Types Of Subtitling Services We Specialize In

Mars Translation strives to provide subtitling translation services for various types of documents, including:

Online Subtitling Services For Global Impact

Imagine your marketing video making rounds on social media. What happens if the vast majority of international users can’t easily understand or relate to your message? A wasted opportunity, right? Mars Translation provides you with a simple fix to this problem: foreign language subtitling.

Through high-quality subtitling translation services, our experts will add a new dimension of accessibility, convenience, and engagement to your audiovisual content. It will transcend the boundaries of language and culture, maximizing your global reach and impact. So don’t miss out on this great opportunity to engage your worldwide audience. Let us help you ensure your viral-worthy content speaks a language your users can comprehend.

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Video subtitling with a rapid turnaround

We subtitle all types of videos, from video testimonials to product walkthrough demos, commercials, music videos, elearning content, Zoom calls, and beyond. By making your message not just heard but also seen, we help you put on a better show when it comes to engaging your multilingual viewers.

Don’t worry about the time-sensitive deadlines. We guarantee exceptional quality at a swift turnaround, minimizing your lead times and allowing you to publish more videos. Tell us whether you need hard-coded or soft-coded subtitles for your video, and we stand ready to subtitle it proficiently.

Subtitle Services For Films And Tv Shows

There’s a reason why movie studios and production houses around the world trust our subtitle company. We have been providing online subtitling for films and TV shows for many years now.

Our team includes skilled translators and subtitlers speaking native languages, helping clients like you produce accurate and well-worded subtitles for deaf, hard of hearing, and foreign language speakers. If you’re working on creating an international viewing experience for your films or TV broadcasts, partner with us today. To get an in-depth understanding of our film subtitling services

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High-Quality Youtube Subtitling Services

The video-sharing giant YouTube has over two billion active users. People from every corner of the world turn to YouTube when they want to watch sporting events, vlogs, comedy shows, documentaries, dramas, and more.

This turns the platform into a powerful marketing stage you can use to connect, inspire, and captivate global audiences. Let’s help you do that by adding subtitles to your YouTube videos. Want to learn more about our comprehensive YouTube subtitle service

Software Subtitling For Product Demos And More

Mars Translation is one of the best subtitle companies in the world. We understand you need to educate and inform global users about your software products. Our software subtitling service allows you to make your software-related content more inclusive, by removing all the language barriers.

We have experienced linguists on our team who are well-versed in the complex jargon and terminology of the software industry. They can help you add accurate subtitles to your product demos, tutorials, user interface walkthroughs, and any other instructional, educational, and promotional content you may have. To learn more about our software subtitling services

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How Do We Perform Subtitling?

Similar to other subtitling companies, we follow a process that typically involves a series of steps, starting with the transcription of the audio dialogue by one of our trained professionals. After that, we time-code the transcript by matching each subtitle to the corresponding moment in the video. Our experts then translate the text into the target language and edit it to ensure accuracy and readability.

The final step of our subtitle service includes the addition of subtitles to the video. We do that using specialized software which helps ensure subtitles are in complete sync with the dialogue and displayed in a clear and readable format. Throughout the process, our experts work with excellent attention to detail so that your subtitles are accurately translated, timed correctly, and presented in a way that enhances the viewing experience of your target audiences.

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