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Benefits of Mars Translation

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Because of diversity and inclusion in every field, you need to speak with people that speak different languages. There are around 7139 languages spoken around the world. Even a polyglot person cannot have command of a  number of languages. You must be wondering what to do then. The answer is simple, take the assistance of a professional translational agency.  Expanding your business outside the borders, taking admission to the top universities in the world, and getting a job at fortune 500 is not a problem for the people who once considered it a tedious task. Do you want to know how? It is because of the availability of translation agencies. Many translation companies are working around the globe. Selecting a reliable translation company from the pool of translation companies is a difficult task. We will make your task easy by providing information about one of the top leading translation companies in the world, i.e, Mars Translation.

Mars Translation

Mars Translation is one of the leading translation companies in the world. Whether you want to translate your website or business documents, it provides you with state-of-the-art translation services at a fast turnaround time and economical rates. You can connect to a cost-effective online portal at any time. Mars Translation has hired a team of competent translators from around the world after strict assessment. Therefore, it provides you with high-quality translation services according to your business requirements.

Key Services

translation services

Let’s have a look at services provided by Mars Translation that can help you make the transition from the local market to the global market easy.

1. Document Translation Services

You can tap easily into international markets when all business documents are provided to the stakeholders in the language that they understand. Mars Translation gives your translation project to translators that are not only competent in linguists but they are also subject-matter-experts in their fields. Moreover, these translators are equipped with cutting-edge technology like neural machines and CAT services that helps translators to provide high-quality translation services at fast turnaround times and economical rates. Furthermore, the translated documents are viewed by the quality insurance team to ensure the accuracy of the documents.

2. E-Commerce Translation

At present, people are turning their businesses to e-commerce from brick-and-mortar stores. For attracting potential customers to your website, you should provide the information to the customers in the language that they understand. Mars Translation helps in the translation of your website into multiple languages. With the help of Mars translation services, you can establish a long-lasting relationship with your customers by providing them with personalized and localized services. You can rule the digital market with Mars Translation assistance. It is using cutting-edge technology and Magento plugin that translates your e-commerce site with rapid speed. The best part of this technology is that you can check the real-time status of your translation project.

3. Website Localization

Mars Translation offers website localization services that help you to grab business opportunities from the international market. Proficient translators at this translation agency translate around 2500 words per day at a rapid turnaround time. A team of native translators provides website localization services according to international standards. Website localization project is given to translators that have prior experience in this field and who know the cultural and regional intricacies. In addition to it, cutting-edge technology in the form of API integration and desktop apps is used. Moreover, human translation backed by machine translation provides website localization services without any hassles.  In addition to it, Mars Translation supports all languages such as PHP, Node, Java, and Rails in order to provide affluent website translation services in any language of the client’s choice. With the help of Mars Translation website localization services, you can connect to a wider audience and boost your business.

4. Video Translation

Mars Translation offers quick and robust video translation and transcription services. The expert translators provide translated subtitles to the video in more than 230 languages.

5. E-learning Translation

At present, many global companies are investing in the training and development of their employees. Due to internet proliferation, giving training to employees has become very easy. Due to diversity and inclusion, the training content should be provided in the language that employee understands. The Mars Translation offers an eLearning translation platform. With the help of e-learning translation, you can impart knowledge to a diverse workforce.

6. Desktop Publishing and File Conversion Services

Mars Translation offers translation services in different file formats. We can easily convert your file to another format.  Mars Translation deploys multiple tools to support multiple file formats and covers all related languages for DTP. 

Why to go Mars Translation Services

mars translation services

Mars Translation is offering its services in an array of different fields. Let’s have a look at different fields:

Mars Translation has a team of subject-matter experts that provides you with precise and accurate services in all the above-mentioned fields. Whether you want website translation or localization services or you want software or game translation services, it provides you with unmatchable translation services in more than 230 languages and 800 language pairs.

1. Price

Mars Translation has designed its pricing according to the translation needs of its customers. No matter, if your translation project is big or small, they charge competitive prices starting from $0.05/word. With such economical rates, anyone can make their business global.

2. Quality

Mars Quality Insurance makes sure that you are provided with seamless translation services. Strict quality assurance rules are followed to maintain the quality of translation services. Moreover, Mars Translation dedicates a competent project manager to check the progress and accuracy of the translation project.

3. Speed

Mars Translation facilitates its customers to the maximum level. On average, each translator translates 2000+ words a day. They know how important deadlines are in this competitive world so all the translation projects are completed on time without any compromise on quality.

4. Customer Services

Mars Translation provides the best customer service to its clients. For providing unmatchable customer services to its clients, it offers 24-by-7 customer services for queries and submissions of the project.

5. Certified Services

Mars Translation is an ISO-Certified translation service provider. It employs 25 plus industry subject matter experts to ensure state-of-the-art translation services.

You can Join Mars Translation as a Freelance Translator

Mars Translation not only hires competent translators from around the globe. However, it also provides a platform for freelance translators. To work with Mars Translation as a freelance translator, you have to pass a translation exam to become an authorized Mars Translator.

Wrapping Up

Are you looking for a professional translation company? Mars translation has ended your quest. All top-notch companies in the world are using its services. You can get a complete range of translation and localization services in a number of different fields and 230 languages under the Mars translation platform.

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