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Certified Arabic Birth Certificate Translation


There are many instances when a person is required to translate his birth certificates into other language—when he is moving to another country, when he is getting his marriage documents ready, when he is required to submit a translated birth certificate during his academic admissions etc. All these events demand a seamless and certified translation service that is not a hassle for the customer.

Of course, the language that the birth certificate is being translated into matters as well. And Arabic is one of the most popular ones too.

The Arabic language is a Central Semitic language officially spoken in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern states. Having approximately 292 million speakers worldwide, Arabic is set to become one of the most important languages and one of the top languages to learn for the future.

Not surprisingly, Saudi Arab is the biggest Arabic kingdom and a central hub of economic and commercial innovations. As businesses are seeking to expand into this oil-rich state, more immigrations are taking place and immigrations require certified, accurate Arabic birth certificate translation.

The question is how to get these accurate and certified translations?

Mars Translation is the answer to this. And it has a lot to offer other than translation support only.

Translate Your Birth Certificate

Certified Translators

Backed by a team of 5000+ translators, Mars Translation is one of the leading translation and localization company, serving the global companies for almost two decades. The reason why it is ranked higher on the translation companies’ list is the support of its expert and native linguists.

And these linguists have surely proved their mettle by delivering translation of more than 40,000 projects so far.

Quality Certifications

Mars Translation understands the need to deliver quality translations of your documents, with a mission to deliver robust localization and translation services to its customers irrespective of the language and nature of content. It is ISO 9001:2008 certified and a member of GALA. In addition to that, Mars Translation is GDPR compliant, implying that it keeps updated on the latest quality requirements.

Comprehensive Content Coverage

If you are an individual seeking to move to Saudi Arab to pursue higher studies, a certified Arabic birth certificate translation will be on the top lists of documents you will need to make this transition easier.

And birth certificate translation is not the only content Mars Translation translates, it covers a wide range of contents such as documents related to retail, manufacturing, legal, entertainment, academic, and medical fields. This wide content coverage gives it the added advantage of comprehensive content coverage.

Localization Support

When a company seeks translations of its documents in other languages, it also provides expert localization support and services to its customers. Localization is the gateway to global fame and Mars Translation understands this perfectly.

That is why it has never lagged behind in delivering localization services for documents, websites, software, games, E-commerce and E-learning platforms, making access to global world possible.

24/7 support

Mars Translation believes in assisting its customers at every stage of the translation service. And it does not stop after the translation have been delivered to the client. It assists the customers even after the services, providing round-the-clock assistance and support in the form of free consultation.

If you want to translate your documents or just need to clarify some confusion about translation rates, Mars Translation’s expert localization consultants will do the job for you.

Affordable Rates

Whenever an individual requires translation services, the price is one of the first things that pop into his mind but Mars Translation takes care of that too. With an affordable price structure,

Mars Translation delivers your translations for as low as $0.044 per word standard rate. Even if your Arabic birth certificate translation document or any other document has a greater word count, Mars Translation’s affordable rates would not be a burden on your pockets.

The Last Word:

Arabic language is complex but a highly lucrative language and Saudi Arab and Middle Eastern states even more so, but with Mars Translation as your localization and translation partner, you can be sure of quality and certified translation at affordable rates, backed by the support of native, expert translators.