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10 Happiest Countries in the World

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Earth is a big planet for a single human being. We live in a world with more than 200 countries and 3000 and more languages! It’s a fascinating world, isn’t it? At the times like this when a pandemic is taking full control of the world, still, there’s some happy news. According to the annual World Happiness Report, on March 20, there are still countries that have been making it through the pandemic with the happiest faces! It’s not even a joke. 

It may seem a strange thing to evaluate happiness at such times, but much happiness is needed in the light of positivity. Each country is fighting the novel coronavirus in its own way.  As a community people grow together to support one another. Some countries are well known in this regard to step out of the fear and rebuild better lives. 

This sounds amazing, doesn't it? Keep reading about the countries known as the happiest of all. 

According to the Report 10 Happiest Countries in the World:

1. Finland
2. Denmark
3. Switzerland
4. Iceland
5. Netherlands
6. Norway
7. Sweden
8. Luxembourg
9. New Zealand
10. Austria


When it comes to counting happiness, none can compete in Finland. Crowned fourth time in a row as the topmost happiest country, it’s a happy place. The high-income, quality education are two major contributors that other countries might envy. Also, let’s keep the self-care culture of sauna and outdoor pursuits in mind too! The government is playing it the smart way during the pandemic, so it has the public’s interest at heart. Finland has ranked at the top on the measures of mutual trust which helped to improve the lives and livelihoods during the pandemic. 


The second contender on the list is Denmark. Ranked second happiest country for its 33 hours work in a week, $20 minimum wages, free education, and medical care alongside free childcare. Being a nordic country, the citizens are satisfied with their life because it is predictable, reliable, and comes with extensive welfare benefits, a low corruption rate, and of course a small population. The country has all the quality ingredients to be a happy place. 


Known as the Neutral country, Switzerland has got it all. From the world-class chocolate for starters to the fantastic landscape, it is simple to understand the level of happiness of the locals. 
The life expectancy, GDP per capita, social support, and so on make up for great life choices. People there are known to be a lot sporty and love the outdoors. Besides from a job’s perspective, it's a higher risk of at least 75% than the regular median pay in both the UK and US. 


Another of the happiest countries in the world means you are looking further towards the northern pole. Iceland has proved time and time again that its natives are tough, resilient, and genuinely kind. Despite the long winters and harsh climate, you will find the people extremely warm, cheerful, and favorably optimistic. The great sense of community and closeness is one of the reasons behind Iceland being a happy country. 


Dutch are happy people. None is happier than the youth of the Netherlands. According to the WHO report, Netherlands has always shown consistency in the high satisfaction for life among Dutch teenagers. The virus attack couldn’t even take the happy feeling of the country. Known for the best work-life balance, the quality of life is unprecedented as compared to other countries. The high levels of trust and benevolence have increased the well-being of the residents. 


Although Norway is moving down the list since 2017, Norwegians do not have much to complain about. They have one of the best social security systems to date, a growing and thriving economy under the umbrella of responsible management, Norway has got it all. Besides, a great education system, high life expectancy with great social support, and freedom have triggered happy endorphins. With the heaps of glaciers, lakes, and rivers, the land itself is a siren call for the locals and tourists alike. What there’s not to like about Norway?


Scandinavian countries have one thing in common, their lively enthusiasm to live to the maximum. While Sweden may not be high on the ranking so far but it still made up to the top 10 being one of the best places in the world to live. The education system is well respected and consists of world-leading practices like parental leave and free childcare. On the bright side, it is also one of the most sustainable countries with almost 99% of its waste that goes for recycling. No wonder Sweden is on your happy list!


According to the World Happiness Report, Luxembourg is on the happy list for its economic performance in such hard times. Luxembourg has done it the right way with a high life expectancy, good economy, and high level of well-being. The country was marked with low levels of inequality too! The enormous Ecological Footprint is also the biggest in the world. The residents are known to enjoy high life quality too. 

New Zealand

It may sound surprising to your ears, but New Zealand is the only European country on the list with high rates for the quality of life. The consistency and the work-life balance make New Zealand a highly approachable country. The best example so far is that of prime minister Jacinda Ardern who controlled the rising of a pandemic. In 2020, New Zealand was the first country to announce as a Pandemic Free country. 


Austria is known to be one of the most livable countries. The capital, Vienna, is more than a comfortable spot for the settlers. It retains the title “most livable city” in the world too. It’s a high-income country and has excellent social services too. One thing you can be assured is that Austrians have a premium lifestyle and the freedom they have lets them enjoy their lives. On the bright side, if you do settle or travel to the country you will find unlimited outdoors to entertain yourselves. 

So if you decide one day to travel, you have the top picks listed down for you! But do make sure to learn the language because, without a good translation, you will be lost. 

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