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How to Work as a Chinese Teacher in the USA?

By: MD Ismail Posted on Fri, 25-03-2022

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Being a Chinese teacher in the USA is not easy. The US and its economy both are inseparably linked with business, investments, and other corporate relations around the world.

To get there and to make it more successful, the country needs to have a competent nation and generation who can compete in the global world. People often perceive English as the only language that people speak or understand worldwide.

However, Chinese is one language that has billions of speakers and is spoken more than English. Also, China is the world’s strongest economy and without knowing the Chinese language, there is no future in the global market.

To be a teacher and teach in US public schools, the teachers need to be competent enough and certified, most importantly.

Basic Requirements

There are enormous opportunities in the United States. As they are providing the students with opportunities to learn the Chinese language and other languages of their choice in early education. 

It is a very much appropriate time for Chinese linguists who want to shape up their careers as Chinese teachers in the United States to apply for the job.

Teachers, who aspire to teach and excel in US schools, are naturally the ones who are fluent and good at speaking, reading, and writing the language.

They can teach their students the same. However, there are different requirements in different countries. The process might be similar to one’s home country.

The people who either want to teach Chinese at high school or elementary level, have to go through certain tests and need to get their documents translated as per the requirements.

Starting as a Chinese Teacher in the United States

It is quite obvious that Chinese teachers who want to work in the US need to have a bachelor's degree in either Mandarin Chinese or a related field. That implies a master’s degree is not necessarily required.

In order to teach in any US public school, the aspirant needs to get a certificate that they ask for to be a teacher there. Further requirements may vary with the locality.

Familiarity with the US Education System

Moreover, a teacher has to be well versed in the language acquisition process, and it varies with the age of the students. The educators should have a strong grip on the best teaching techniques and strategies.

Additionally, they should do some research about the teaching patterns in US schools. Although Chinese teachers have their certificates from their nation, the ministry of education in China issues certificates to the teachers that are valid nationwide.

However, the practice is different in the US and other nations. In America, they have different practices in different states. The regulatory body works with the respective department of education.

There are a few general steps that can be followed to start a teaching career in Chinese languages in America.

Translating the Documents

As English is the most common language in America, documents that are in any other language need to be translated into the English language. The translation has to be certified so that the authorities working in the US understand these well and accept them.

The documents should contain the transcripts, result cards, skills enhancements details, diplomas, and teaching certification from the home country.

The whole process of getting a job in the US, and moving there could be draining. However, the translation of the documents should be accurate and as per the criteria to make it less hectic. So, it is always better to go for an experienced and competent language service provider.

Getting Certified

As per the details, the minimum requirement to become a Chinese teacher in America is generally a bachelor’s degree with a major in the desired subject area, i.e., Chinese here.

It is important that the educators start to apply in their desired state and district to practice teaching there and start fulfilling the requirements they ask for. They might ask for certain tests and certifications.

Moreover, there could be a further requirement of taking some courses and completing the teaching program.

After the completion of all requirements, the aspirant has to submit the application finally.

Praxis Tests

Praxis test is part of the certification that teachers have to acquire for teaching practice in the country. All such exams are supervised and administered by the Educational testing services also abbreviated as ETS.

Most of the time, teachers have to complete these praxis tests during or even before and after completion of the other teacher training courses in the states. A number of states in America require teachers to take Praxis tests.

These are further divided into two separate tests. Moreover, there are states that offer alternative teacher certification programs that can help you get the teacher's license without actually going through Praxis tests.

Moreover, to get the details of two different praxis tests, it is important to note that Praxis I which is also known as the Pre-professional skills test (PPST) consists of three exams of reading, writing, and mathematics.

Praxis II is a specialized test and covers subject areas. It is important here to decide about the state of working, and they accordingly allocate the subject and content combination for Praxis II exams to have certification and required diplomas.

Exploring the Teaching Jobs in the US

Language teachers with their expertise in Mandarin Chinese assist students in their language acquisition process, helping them to read, write, and speak Chinese as their second language.

There are also options available for the teachers to teach at different proficiency levels, starting from beginner to advanced fluency.

Schools expect additional duties of translation and interpretation from teachers time and again as per requirement.

Teachers have to keep these additional duties in mind to excel further and not get annoyed.

Generally, it is not much difficult to find a Chinese teacher job in the US, however, the teachers can join certain groups and go through some websites that offer employment opportunities.

They can also set up job alerts so that whenever Chinese teacher jobs are available, they get notified about these.

Chinese teachers with considerable experience and advanced levels of proficiency can also work in high schools and community colleges.

They can also work in testing centers and tutoring agencies. There are endless opportunities for Chinese teachers in the US if they follow a proper and right pattern.

The jobs are also available full-time, part-time, and even on a freelance basis.

Future of Teaching Jobs in the US

Considering the opportunities and perspectives with relevance to the Chinese language, the future of Chinese teachers seems bright. It is never going to fade away as the business relations between China and America get to rise and increase.

Mandarin Chinese is one of the most important and widely spoken languages on this planet. It is the official and first language of more than a billion speakers. This further implies that the number is only going to grow in the future.

Looking at the past statistics, the career of Chinese teachers is estimated to grow by 3% and there are going to be more than 54000 job opportunities for Chinese teachers across America. It is also reported that Chinese teachers charge around $25 an hour, making more than $50,000 annually.

It is also important to note for the people having expertise in Chinese and looking for work in the US, that global marketing has increased the need for globalization worldwide.

Marketers and companies are always looking for good and competent translators and localization experts.

Therefore, they can also opt for this option if they don’t find themselves compatible with the teaching job.

Final Thoughts

Chinese is one of the world's most spoken languages, being the first language of billions of speakers. It brings enormous opportunities with it to every region.

Hence, the USA is always keen to enable its masses to study Chinese as their second language. So that they can excel in the language and can contribute to the success of the nation.

However, it is important to note that there are certain requirements and tests that teachers have to go through before joining officials in the states.

There are two Praxis tests that candidates have to take to get certified as Chinese teachers. Moreover, there are a few states that offer alternative teaching certifications.

If you aspire to become a Chinese teacher in the US, we hope this information will help.