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Danish Document Translation Services

Translating your content into Danish will be helpful in grabbing the attention of the Denmark and Northern Germany markets where it is widely spoken. For ensuring accurate translation, it is crucial to take help from a known and reliable translation partner. If you need top-quality results at reasonable rates, Mars Translation is the most appropriate choice. We offer seamless and professional Danish document translation services for all your documents.

Mars Translation is a top-notch Danish translation company to sort out all your document translation needs. Some of the primary types of documents that we cover include:

  • Legal Documents
  • Literary Publications
  • Telecommunication Contracts
  • Medical Prescriptions
  • Academic Degrees
  • Diplomas
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Technical Documents
  • Driving Licenses
  • Marketing Plans

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Danish Document Translation Services
Danish Document Translation Services

Danish Website Translation Services

The easiest and most effective way to promote your business for going global is the localization of your website through which you can tap into multiple markets. If you want to do the same and reach Danish speaking market, Mars Translation can help you out. We specialize in Danish website localization services and offer world-class results to ensure client satisfaction.

Whether you need to translate your company website into Danish from English or from any other language, we can do both at very economical rates. Along with translating written content, we also tailor the design, graphics and color schemes if necessary to make it resonate with the target market.

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Danish Medical & Healthcare Translation Services

Mistakes in medical translation can cause great trouble. Some translation errors can affect your credibility while some can lead to severe consequences. Thus, there is a zero-tolerance for medical translation because human lives can be at stake.

Accurate translation is required so that the patients can understand their prescriptions and use of medicine. Similarly, for targeting foreign markets for your medical equipment, effective translations are needed. Mars Translation is a leading Danish Translation company to meet all your medical translation needs. We have subject matter experts in medical sciences who provide multilingual translation services. 

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Danish Document Translation Services
Danish Document Translation Services

Danish Business & Finance Translation Services

Financial documents and business plans and proposals are often lengthy and it is critical to maintaining a consistent flow in their translations in order to make the message clear and effective. For accurate and certified translations of such important documents, you need services from a credible translation partner. This is where Mars Translation’s professional and best Danish translation services come into use for you.

We at Mars Translation offer precise, consistent, and fast translations while maintaining the quality and impact of the content. We have native Danish translators who have rich experience in business and finance translations and thus you can rely on us for high-quality translations.

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Danish Technical & Engineering Translation Services

The quality of your translated documents affects your business growth. Despite the efficient services and market competitive rates, you may fail to become a recognized name in the industry if you fail to communicate your message effectively. Remember that accurate and in-context translation are needed to establish your credibility in the foreign markets and that’s why you need our help.

Here at Mars Translation, we have native Danish Translators who have subject matter expertise and vast experience in engineering and technical translations.

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Danish Document Translation Services

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Danish Document Translation Services

Danish Software & IT Translation Services

Targeting foreign markets for your software products? Failing to get a positive response? Don’t worry, we are here to help. If you want to establish your identity in international markets, make sure you localize your products to provide them with a comfortable experience.

For providing your potential customers with tailored products, you need professional Software & IT Translation Services and that’s what we are here for. Mars Translation offers certified Danish translations for all your IT and software products.  

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Danish Gaming & Video Games Translation Services

The trend of video games and mobile games is increasing with time and the growing gaming market offers massive sales potential. Want to get your share from the global marketplace? Let us help. Translate your games into the local language of international markets and provide them with a comfortable and user-friendly experience.

We at Mars Translation offer effective Danish Gaming & Video Games Translation Services at competitive rates. Whether you need to translate your content from English to Danish or vice versa, we can do both. Moreover, we cover a range of key languages as well.

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Danish Document Translation Services
Danish Document Translation Services

Danish to english Translation Services

Mars Translation offers accurate and fast English to Danish translation services for all types of content. We cover everything from a simple document translation to complete software localization as per the needs of the clients. We have a pool of certified Danish to English Translators who provide top-class translations in a fast turnaround time.

Our subject matter experts have extensive experience in translation to and from the Danish language and we maintain international quality standards. Thus, if you need certified, economical and top-quality Danish Translations, you are covered.

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Our Native Danish Translators

Whether you need translation for a website or a document, the accuracy mainly depends on the language skills of the native translator and his level of background knowledge of the relevant industry. The better these things are, the better results you will get. Here at Mars Translation, we have multiple skilled and experienced native Danish Translators. This is why we deliver professional and certified Danish Translation Services at competitive rates.

They have an impressive knowledge of different industries as well. We assign your projects to a translator who has expertise in your preferred specialization area to make sure you get customized and dependable results. You can come to us for precise, fast, and localized translations at a very reasonable price.

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Danish Document Translation Services


Mars Translation leads its services to multiple industries in multiple languages.


Mars Translation has a history of 13 years of providing professional Danish translation services, whether from English to Danish or Danish to English. Moreover, your translated content and documents can also be localized as well. Our expert Danish translators are native Danish speakers and on top of that, they are experienced and well trained in one or more specific industries. You will not only receive accurate translation and localization but you will have the masters handling your work.
Does online Danish translation service have the same response time and quality?Mars Translation provides impeccable quality services to its customers and this is the reason why our success and satisfaction rate is never below 99%. Our promise is an excellent service with high-quality translation and timely delivery. Despite the niche of your work, document type, and a number of words – the quality of your work will not be compromised. You will receive your completed translation documents at the time promised.
Mars Translation services hold no secrets. Our work details, the prices, and everything relating to Mars Translation is laid out on our website. You will find a “Compare Us” dropdown option in the “Pricing” option of our website toolbar. This should let you compare us to other competitors available in the market. A total of 20 years’ experience in translation and localization services with 99% guaranteed satisfaction every time, and industry-specific expert translators are the major standouts that we take pride in at Mars.
Mars Translation molds itself as per your requirement and work. We are committed to providing you with the best possible solutions for your work needs which again, is based on your satisfaction. Mars translation offers you the flexibility of adding your preferred expert translator in your account for translation, provide any format of the document, choose to get any industry website translated and localized, and if then you don’t find the result satisfactory – you can have us revise the content in the way you want. The last but not the least is to get a refund in case of dissatisfaction.
Mars Translation is leading the market for its translation quality and speed. These factors bring Mars Translation to recognition and we are fully ISO certified and registered through the TEP process. Mars Translation is committed to providing quality work and hopes to do the same and acquire your satisfaction always.

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