Advantages of Game Localization

By: Shahzad Bashir Posted on Mon, 07-05-2018

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Advantages of Game Localization

All games have a certain cultural background. A game based on a specific cultural background can adapt to the linguistic and cultural customs of other regions via localization to the regional language.

Game localization is the process of customization of games in different local markets to adapt to the local culture and language. Localization is undoubtedly the most effective way to tap into the global market and reach out to more game players. A large number of gamer don’t download a game unless it is in their native language. The advantages of Game Localization includes:

Increase in Sales

You, an outstanding programmer, develop a game. And are about to launch it now. You calculate, given the price is 1 USD for each download. At the moment there are about 7.5 billion people living on the earth. Not everyone plays games, of course. If 50,000 customers download your game, you will become very rich.

However, you won’t be able to reach that customer base. A game in English language will reach only 27 % of the market, and if you want to conquer the entire market base, which languages will you choose? It depends on the game and the platform.

You can translate the game to Simplified Chinese and Japanese. Or translate it to Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese. Maybe a Russian and Turkish translation. Or translate to German, French and Italian. You can increase your market base via Game localization and reach a larger market base. For more information, Visit or contact our mail address at:  Click Here

Increase in Downloads

In order to increase sales, you need to increase downloads. Therefore, you need to expand you target market to increase downloads. Localization helps to achieve this goal. In other words, to go global is to go local.

Makes Game Players Feel Valued

Localization is a simple way of increasing user satisfaction. Having a multilingual gaming interface will make users feel like your game is specifically made for them. Localization can eliminate the player's confusion about the videogames plot and controls. This helps establish a special connection between developers and users.

Helps You Stand out in the Fierce Competition

In general there are two ways to localize. The first is to take the initiative, make strategic decisions, and be predictable. In this case you choose which countries, and what languages you want to go for. The second method is reactive. For example, get some players' suggestions and feedback. Both methods will eventually make the game more competitive in the international market.

Helps to Keep Control of Your Game

Localization is a way for you to avoid "other" translations, or revisions via piracy. If you, as a developer translate and localize, then it is easier for you to keep control of the translation quality of your game. If you plan to localize, do not arrange it in the final stage of development, but use a specialized localization vendor and localize it as a part of the project.

Localization as a part of the process will save you time and money rather than changing the text and translating it once the game is done.  If one language can have a great impact, then imagine the impact of multiple different languages.

Secures a Higher Ranking in APP Store

Users have the ability to influence your ranking. Language misunderstandings can lead to players writing negative reviews for the game. It takes a lot of time and effort to overcome this kind of feedback.

However, if the application is translated by a professional translator, the user will not see aforementioned errors and will give positive feedback. Positive feedback from different countries will make app stores pay more attention to your product. This will lead to your app having a higher potential of showing up in App Store searches which will ultimately result in getting more customers.