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When Do You Need MTPE Services?

If you need translation of a large volume of content in a short time and limited budget, MTPE is the right choice for you. Usually, MTPE is suitable for technical documents like user guides and manuals where quality is not a major concern. However, sometimes you may also need this service for other documents if you have a large quantity of content that you want to get translated at affordable rates. Depending on your project requirements, we offer two types of MTPE services.

Light Post-Editing

We offer light post-editing for content that is usually more technical in nature and doesn’t require extensive post-editing. If your main concern is the readability of a translated document, light post-editing is a good choice.

Our light post-editing services include:

  • Linguistic Corrections
  • Accurate Terminology
  • Prime Focus on Readability

Heavy Post-Editing

For localization of content like marketing materials, we offer heavy Post-Editing in which native professionals pay special attention to cultural nuances and ensure that the translated content resonates with your target audience.

Our heavy post-editing services include:

  • Linguistic Perfection
  • Consistency in terms of Style and Terminology
  • Prime Focus on Context, Meaning, Style, and Tone
  • Localized Results
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    Your content is first analyzed to determine if the MT is a suitable choice for translating your content into target languages.

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    Machine Translation

    Once the content is prepared, it is translated using our advanced NMT engine to produce fast and high-quality results.

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    Post Editing

    After translation, native professionals with rich background knowledge proofread and edit your content to improve its readability and quality.

How It Works

Here at Mars Translation, we have a simple and streamlined process to help you get quality content in a quick turnaround. Your source content is machine translated into target languages and then reviewed and edited by our native, industry-specific linguistics who proofread the content to deliver highly accurate results.

Your project is assigned to those post-editors who have past experience in the relevant field so that you get top-notch quality.

How Its Work

Multifold Benefits of MTPE Services

With professional MTPE, you can enjoy numerous benefits:

  • High Quality

    The human touch added removes the errors and gives high-quality results.

  • High Volume

    MTPE produces a higher volume of translated content than Human translation.

  • Fast Turnaround

    The final results are obtained faster as machine translation takes less time.

  • Cost-Effective Results

    MT costs significantly less than professional human translators, and therefore, MTPE is an affordable option.

Why Choose Mars Translation

Mars Translation specializes in professional localization services into 230 languages. Our post-editors are native professionals who proofread the machine-produced translation and ensure you get a highly accurate translation that is as good as human translation.

We have qualified and experienced language experts to deliver high-quality results. Besides, in-depth industry knowledge and rich experience make us a reliable choice for all your MTPE projects.

Why Choose Mars
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