All You Need to Know about Legal Translation

By: Admin Posted on Mon, 15-11-2021

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Due to globalization, the demand for translation services in each field has increased manifold. Legal translation services are not exempted from it. It is a very complex type of translation. It is not about translating the source content into another language. However, it relates to the use of legal terminologies, which are culturally dependent. Each country in the world has a distinct legal system. Many countries differentiate secular law from religious law however, there are some countries in which these two laws are not differentiated. If we talk about Saudi Arabia, their law is according to the rules and regulations of Islam, but they have also included secular codes in their law so that they can play an important role in international business. On the other hand, if we examine the legal system of Morocco, we will come to know that it is a combination of French and Islamic law.

What is Legal Translation:

Do you know what a legal translation is? It is different from other types of translation. It involves the jurisdiction system of the country and involves varieties of texts. Furthermore, it includes the translation of financial documents, official reports, transcripts, patents, and legal court hearings, and many more. Legal document translation services are also required for litigation papers, immigration documents, articles of incorporation, and documents related to wills and trusts. The language of the law is different, which cannot be understood by the layman. Therefore, for getting a seamless translation service, you must hire a legal translation company. These legal translation agencies employ a team of native legal translators who are not only proficient in linguistics but are also subject-matter experts in their field. They can translate legal documents by keeping the law of source and target country in view.

Who are Legal Translators?

The laws of each country are different, therefore rules and regulations set for native translators are also different. In countries, like Brazil and Argentina, legal translations should be done by the translators that are certified by them. Therefore, they provide people with certified legal translation services. In countries like Spain, Sweden, and the Netherlands, it is necessary for translators to swear the legal oath. Their work is constantly monitored to develop good practices in the field of law. Moreover, their systems are centralized. In the case of Italy, the legal translations must be notarized and certified by a professional legal entity. The situation is entirely different in the case of the UK and the USA. They give great importance to the certifications of legal translators. For this reason, many professional legal translation agencies provide certificates of accuracy to the clients to satisfy them or if they acquired professional legal translation. 

Difference Between Legal Interpreter and Legal Translator

Are you wondering, what is the difference between a legal interpreter and a legal translator? Courts, attorneys, and law firms require the assistance of legal translators and legal interpreters. Both legal translation services convert the content from one language to another. However, they do it in a different context with different content material. Moreover, they have different skill sets. For handling the international dispute, it is very important to differentiate between so that you can get the required results.

Legal Interpretation

Legal interpreters deal with the uttered language that is communicated in confessions in the court, interviews, and video conferences. Interpretation is the process that is done simultaneously. You can view this kind of interpretation in United Nations meetings and court interpreting where a foreign interpreter waits for the witness to speak first and then interpret their words in other languages.

The legal interpreter should be a quick and strategic thinker so that he can interpret the conversation on the spot and can make accurate judgments about the conversation that depicts the interviewees' meaning. Additionally, the interpreter must know how to use legal terms appropriately. It is a thought process of the legal interpreter that is done silently in their brains. The personality of an interpreter should be like an athlete that can perform everything with strength.

Legal Translation

A legal translator works with the written content that is included in brief discovery, contracts, and other legal documents like patents, medical and court documents. The legal translators must go into the depth of the content. He or she needs to know how to produce impeccable translation services from the source document into different languages. This legal interpreter has more time than a legal interpreter but one important thing to note is that time limits vary from case to case.
The legal translator should focus on the discovery documentation translation, contracts, patents discovery, and transcripts. Moreover, he must be proficient in handling subtleties and translating the content according to the legal nuances. In this way, they can proceed with the legal process further. The personality of the interpreter should be like a spy so that he can come up with the hidden meanings of the law.

Importance of Legal Contracts in Business

We usually assume that legal translation is only required in courts, but this is not the case. Legal translation is also required in business in the case of business contracts. If a legal contract translation is not valid then companies must face many legal challenges. If you want to expand your business in a foreign land then you might have to sign a legal contract with foreign parties. Here comes the importance of legal contract translation services. In this way, the party that is speaking a foreign language can know what is involved in the contract.

Benefits of Legal Contracts

In the pursuit of global business, it is said that you must create opportunities for yourself because they don’t appear themselves. This is a true notion in the case of contracts. A legal contract is an approach to finding a business opportunity for yourself. One of the benefits of a legal contract is that it provides a guideline for starting a business and helps to develop a good relationship with all the stakeholders. Moreover, it also defines the responsibilities of each business partner. There are parts of the contracts that guide you on what to do in case of the termination of the contract, even if payment is made.

Why Worry about Contract Translations

Due to the importance of contracts in the business and their potential outcomes, we cannot deny the importance of legal translation. Inaccurate contract translation services will result in the breach of the contract. Therefore, it is essential to select a professional translation service provider.

Who Needs to go for Contract Translation Services?

There are many stakeholders involved in the business. Each of them requires a legal contract in a language that they understand. This can be a supply chain process of the business in which you need to buy products from other markets. For this reason, all the workers and managers want content in their native language. This will make sure that there is no breach of contract that can hinder the relationship of the partners that are part of the contract.
The project manager of the contract will make sure that both parties in the contract receive seamless translation services as soon as the work on the contract starts. Therefore, it is important to select a professional translation service provider because they possess a team of native proficient translators that can provide error-free translation services at fast turnaround time and economical rates.

Wrapping Up:

Are you confused about where to translate legal documents? Worry not. Mars Translation is here for you. A team of proficient translators at Mars Translation can provide seamless legal translation in no time without compromising on quality. It is an era of digitalization, so you can find legal translation services near you no matter where you are. Moreover, there are also online legal translation tools available. You can also select any digital tool according to your requirement.