one industry. Additionally, they are required to stay up to date and in touch with the improvements and trends of their respective industries. All of this is done so that you can receive the quality of service you deserve.

Every project has a project manager and team lead who monitor the status, making sure everything follows your instructions. Our clients are always kept in the loop, they are constantly updated, and when the project is finished we take your feedback to heart. Our system is secure, reliable and our services are always accurate. Plus, our rates are very affordable and competitive. As an ISO, UKAS and TAC certified company, we make sure that everything is high in quality and publishing worthy.

You can always contact us via email at info@marstranslation.com or you can call us at +1 908 516 8877.

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