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9 Highest Paying Translation Languages in the World


The world is a global village, and cross-border translation languages are one way the borders can be made permeable. Not surprisingly, translators are the new bosses and translation jobs are the new trend in town. But there is a primary requirement that must be met by the translators and that is a strong academic background showcasing the study of a foreign language. The translator must also be able to fulfill the requirements of the market which he/she is aiming to work in as countries differ in their working permit requisites and conditions.

The real trick for grabbing a high paying translation job is a simple but a clever one—networking skill. In order to build a repute and earn a decent name in the world of translation, one must work on his/her networking and social skills among colleagues and clients. Building a network is not easy but it can be done if the translator has the will and drive to specialize in his field, along with joining a reputable organization, of course.

Below is a list of the languages that are paid the highest according to ranks of the top and most popular languages:


German is ranked as the highest paying translation language and a German translator can be expected to attract an annual income of approximately £34,000. This is due to the fact that Germany is one of Britain’s most lucrative trading partners and consequently, there is a high demand for German speakers in the financial and business sector.


Arabic language ranks second among the highest paid translation languages, with Arabic translators earning approximately £34,122 annually. Being the language of the biggest oil-rich country in the world and a trading giant, it is no surprise that its translators are paid handsomely.


Being in a close geographical proximity to Britain, France has a strong commercial relationship with it and a French translator can expect to earn £32,636 annually, leveraging on this commercial relationship.


Being a popular language of commerce and business, Dutch occupies a reasonably high salary possibility of about £29,523 for English and Dutch translators.


According to recent estimates, Spanish is spoken by 400 million native speakers and is a second language of approximately 9 million people worldwide. Due to the sheer population of Spanish, the Spanish translators are paid really well and can reasonably be expected to get a good remuneration for their work.


Having an appreciable economic backup and support, the Japanese language is a popular one and a Japanese translator can secure an attractive salary worth £28,954 annually as a payment for his skills.


Russian language is an emerging important language of the world and a Russian translator can be expected to earn £28,658 annually, with translations mainly for economic and financial services.


Italian language holds an immense importance and Italian is the fourth most widely taught language in United States after Spanish, French and German. This is the reason that a good Italian translator can be expected to earn up to £28,523 annually.

Chinese Simplified (Mandarin):

When it comes to the most widely spoken languages in the world, Mandarin holds the highest importance with the boom in the Chinese market and the enormity of the Chinese export sector. Not surprisingly, an experienced Mandarin translator can expect to receive a handsome pay of approximately £28,168 annually.

The Final Word:

Before embarking on the hunt for a job in a translation agency, the translators should first take out time to reflect on their own skill set, choose the language they are fluent in and then set out to work as the right language choice can take them to places—literally.