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Whether you are launching new medical software or revamping your healthcare website, medical localization services will help you stand out from your competitors. It’s important to invest in a medical localization company to translate and localize your healthcare business, website, or apps into different languages.

Mars Translation has a diverse team of professional medical translators and localization experts who provide accurate offers and professional medical website localization services in more than 230 languages for your medical websites. We assist:

  • Hospitals
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Medical device manufacturers
  • Clinical laboratories
  • CRO organizations, etc.

We help you achieve high-quality language communication by effectively localizing your medical website.

Medical Localization Services

Medical Software Localization

Mars Translation, with years of medical translation services experience, understands specific medical abbreviations and terminologies in diverse languages. We help you reach new borders, and here is exactly how we do it!

  • In-depth experience 
  • State-of-the-art translation technology
  • Understand the needs and demands of the target audience
  • Consider the cultural nuances and linguistic complexities 

Moreover, the need for medical software localization services has also become an integral part of the medical industry. 

At Mars Translation, we localize medical software in the format you require. Moreover, our certified medical software localization services use integration and text extraction tools to mitigate costs while improving your medical software’s quality.

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Medical Application Localization Services

Several medical companies have shifted to medical applications to assist customers in managing their medical procedures. However, assistance from medical app localization services becomes crucial to doing that on a global scale. Thus, application localization is vital to increasing customer retention and engagement. Medical device companies can achieve their business expansion goals through successful medical device localization. Here at Mars Translation, our professional translators not only localize your UI but also other details such as:

  • Application metadata
  • Keywords
  • Screenshots
medical website localization services
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Trusted Medical Localization Company

At Mars Translation, our subject matter experts have a solid grip on medical dictionary localization. It makes them effectively translate every medical term with 100 percent accuracy.

Moreover, our professional medical localization services allow you to achieve high localization outcomes with the best user experience. Not every medical localization company can claim to offer such effective translation services. But our years of experience allow us to sustain our performance over the long term.

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medical software localization services

Medical localization is the adaptation of medical content, pharmaceutical developments, scientific research, and medical devices to fit the cultural, linguistic, and regulatory requirements of target markets. It makes medical practices, developments, and scientific research available to a greater number of people with different linguistic backgrounds.

Professional and expert medical localization services are an integral part of the global healthcare system. Since localization connects people of different linguistic backgrounds, medical localization makes the communication of medical developments, and healthcare practices easier for people around the globe. 

Medical localization and translation are important as they facilitate the communication of medical and healthcare practices and developments across linguistic and cultural boundaries. It is necessary for efficient healthcare practices across boundaries, localization eases the process of this communication while facilitating healthcare practices for the global community.  

Medical device localization refers to the adaptation of content related to medical devices, such as user manuals, technical specification papers, interfaces, and software, to fit the linguistic and cultural needs of the target market. Moreover, medical device localization enables improved and enhanced healthcare practices, irrespective of the language.

Medical device localization is mainly concerned with the localization and adaptation of medical device content such as user manuals, interfaces, user files, and software. Medical device manufacturing companies need accurate and professional medical device localization as it equips them with the ability to reach out to the medical community across their native markets. 

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