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Tamil Document Translation Services

The Tamil language is from the Dravidian language family and mostly spoken in India. It is the official language of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu and the union territory of Pondicherry. It is also the official language in Srilanka and Singapore. If you want to do business in the Tamil speaking region and want to enhance your market share in the region than you need to get Tamil language translation services for documents. Mars Translation has a network of native linguists who provide you with impeccable English to Tamil translation services in the time limit and in economical rates.

Some of the documents translated by Mars translation are:

  • Literary Publications
  • Telecommunication Contracts
  • Medical Prescriptions
  • Academic Degrees
  • Diplomas
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Technical Documents
  • Driving Licenses
  • Marketing Plans

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Tamil Document Translation Services
Tamil Document Translation Services

Tamil Website Translation Services

The website is the result of the digitalization of a brand's business model. As per statistics, 12% of global trade goods are conducted through global e-commerce. To penetrate into global e-commerce it is very necessary tamil to english translation for your website in the customer's native language. Mars Translation has all the knowledge skills and attitude to translate Tamil website.

Our native linguists are aware of India, Srilanka, and Singapore's economy and culture and provide you with meticulous Tamil Website Translation Services in the most professional way at affordable rates.

Tamil Medical & Healthcare Translation Services

The medical and healthcare field is the most critical field in the world today. Scientists and doctors around the globe work hard to find a cure for lethal diseases. For better treatment and cure of the ailment medical translation is very important. Mars Translation has a network of native linguists who are also subject matter experts of medical and healthcare fields and provides you with flawless Tamil Translation services in rapid turnaround time and economical rates.

Strict quality measures are taken to ensure the accuracy of Tamil Medical and Healthcare Translation Services

Tamil Document Translation Services
Tamil Document Translation Services

Tamil Business & Finance Translation Services

Our range of affordable translation services encompasses the business and finance industry as well. We provide seamless Tamil translations for all types of official documents. Moreover, we offer accurate results for translations of financial documents like balance sheets, bank statements and other types of content needed by funding companies, financial institutes, and insurance companies.

If you need fast and reliable translations to or from the Tamil language, Mars Translation is there for you.

Tamil Technical & Engineering Translation Services

Technical and Engineering Translation services are very important to keep pace with technological advancement and they need to be specific. Mars Translation has a group of native linguists who are not only proficient in the language but they are subject matter experts in their fields. They know the terminologies used in Technical & Engineering Translation Services and provides you with seamless translation in time bound period and affordable rates.

Any error in Technical and engineering translation will lead to havoc results so Mars Translation follows strict quality measures to ensure flawless Tamil Technical & Engineering Translation Services 

Tamil Document Translation Services

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Tamil Document Translation Services

Tamil Software & IT Translation Services

Mars Translation is a full-service software and IT Translation Company which do not handle translations only but provides a complete Tamil software and IT translation and localization services. Every application of your Tamil Software & IT Translation Services is handled professionally keeping quality control procedures in view to ensure a refined product.

Mars Translation wants you to be a part of the information age and provides you with state of the art Tamil Software & IT Translation Services in quick turnaround time and affordable rates.

Tamil Gaming & Video Games Translation Services

Technological advancement has increased the possibility of game development as an art. Due to this, video games have gained technical and descriptive complexity. For reaching a global customer base, video games need to be translated and localized. Mars Translation has a group of native linguists who translates the game by maintaining the tone of the game narration.

They also recognize cultural references, idioms, and other details that won't make sense across cultures when directly translated. Quality standards are maintained while providing Tamil Gaming & Video Games Translation Services

Tamil Document Translation Services
Tamil Document Translation Services

Tamil to english Translation Services

Although English is an international language, not all people can speak English. The communication barrier needs to be broken in order to become a part of globalization. Mars Translation provides meticulous English to Tamil and Tamil to English translation in a hassle-free manner. We are providing meticulous translation at budget family rates.

Mars Translation is just a click away, you just need to log on to Mars Translation to order professional English to Tamil Translation Services. Our translation speaks our quality which has made Mars Translation a renowned name in the translation industry. 

Our Native Tamil Translators

Mars Translation has a network of native linguists who supports your translation needs. We assure that Native Tamil Translator working on your project matches the subject matter of the content, has prior experience, qualifications, and background.

All our Tamil translators are native speakers of the target language and provide you with seamless Tamil Translation in quick turnaround time and affordable rates. You can see the testimonials of our satisfied Tamil customers from our website.

Tamil Document Translation Services


Mars Translation leads its services to multiple industries in multiple languages.


Mars Translation is renowned for its swift speed and state of the art quality. We deliver our translation projects on time and offer the fastest turnaround time of 2500-3000 words/day per translator.

Certainly yes! Our range of Tamil translation services covers the Technical and Engineering industry as well. We have industry-specific language experts to provide you with consistent and accurate translations.
We are available around the clock to assist our potential customers. Our helpline is available for instant help. You can also contact us via email or by live chat.
Yes! Mars Translation has native experts from around the globe. We have required knowledge, skills and attitude to translate your marketing campaigns into multiple languages.
Yes. We have native Tamil linguists with rich app localization experience. These experts can perfectly localize your app and translate it into the Tamil language.

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