Chinese is the most spoken language in the world with more than one billion speakers. It is the official language of China. The Chinese population consists of one-fifth of the world's population and it is expanding rapidly with time. Chinese is also an official language of the United Nations. Learning Chinese enables you to discover the most ancient culture in the world.

It helps you to communicate with more people throughout the world. The rapidly growing population of China is also expanding its presence in the digital world. The Chinese language is opening new opportunities for the job market in all the countries. By learning the Chinese language you can make your future bright. China is becoming the world's economic power and it is opening its doors for foreign investment and developing its infrastructure.

At present many people who are proficient in the Chinese language have a probability to get a higher paying job. Many companies around the globe are also offering Chinese language courses nowadays. Similarly, many reputed companies are taking Chinese translation services to tap into Chinese markets. Considering the massive potential for business and employment opportunities, it is a great idea to learn the Chinese language. 

Want to learn Chinese? Don’t know how to take a start? We are there for you. Let's have a look at how you can learn the Chinese Language.

Chinese is Not a Difficult Language to Learn 

Many people think that Chinese is the most difficult language to learn. It is true to some extent because the Chinese writing system is non-alphabetic, consists of thousands of pictographs known as characters. To learn these characters you need to study and rote memorization through constant reading and writing for a long span of time.

Furthermore, Chinese is the tonal language that changes its voice over a single syllable and produces numerous words with multiple meanings. Despite all this, the Chinese language has the easiest grammar in the world. Sentence formation is like English i.e Subject, verb, and object. Verbs have no conjugations. There is a mechanism that expresses past present and future tense and there are no gender and plural nouns. 

Know Your Convenient Mode of Learning

The best way to learn a language is to immerse in the culture from which the language has originated. The Mandarin language is mainly spoken in China and Taiwan. If you live there, it will be easier for you to learn. Moreover, you should know what your convenient mode of learning is.

Do you enjoy learning in the classroom using the conventional mode of learning using text-books or do you want to join Mandarin classes in your local vicinity? Or perhaps you want to learn the Chinese language privately by finding the Mandarin Tutor.

You can ask yourself how you can learn the Chinese language at your best. If you are unable to find the answer then you should try all learning mediums and check which medium works properly. Remember it is never too late to learn a new language

Speaking Reading and Writing

Knowing the complexity of the Chinese written language, it is better to focus on speaking first and then think about learning how to write in Chinese.  Although the tonal aspect of the spoken language is the challenge, this can be grasped quickly in comparison with learning and writing thousands of characters.

No doubt, many Chinese programs concurrently teach both the spoken and written language. It is at individual discretion to decide according to your interests and learning objectives.

Writing Simplified Chinese Characters

Two writing systems of Chinese language are being used in the world that are traditional and complicated Chinese characters and simplified Chinese characters. Traditional characters are grown from Chinese pictographs and they are being used from ancient times to the modern era.

In the middle of the last century, the Chinese government has spread the substitute system of Chinese writing known as Simplified Chinese Characters which has enhanced the written literacy throughout the country and helped students to learn characters with enhanced ease.

Learn Language Seriously

Learning a language requires self-study, commitment, and perseverance.

Let’s see how you can develop this

1: You must have an aptitude for learning foreign languages. You can’t learn the Chinese language in a one-hour private session or in the workshop. If your convenient mode of learning is classrooms then enrolling yourself in language schools is the best place to start learning the language. Some institutions offer many extensive language courses that cover a full year of basic Chinese into 4 to 8 weeks. Do your search completely and then choose a language program.

2: America has a large number of Chinese immigrants who constitute 3+ million people nationwide and who are happy to teach new Chinese students. When we talk about Western students, handling language problems is a special skill. If you are looking for private sessions then a native speaker with proven language teaching expertise is the best option for you.

3: Practice is the key, so keep practicing the language. Once you develop your basic linguistic skills, contact with Chinese communities and chit-chat with them. For developing better Chinese eloquence you can order lunch, consult about the weather, buy a book or ask for directions even if it is not required. Many Western people are also consistently confirming that eloquence in the Chinese language is developed only if you reside in a Chinese-speaking region.

4: Get ready for your China Tour, enroll yourself in the best Chinese language course, Download language learning application from the internet but keep on practicing.

Bottom Line

Around 1.2 billion people around the globe are learning foreign languages to upgrade their living standards. You cannot learn any language overnight. Your hard work dedication, practice and your decision regarding selecting a convenient mode of learning will determine your Chinese learning capability.

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