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Advent Of New Technology Distant Language Barrier


One thing you have to understand about communication is that message don’t really travel, they code. Firstly you have to encode the message like in any language and it has to travel through some channel such as airwaves. Than it has to be received and then decoded. That means there are lots of places where communication can get mucked up. The progress in the language translation has allowed us to communicate more effectively. After all, since the printing press, technologies have gone all the way to the smart phone, with lots of communication revolution along with these English mobile application translation services.

The new trend in mobile applications to translate different languages is increasing with the time. Many companies like translation services company are providing many translation services related to your mobile application like English Mobile Application translation services.

Arrival of new translating devices:

The technology has allowed people to communicate across language barrier. Many new devices has been introduced which recognize your voice and translate into other language immediately.  Here’s how it would work, suppose you are in a foreign country and you want to greet a local. You speak into a device, like mobile phone and speech recognition software digitizes the sound and uses statistical algorithm to properly recognize the message.

These devices are easy to use and are really convenient when you are at the place where you are totally stranger and even can’t communicate because of language barrier. It also gives importance to context, so that the relationship of words affects the computer guess. During the translation phase, an algorithm evaluates your words and phrases to troves of translated documents and web pages from the local language make another guess at the translation.

It then uses the library of speech sounds to produce your sentence in the local language.  Translation Services Company already exists for your personal devices, like Word Lens is an application and has optical word software recognition. And Google is working on prototypes of hardware that can do translation in controlled environments. The giant telecom, NTT DoCoMo has created augmented glasses which could provide words on signs and menus, and translate them in near time.

Now near time would not just useful when you are in Bora Bora and you need to ask someone the way to your friend’s home. Conserving linguistic disparity can benefit you in many ways. For example, you can learn what features of language are worldwide, as opposite to peculiar to a specific language.

Applications letting you translate immediately:

There are many applications in this era, which are developed to translate different languages on the spot while communicating with other partner. Somehow it is like a glimpse in to the future and it is the first step towards globalization.

On the one hand people naturally want to keep our own language, but under the condition that one act worldwide they want to be understood easily. So it is the next big step to multilingualism. Through this application anyone can contact anyone else in this whole world without any language barrier.

For years language translation service provider are trying to develop a program that can translate human like software. So they started algorithm for translation and they were amazed to see such a good progress in Linguistic app. The main difficulty while creating app was text to speech which is to recreate intonation of the human voice, or more specifically recognize because every word given has a different context, a different meaning.

Until now the beta version is able to transfer 4 different languages into each other and the beauty of it, it really sound human like. It is fluent and trying to add up more languages into it with time. Because of this new adaptive algorithm those databases can be optimized and are able to perform a translation.

You can communicate across borders, telephone or internet, you can now overcome languages. Something like this never been seen before. There have been some algorithms before, which were adoptive but that were always limited. This app is in terms of languages is well engineered. Now the researchers are developing a device that allows recognizing their own timber. During the translation process, so the translators voice sound like your own voice for the receiver and you have the feeling of direct communication.

Human language and the species:

Interestingly there are some similarities seen in the human languages, and the language of dolphins and whales. There are few elements of language that are universal across species. So the question is that is this just restricted to earth’s species?

May be in the future you will have an access to something like Babel fish. It is a little fish that enters into your auditory canal and it would excrete alien languages in translated directly into your brain. But whether Babel fish is communicating with aliens, animals or humans, there are something’s that are always going to be lost in translation.

Relation of noise with communication:

Here comes the concept of noise, not just literal noise, which can interfere with communications but also psychological factors, like assumption that you make about a person based upon their life experience right when you get in the conversation, which can hamper communication. These various ways communication can go haywire, it is surprisingly different to think how human managed to communicate. Sometime there are few things which are, the feeling you get when you listen to songs, or when you wake up from the bad dream, or how it feels to fall in love.

In short you can say technology has made everything possible. Once it was really difficult to even send a simple message from one place to another. But now the technology has made it possible not only to send and receive message easily but also let you converse in different languages. It was unfeasible at one time, but now you can use those applications or software which can immediately change your language into another. These devices have globalized this world by not only connecting people but also but also removed the wall of language between them.