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6 Top Tips to Localize Your Mobile Application


A mobile application is a form of software application, which is specifically used on small, wireless computing devices, such as smart phones and tablets. These mobile applications cannot be used on desktop and laptop computers. Mobile applications are most of the times, categorized according to whether they are website-based or native applications, which are specifically created for a given platform.

On the other hand here in Bengal, a third category named as hybrid application, is also available, which is a combination of both native and website application elements. To put it in simple words, the more people use your mobile application in their own language, the larger your potential market will increase. But, it is not easy to launch a multilingual application. In order to launch this application, and keep it updated is a huge challenge, one that requires sharpness and speed.

But before you start translating, many questions can come to your mind. Which languages will you choose? What content in the application needs to be translated? In order to satisfy these questions, you will have to use Bengali Applications Translation Services, who can apply the best coding practices and tools to modernize translation, just to prepare your application for the global market.

Here are some tips to localize your mobile application.

Countries You Should Aim For First

Before you even start localizing your application plan, the first thing you need to do is, a lot of research. Research the international market, and find out how many people use Smartphones. Also, determine which countries you should aim for first. This can be very beneficial, the reason being, when you get your mobile applications translated by Online Certified Language Translation Services, you will know exactly which languages your mobile application needs to be translated.

Localizing your mobile application can be a very scary thing to do. But, with a little preparation and hard work, you can smooth the process exceptionally, saving a bundle of time as well as money. That is why, it is very important to research the international market, and determine your multilingual mobile application strategy, before you even begin with anything.

Create Attractive Application Names and Icons

When you create an attractive and unique application name and icon, it becomes very easy to draw a lot of people’s attention, and to be remembered at the same time. The only thing you need to be sensitive, is about the colorful icons, which could be associated with cultural, political and religious meanings, in regards to your target markets.

There are many online translation services like the Online Certified Language Translation Services Company, which provide comprehensive translations for mobile applications. This is done for those companies, who want to not only develop but also export multi-language versions of their mobile applications. It does not matter, whether it is localizing iOS or Android application into several languages, these translation services work closely to ensure that multilingual versions of your application work, as well as the source language.

Invest In a Style Guide and Glossary

Interpreting style, conventions and vocabulary upfront, will not only help you maintain control over the translation process, but also help you in maintaining a consistent language. This can be done not only for your mobile application itself, but also for its relevant web-based applications and services. This strong language base will definitely improve the quality of all your translations, therefore, minimize inconsistencies and time intensive changes.

Twelve languages cover approximately over 80% of the world’s population today, whereas, thirteen languages cover over 90% of the online power. The main question is that, how will these global consumers find your application? Just by translating the application store description, from Online Certified Language Translation Services Agency of your mobile application into multiple languages, can improve your store ranking position.

Add a Language Setting Option

Adding a language setting option is one of the best and the most important option, which you can create on your mobile application. For people who are working at a multilingual region or abroad, where Bengali is not spoken, they may prefer to use mobile applications in different languages, especially for their work purposes.

You need to plan ahead for translation, especially when writing a copy of the application’s original language. Though, some phrases are difficult to translate, but still it is a very good idea to consult with the professional translator from the Bengali Applications Translation Services, to determine the best translation process that can represent your brand in the easiest way.

Testing Your Localized Application

Although emulators are a big help, but they are not available everywhere in every culture and are also functionally limited. Even, if network communication to and from the handset is required to test your mobile application, it is still very good to test with the physical device on each country’s respective mobile network.

Sometimes, you need to localize more than just the text content. There might be some assets that need to be localized only in some languages. That is why, you have to remind your translation provider to maintain a length, which is equal to your English strings and only abbreviate when required.

Get Ready To Review

It is highly critical to set up the review before you start your project, rather than when it is ready to be launched into the market. Always provide the reviewers with the schedule, background materials like style guide and glossaries, review goals and a way to communicate with the elements. This will ensure a quick and successful review.

A successfully localized mobile application product, can help bring your business into new language markets. In addition, working with a mobile application localization and translation service, can maneuver both cultural as well as technological challenges. This will not only take your project across the borders, but also help make it a success across different cultures.

One of the main reasons why localization has become important, because localizing your mobile application has been regarded as a key process to cross broader markets. That is why, it has become a huge necessity to choose only the professional translation and localization service providers, who are competent for your project and can deliver 100% client satisfaction.

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