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A Food Labeling Guide for the Manufacturing Food Industry


Along with knowing the art of cooking food, you also need to know what foods are best for your health. The only way you can check this out, is by looking at the ingredient list which shows all the ingredients, in every packaged foods. Ingredients are usually listed in the order of their weight, which start with the ingredient that has the most weight ending with that which weighs the least. This means that the packaged foods have more of the ingredients, which are found at the beginning of the list and less at the end of the list.

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Several articles and books have been written and published on this topic. So, if you’re not aware of the Italian language, you can take help from the Document Translation Services. Now it’s time to talk about what exactly can you find on the list of ingredients and how is it beneficial.

Where Is The Ingredient List Placed On The Label?

As it is well known by everyone, every packaged food has a label panel on it. This list of ingredients is placed on this panel, along with the detailed information about the nutrition factors. The label panel also includes the name and address of the manufacturer, packager or the distributor.

Should Water Be Listed In The Ingredient List?

Water is often added in the preparation of a lot of foods, so naturally is can be considered as an ingredient. The water that has been added must be identified in the ingredient list, along with information about the quantity of water. If all the added water is subsequently removed while processing, by either baking or by some other means, only then, water is not considered to be an ingredient.

Which Foods Can List Alternative Fat And Oil Ingredients?

Alternative fats and oil ingredients are listed on the label, if they are declared by the manufacturer, that the blending of fats and oils is permitted only in those foods, where they are not considered as the main ingredients. This happens where the manufacturer himself is not able to predict which fat or oil ingredient has been used.

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What Ingredient Listing Is Needed For Packaged Foods?

You need to package and label your products is such a way that is looks appealing and attractive to everyone. There are several things you need to keep in mind while listing ingredients and labeling your products. This has to include the quantity or size of the ingredients, a detailed description of the ingredients and the most important part is enlisting the expiration date of the food product. This helps to understand till when you can make use of the packaged foods before it becomes unhealthy.

Can You Use Tomato Paste, Tomato Puree And Tomato Concentrate Vice Versa In The Ingredient List?

Tomato paste and tomato puree are different based on the amount of soluble solids present in the food. So, both their names cannot be used vice versa. However, tomato concentrate can be used instead of tomato puree, tomato pulp or tomato paste, if it is required by some foods for manufacturing purposes.

So, it is very important to read and understand the ingredients that are listed on the label, if you want to live a happy and healthy life. If you are about to launch a new product in the market, and want more details about how to prepare an ingredients list, take advantage of the Italian Ingredients Information Quality Translation Services.