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Hindi Document Translation Services

To expand your business in the South Asian market, it is necessary to seek Hindi document translation services. Hindi is the third most spoken language in the world with more than 609.5 million speakers. To provide accurate Hindi document translation services, both expertise and the use of industry-specific terminologies are necessary.

Whether your preference is quality, style, or economic affordability, Mars Translation has got you covered. Along with literal translations, we also offer Hindi interpretation services and transcriptions for your audio and video content.

Following are some of the primary types of documents for which we offer Hindi translations.

  • Legal Documents
  • Literary Publications
  • Telecommunication Contracts
  • Medical Prescriptions
  • Academic Degrees
  • Diplomas
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Technical Documents
  • Driving Licenses
  • Marketing Plans

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Hindi Document Translation Services
Hindi Document Translation Services

Hindi Website Translation Services

Are you planning to expand your business to new demographics? In order to grow your business to the biggest continent, Asia, translating your website is mandatory. It is because the first and foremost thing needed for business expansion is the adaptation of your company's website as per the preferences of the local market.

We have skilled native translators from all over the world who can bring out the desired outcomes for your company by customizing your website and translating all your online content. No matter what your business is about and what your source language is, we can transform your company’s website into Hindi and localize the content to make it appealing and resonate with the target audience.

Hindi Medical & Healthcare Translation Services

The accuracy of medical translation is very important as it is the human lives we are talking about. Therefore, assistance from specialized personnel is needed. The terminologies used in the medical and healthcare sectors can only be understood and translated by someone who has extensive industry knowledge, and that’s where Mars Translation offers its reliable services.

We have a pool of 30,000 translators who provide accurate and swift translations for all kinds of test reports, treatment plans, clinical trials, medical histories, discharge summaries, and other medical docs.

Hindi Document Translation Services
Hindi Document Translation Services

Hindi Business & Finance Translation Services

In order to comply with the legal and foreign policies in foreign lands, companies require business translation services. The growing finance industry in Asia needs professional Hindi language translation services to communicate with Indian audiences in their native language. The business documentation and all official documents of financial institutions like banks and insurance companies need accurate translation.

We help you avoid any risk that may harm your business and never let you compromise on the quality of translations. We are a specialized Hindi translation company with good experience in business & finance translation services and guarantee precise results with rapid turnaround times.

Hindi Technical & Engineering Translation Services

Technical translation involves translating industry-specific content and documents like user manuals, project plans, how-to guides, reports, etc. For easy understanding, it is important to maintain consistency and integrate industry-related terms in the target language.

We have hired top technical Hindi language translators who are equipped with advanced knowledge and years of translation experience. Other than Hindi, we also provide website translation services in other languages.

Hindi Document Translation Services

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Hindi Document Translation Services

Hindi Software & IT Translation Services

Translation of software is very different from document translation, and it involves more than just text transformation into another language. This is where we step in and provide consistent, culture-appropriate, error-free and tech savvy translations of your software. When you use our services, it becomes our responsibility to make sure that you attract a bigger audience.

For perfectly localized software translations, Mars Translation has the best native IT translators from all across the globe. Thus, if you want impeccable Hindi software & IT translation services, we are surely a credible choice.

Hindi Gaming & Video Games Translation Services

The gaming market in India is expanding massively, and the growth potential makes it a preferable market to target for your mobile and video games. To target the South Asian audience effectively, it is beneficial to translate your gaming content into the Hindi language.

We have skilled Hindi translators who can provide you with seamless, localized, and fast translations for all types of video games.

Hindi Document Translation Services
Hindi Document Translation Services

Hindi to english Translation Services

Mars Translation covers all your translation needs and offers top-notch results at unbeatable rates. Our rich experience in the translation industry provides us with a competitive advantage. Our certified translation services are approved by ATA, which makes us the most trustworthy translation service.

Thus, whether you need to translate a travel catalog or a business plan, we got you covered. We translate everything from software content to technical documentation. In addition to Hindi to English translation, we also provide specialized English to Hindi translation and localization services.

Our Native Hindi Translators

Our native Hindi translators have years of experience working in the translation industry. We ensure that your translations are done as per the requirements and in the right context. Our Hindi translators utilize a user-oriented approach and provide translation solutions that are easy to understand for the target audience.

Our translators are experts in language and have up-to-date knowledge regarding different popular industries. No matter what your area of interest is, we have specialized Indian language translators to deliver exceptional services that will take your business to new heights. At Mars Translation, our Hindi interpreters specialize in the translation of language pairs such as Hindi to Punjabi translation, Hindi translation to Tamil, Hindi to Arabic translation, and many other pairs.

Hindi Document Translation Services


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