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Top 10 Translation Companies in San Francisco

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San Francisco is the city in Western California. It is famous for its beautiful settings and it is built on a series of steep hills located on the Northern tip of a Peninsula at the start of San Francisco Bay. If you want to pursue your career or business in technology, then San Francisco is the best place for you. From starting a new business and getting a job in global giants like Facebook, Google, Apple, Twitter, and Salesforce, people from around the world come to pursue their dreams. They all speak different languages so to remove the communication barrier between them, you require the assistance of translation companies. Let's have a look at the Top 10 Translation Companies in San Francisco.

Top 10 Translation Companies in San Francisco

  1. Gengo  
  2. Mars Translation
  3. CCJK
  4. Rev
  5. Localize
  6. Venga
  7. SimulTrans  
  8. Straker Translations
  9. idem Translations, Inc  
  10. International Contact, Inc


Gengo is a renowned translation company that is providing excellent quality translation services at fast turnaround times and affordable rates. Gengo offers translation for a wide range of content like e-commerce product descriptions, travel listings and guides, online articles, user-generated content, marketing copy, ads and social media, websites, email documents, and many more. Translators hired at Gengo are evaluated on an ongoing process to ensure consistency in translation services.   

Mars Translation

Mars Translation is a renowned translation company that has been providing world-class translation and localization services for two decades. The important industries catered by Mars Translation are games and software localization, business and finance, advertising and marketing, travel and tourism, medical and healthcare, technical and engineering, and many more. The translators providing these services are subject matter experts and have prior experience in their industry. Impeccable translations in swift turnaround time and affordable rates have made Mars Translation a reliable name in the translation industry.


CCJK is an ISO-certified multilingual solution provider that has been serving the translation world for two decades. It is providing the services of language translations, localization, multimedia, transcreation, editing, and interpretation. It covers a range of industries including life sciences, finance, travel, technology, automotive, consumer products, government, manufacturing, and telecom. The top-notch companies are using the services of CCJK. The professionalism and quality customer-centric approach of CCJK has made it a trusted service provider around the globe.


Rev is a top-rated company that is providing clear and accurate transcription services and high-quality captions and subtitles for all audio and video types. In Rev, competent resources are hired to transcribe audio to text. They are hired after vetting for their grammar and transcription skills. Rev is providing transparent pricing so that you can decide before making the transcription order. Innovative technology is used to deliver guaranteed top-quality transcription services, and 24/7 support is available to assist valuable customers.


Localize is a translation company that translates websites and applications in multiple languages. It is using the Localize Translation Management System (TMS) which is an innovative translation platform and it helps in managing the translation workflow. It helps in content detection, in-context editor, team collaboration, translation delivery, quality translations, and reporting. It helps in integrating with your website in minutes and you can easily add languages and collaborate with your team. Innovative translation techniques by Localize helps to reach new markets quickly and efficiently.


Venga is a global translation company that is providing expert services in translation, localization, and creative services in over 100 languages. It is helping its clients to communicate globally and support their global ambitions. The translation programs are designed to cater to the continuous localization and translation services for enterprise clients. All these services are handled by an agile production team, a competent supply chain, and a quality assurance team. Venga strives for continuous improvement in translation and localization services.


SimulTrans is the translation company that helps in achieving your translation aggressive goals. It is offering robust software document and website localization services in more than 100 languages. Many global companies from around the globe are benefiting from the services of SimulTrans. The translation services by SimulTrans make sure that your brand message remains consistent in the global market. At SimulTrans, different target languages are catered simultaneously to finish translation projects on time.

Straker Translations

Straker Translations is a reliable translation company that aims to empower people from the globe to communicate across borders, preserve their unique cultures, and enable the free flow of commerce, entertainment, information, and ideas. Over the years, Straker Translations has proved itself as a leading translation service provider and it is producing high-quality, timely, and cost-effective human translations. Straker Translations specializes in providing corporate translations, translation automation, and personal translations. 

idem Translations, Inc  

idem is the translation company that is providing translation services according to the global requirements of the customers. At idem, they hire competent translators that are highly qualified and subject matter experts. They are recruited after thorough testing and they are continuously re-evaluated to ensure high-quality standards and professionalism. The impeccable translation solutions are provided in the life sciences, medical device, pharmaceutical, and corporate sectors. The quality management system is ISO 9001, ISO 13485, and ISO 17100 ensures the top quality and reliability of translation services.

International Contact, Inc

International Contact, Inc has a 30-year track record for providing high-quality translation services. It has a team of linguists that constantly researches modern terminologies and compiles the glossary for specific markets. The projects delivered by International Contact, Inc have consistency in them and they also provide fast and reliable localization services. The top quality services provided by International Contact, Inc are translation and transcreation, video localization, desktop publishing, interpretation, website localization, and FLT software. The can-do attitude has made this company a renowned name in the translation industry.   

Wrapping Up:

The world has become a global village and to keep pace with the fiercely competitive world, you need to develop your linguistic skills. There are thousands of languages spoken around the globe, you cannot learn all these languages, and here you require the services of translation companies. People tend to listen and buy products if you speak their language. We have covered the Top 10 Translation Companies in San Francisco. Check them out and choose the one that suits your business needs.

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